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The Moon And Back - One Small Step For Global Pop

Andy Aldridge. Daniel S Dunnam.

It was one small step

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'One Small Step' Celebrating Apollo's 50th Anniversary

Robert Baldock. Tim Franklin. Alan Murphy.

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Ian Pashley. Purchasable with gift card. Sold Out. Mock Rockets - Small Step Rob Pursey - Haiku - in the year Pete Weiss - Here We Go Pam Berry - Haiku - Katherine Johnson DJDownfall - T minus 25 Whoa Melodic - Come On Buzz Kevin Pickering - Haiku - Saturn V The Nameless Book - AS Yukka - Floating in Blackness Solar Bones - Houston The Great Electric - Afterburner Deerful - Chronostasis Retep Folo - Galactic Star Darren Hayman - Just One Syllable Pam Berry - Haiku - Margaret Hamilton Tufthunter - Moon Boots Jack Hayter - Buzz 2 Golden Spike - The Third Man Mikey Collins - Down To Earth Spaceship - W4EJA The Leaf Library - Tranquility Bass Cecilia Lund - One Step Listeners back on Earth heard, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.

That little indefinite article makes a big difference, semantically speaking. Without it, "man" abstractly represents all of humanity, just like "mankind.

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  • Despite his initial sureness that he got the grammar right by including the indefinite article, Armstrong acknowledged at a year anniversary event in that he couldn't hear himself utter the "a" in the audio recording of his moonwalk transmission, according to the Associated Press. But then, in , computer programmer Peter Shann Ford might have vindicated Armstrong.

    Ford downloaded the audio recording of the moon man's words from a NASA website and analyzed the statement with software that allows disabled people to communicate via computers using their nerve impulses. In a graphical representation of sound waves of the famous sentence, Ford said he found evidence that the missing "a" had been spoken after all: It was a millisecond-long bump of sound between "for" and "man" that would have been too brief for human ears to hear.

    Persuasive is the appropriate word.

    One Small Step One Small Step
    One Small Step One Small Step
    One Small Step One Small Step
    One Small Step One Small Step
    One Small Step One Small Step

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