Postmoderne Merkmale in Julio Cortázars Rayuela (German Edition)

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The present volume brings together the papers of the late George J. Metcalf that discuss the search for possible genetic language relationships, and the study of language developments and origins, in Early Modern Europe. Two general chapters, surveying the period between the 16th and 18th century, are followed by detailed case studies of the contributions of Swiss, Dutch, and German scholars such as Theodor Bibliander , Konrad Gesner , Philippus Cluverius , Hugo Grotius , and Justus Georg Schottelius This collection of important studies, a number of which have become very hard to find, has been framed by a detailed Editors' Introduction, a biographical sketch of the author, a master list of references, and indexes of biographical names and of subjects, terms, and languages.

M4 Unknown. Sociolinguistique du contact : dictionnaire des termes et concepts []. Lyon : ENS, S Unknown. Cross-linguistic influences in multilingual language acquisition [electronic resource] [].

Postmoderne Merkmale in Julio Cortazars "Rayuela"

Berlin ; New York : Springer, c Description Book — 1 online resource xiv, p. Online dx. Rennes : Presses universitaires de Rennes, C66 Unknown. The translator is human too : a case for instrumentalism in multilingual specialised communication []. T38 Unknown. Words, worlds, and material girls : language, gender, globalization []. McElhinny, Bonnie S.

Description Book — vi, p. This wide-ranging volume focuses on changes in language and gender in ten different national sites as a result of globalization. The papers draw on a variety of sociolinguistic methodologies to consider workplaces, schools, media discourse, beauty pageants, musical stars, and marriages in which 'modern' and 'traditional', 'local' and 'global' identities are constructed and contested. S48 M36 Unknown. Voices of authority : education and linguistic difference [].

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Westport, Conn. Description Book — xi, p. Using sociolinguistic, interactional and discourse analysis, the authors examine the complex ways in which dominant ideologies of education, pedagogy, language and identity intersect in a wide variety of educational settings. They focus in particular on how those ideologies are reproduced or challenged, and on the consequences of such processes for changing or maintaining social relations of difference and inequality.

Written for policy-makers, educators and anyone else interested in education and multilingualism, this book places questions of power at the centre of thinking about language and education. V65 Unknown. Plurilinguisme : "contact" ou "conflit" de langues? Paris, France : L'Harmattan, c P56 Available. Linguistic minorities in multilingual settings : implications for language policies []. Benjamins Pub. Summary Part 1: multilingualism and language policies-- social factors in language maintenance and shift-- ethnicity and nationalism.

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Part 2: Catalan and Occitan - comparative test cases for a theory of language maintenance and shift-- case studies - Tanzania, Peru, Sweden-- language revitalization - the case of Irish-- language regenesis - language revival, revitalization and reversal-- epilogue. She argues that a number of factors must be considered in order to understand and establish language policies for minority groups: firstly, for language policy to be successful, it must consider the social context of language problems. Secondly, the linguistic consequences for social groups in contact will vary depending on the focus of social mobilization, that is ethnicity or naturalism, and finally, a major problem in the accurate prediction of such linguistic consequences lies in identifying the salient factors which contribute to language maintenance or shift, that is, answering the question "under what conditions?

Part 1 outlines and discusses the analytical framework, beginning with a general consideration of language problems and language policies and of the social factors which contribute to language maintenance and shift. The author discusses four distinct types of social mobilization, which under certain specified social conditions result in different linguistic consequences: ethnicity, ethnic movements, ethnic nationalism and geographic nationalism. The argument is that such an understanding is vital to helpful educational policies and successful language planning in general.

Part II contrasts and compares a number of case studies for clarification of their diverse courses of mother tongue maintenance. It particularly seeks to illustrate the type of social mobilization discussed in Part I and to understand the social conditions which influence and alter the effects of the type of social mobilization. P38 Unknown. Dialekte und Fremdsprachen in der Literatur []. Narr, c D52 Available. Multilingualism []. Description Book — xii, pages : illustrations, maps ; 23 cm. Summary Introduction-- Part I. Global and Societal Issues in Multilingualism and Trilingualism: 1.

Historical perspectives of language contact-- 2. Patterns of societal multilingualism-- 3. Old and new linguistic minorities-- 4. Globalisation, language spread and new multilingualisms-- Part II. Construing Individual Multilingualism: 5. Individual multilingualism-- 6. Multilingual language competence and use-- 7. Accommodating multilingualism-- 8. Multilingual education and multilingual literacies-- Glossary-- References-- Index. How do they use their languages? What influence does being multilingual have on their identities? What is the social impact of multilingualism today and how do societies accommodate it?

These are among the fascinating questions examined by this book. Exploring multilingualism in individuals and in society at large, Stavans and Hoffmann argue that it evolves not from one factor in particular, but from a vast range of environmental and personal influences and circumstances: from migration to globalisation, from the spread of English to a revived interest in minority languages, from social mobility to intermarriage. The book shows the important role of education in helping to promote or maintain pupils' multilingual language competence and multilingual literacy, and in helping to challenge traditional monolingual attitudes.

A clear and incisive account of this growing phenomenon, it is essential reading for students, teachers and policy-makers alike. S83 Unknown. Sociolinguistic fundamentals of trilingualism : a native language, Spanish, English []. First edition. L35 Unknown. Nihon no gengo keikan []. J3 N54 Unknown. Kielce : Wydawn. W54 Available. The multilingual citizen : towards a politics of language for agency and change []. Bristol : Multilingual Matters, [] Description Book — xiv, pages ; 22 cm. Christopher Stroud: Linguistic Citizenship 2. Lionel Wee: Essentialism and Language Rights 3. Stephen May: Commentary.

Blasius A. Kathleen Heugh: Commentary. Linguistic Citizenship in Resistance and Participation 9. Tommaso M. Ana Deumert: Commentary. On Participation and Resistance. This notion highlights the importance of practices whereby vulnerable speakers themselves exercise control over their languages, and draws attention to the ways in which alternative voices can be inserted into processes and structures that otherwise alienate those they were designed to support.

Offering a framework anchored in transformative notions of democratic and reflexive citizenship, it prompts readers to critically rethink how existing contemporary frameworks such as Linguistic Human Rights rest on disempowering forms of multilingualism that channel discourses of diversity into specific predetermined cultural and linguistic identities. M53 Available. M93 M39 Available. Growing up with three languages : birth to eleven []. It tells the story of two parents from different cultural, linguistic, and ethnic-racial backgrounds who joined to raise their two children with their heritage languages outside their native countries.

It also tells the children's story and the way they negotiated three cultures and languages and developed a trilingual identity. It sheds light on how parental support contributed to the children's simultaneous acquisition of three languages in an environment where the main input of the two heritage languages came respectively from the father and from the mother. It addresses the challenges and the unique language developmental characteristics of the two children during their trilingual acquisition process.

W36 Unknown. Distinguishing between proficiency, choice and attitudes in questions about language for bilinguals []. Hakuta, Kenji. Stanford, Calif. U5 H35 In-library use. Languages and their territories []. Langue et territoire. English Laponce, J. Toronto ; Buffalo : University of Toronto Press, c L36 L Unknown. Attitudes linguistiques en milieu scolaire au Cameroun [].

Description Book — iii, 45 p. E7 NO. Boundaries and bridges : language contact in multilingual ecologies []. Multidirectional language contact involving more than two languages is little described. However, it probably represents the most common type of contact in the world, where colonization, rapid socioeconomic and demographic change, and society-wide multilingualism have led to dramatic linguistic change.

This book presents fascinating cases of multidirectional contact and convergence between highly diverse languages in an emerging linguistic area in Suriname and the Guianas and proposes a framework for comparable studies. L S Available. Scheer, Fabienne, author. B45 V. The multilingual city : vitality, conflict and change []. List of References Index. It examines how the city has emerged as a key driver of the multilingual future, a concentration of different, changing cultures which somehow manage to create a new identity. The book will be of interest to students and researchers of multilingualism, migration studies, European Studies, anthropology, sociology and urbanism.

M55 Unknown. Bern : Peter Lang, [] Description Book — pages : illustrations, charts ; 23 cm. P58 Unknown. Global Portuguese : linguistic ideologies in late modernity []. New York ; London : Routledge, Description Book — x, pages : illustrations ; 24 cm. Portuguese Language Globalism Ines Signorini 3. Patel and Marilda C. Cavalcanti The book covers a wide range of social, political and historical contexts in which 'Portuguese' is used in Brazil, Canada, East-Timor, England, Portugal, Mozambique and Uruguay , and considers diverse linguistic practices.

Through this critique, contributors chart new directions for research on language ideologies and language practices including research related to Portuguese and to other 'languages' and consider ways of developing new conceptual compasses that are better attuned to the sociolinguistic realities of the late modern era, in which people, texts and languages are increasingly in movement through national borders and those of digital networks of communication.

G56 Unknown. Language and cultural diversity : the writings of Debi Prasanna Pattanayak [ - ]. Selections Pattanayak, D. I4 P38 V. Description Book — vi, pages ; 24 cm. This volume approaches contemporary multilingualism as a new linguistic dispensation, in urgent need of research-led, reflective scrutiny. The book addresses the emergent global and local patterns of multingual use and acquisition across the world and explores the major trends that characterize today's multilingualism.

It is divided into three parts on the basis of the broad themes: education including multilingual learning in its general, theoretical aspects , sociolinguistic dimensions and language policy. The book's fifteen chapters, written by renowned international experts, discuss a range of issues relating to the quintessential and unique properties of multilingual situations- issues relevant to the challenges faced in different ways by researcher and practitioners alike.

All the contributions share a focus on currently operative patterns of interaction between contexts, events and processes. C87 Unknown. Ensuring language capability in the intelligence community : what factors affect the best mix of military, civilians and contractors? Asch, Beth J. I6 A Available. Languages of exile : migration and multilingualism in twentieth-century literature []. Sebald's Die Ringe des Saturn. Like no period before it, the last century was marked by the experience of expatriation, forcing exiled writers to confront the fact of linguistic difference. Literary writing can be read as the site where that confrontation is played out aesthetically - at the intersection between native and acquired language, between indigenous and alien, between self and other - in a complex multilingual dynamic specific to exile and migration.

The essays collected here explore this dynamic from a comparative perspective, addressing the paragons of modernism as well as less frequently studied authors, from Joseph Conrad and Peter Weiss to Agota Kristof and Malika Mokeddem. The essays are international in their approach; they deal with the junctions and gaps between English, French, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and other languages. The literary works and practices addressed include modernist poetry and prose, philosophical criticism and autobiography, Dada performance, sound art and experimental music theatre.

This volume reveals both the wide range of creative strategies developed in response to the interstitial situation of exile and the crucial role of exile for a renewed understanding of twentieth-century literature. L36 Unknown. Chachou, Ibtissem. Paris : Harmattan, c Vous avez dit "sabir"? A4 C43 Available. The languages and linguistics of Europe : a comprehensive guide []. Berlin ; Boston : De Gruyter Mouton, c Description Book — xviii, p. The book supplies profiles of the language families of Europe, including the sign languages. It also discusses the areal typology, paying attention to the Standard Average European, Balkan, Baltic and Mediterranean convergence areas.

Separate chapters deal with the old and new minority languages and with non-standard varieties. A major focus is language politics and policies, including discussions of the special status of English, the relation between language and the church, language and the school, and standardization.

Rayuela (Spanish Edition) Julio Cortazar 9789871106547

The history of European linguistics is another focus as is the history of multilingual European 'empires' and their dissolution. The volume is especially geared towards a graduate and advanced undergraduatereadership. It has been designed such that it can be used, as a whole or in parts, as a textbook, the first of its kind, for graduate programmes with a focus on the linguistic and linguistics landscape of Europe. L Unknown. E85 P Unknown. Multilingual America [electronic resource] : language and the making of American literature []. Description Book — xxii, p. Cable, and Louisiana French Creole More than an echo, or, English in Yiddish in America "New language fun, " or, on translating multilingual American texts Towards a history of multilingual American literature.

Multilingual America : language and the making of American literature []. Summary Introduction-- 1. Cooper's The Last of the Mohicans and the languages of America-- 2. Alfred Mercier, George W. Cable, and Louisiana French Creole-- 3. More than an echo, or, English in Yiddish in America-- 4. Towards a history of multilingual American literature-- Bibliography-- Index. Literature has long sought to represent these encounters in various ways, from James Fenimore Cooper's frontier fictions to the Jewish-American writers who popularised Yiddish as a highly influential modern vernacular.

While other studies have concentrated on isolated parts of this history, Lawrence Rosenwald's book is the first to consider the whole story of linguistic representation in American literature, and to consider as well how multilingual fictions can be translated and incorporated into a national literary history. He uses case studies to analyse the most important kinds of linguistic encounters, such as those between Europeans and Native Americans, those between slaveholders and African slaves, and those between immigrants and American citizens.

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Paris Todorov, Tzvetan In: Communications 8, — Todorov, Tzvetan b. In: H.

Postmoderne Merkmale in Julio Cortazars "Rayuela" by Silke Strack (4 star ratings)

Blumensath Hg. In: St. Bann, J. Bowlt Hgg. A Collection of Articles and Texts in Translation. Edinburgh, 6— Todorov, Tzvetan []. La Haye. Teorija literatury. In: L. Lemon, M. Reis Hgg. Lincoln, 61— Theorie der Literatur. Todorov Hg. Paris, — Tynjanov, Jurij Problema stichotvornogo jazyka. Tynjanov, Jurij a []. In: Ju. Istorija literatury. Tynjanov, Jurij b. Das Problem der Verssprache. Uspenskij, Boris A Poetics of Composition. Zavarin and S. Poetik der Komposition. Vinogradov, Viktor In: Literaturnoe nasledstvo 16—18, — Vinogradov, Viktor [].

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Walzel, Oskar b. In: Germanisch-Romanische Monatsschrift 7, — Leipzig , — Wieder in: O. John Pier II. Sprachraumes entfaltet, was der Narratolo- gie in nationalem wie internationalem Rahmen den Weg geebnet hat. Piaget Benveniste , 91— Band der Zeitschrift Communi- cations. Jahrhunderts hin zur Narratologie vgl. Cornils und Schernus Pavel , 7; Prince , Der Gegenstand einer solchen Studie erweist sich als Mythologie im Allgemeinen, und es geht hier nicht um die Frage, wie Mythen in einer Gesell- schaft funktionieren oder wie der Einzelne Mythen interpretiert.

Ein kritischer Kommentar findet sich in Culler , Kap. So modalisiert z. Modell hegt, dass Greimas die Prinzipien der strukturellen Sprachwissenschaft z. Pavel , Kap. Gleichzeitig bedeute es einen Wider- stand der narrativen Zeitlichkeit z. Sequenzen laufen parallel. Herman a, 24, Prince , 34, 30; In einigen Punkten ist Bre- monds Theorie auch mit der Handlungstheorie der analytischen Philosophie ver- glichen worden.

Scheerer und Winkler Die histoire obwohl der Begriff hier keine Verwendung findet besteht aus: 1. Transformationen des Verbs , Modi Indikativ usw. Todorov a []. Todorov , Der Eigenname etwa ist semantisch gesehen eine Person und syntaktisch gesehen ein Agent Subjekt oder Objekt. Diese bestehen u. Bremond , — Ein Thema, das die Grammaire nicht hinreichend behandelt, ist das Problem der Transformation. Zu jedem Typus gibt es verschiedene Untertypen. Pier Hier werden der Satz als Bedeutungssystem erster Ord- nung und der Diskurs als Bedeutungssystem zweiter Ordnung definiert. Herman b, — Hier wird ein Ansatz ent- wickelt, der einige zentrale Prinzipien der strukturalen Analyse zu untergraben sucht.

Die Wertungen schwanken zwischen Lob vgl. Leitch , und heftiger Kritik. Mimesis III. Pier , bes. Patron , —; Kurzfassung: Patron Im frankop- ohonen Raum hat Baroni ; v. Culler und zu Strukturalismus und Dekonstruktion. Die erste systematische Abhandlung zur strukturalen Nar- ratologie in englischer Sprache bot Seymour Chatman Person genutzt werden. Alber und Richardson Phelan , Literaturverzeichnis Adam, Jean-Michel Alber, Jan Alber, Jan und Monika Fludernik a.

Alber, M. Fludernik Hgg. Columbus, OH, 1— Alber, Jan und Monika Fludernik Hgg. Postclassical Narratology: Approaches and Analyses. Columbus, OH. La tension narrative. Barthes, Roland a []. Barthes, Essais critiques. Barthes, Roland b. In: Communications 4, 91— Barthes, Roland a. Greimas et al. In: Encyclopedia Universalis, Bd.

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Colin et al. What is Narratology? Leitch, Vincent B. Deconstructive Criticism. An Advanced Introduction.

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In: Cl. In: International Journal of Slavic Linguistics 3, — Lotman, Iouri []. La structure du texte artistique. Reitz, S. Rieuwerts Hgg. Trier, — Trier, 1— Olson, Greta Hg. Current Trends in Narratology. Patron, Sylvie Le Narrateur. Pavel, Thomas Fictional Worlds. Le mirage linguistique. Essai sur la modernization intellectuelle.

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In: F. Wahl Hg. Paris, 99— Todorov, Tzvetan a []. Todorov, Tzvetan b []. Wright, Georg Henrik von Pittsburgh, — Jan Christoph Meister II. So kommen z. Diese Praxis steht im deut- lichen Kontrast zur neuzeitlichen Norm der Versprachlichung und Narrativierung, die z. Jahrhunderts ei- nige Konjunktur linguistic turn, cognitivist turn, digital turn etc.

Why narrative? Drei Vorbehalte sind deshalb zu formulieren:. Atkinson und Delamont Von der Analyse ideologischer Paradigmen als sogenannte master narratives Lyotard ; engl. In diesem Sinne verweist z. They are similarities in classification, not in content. Postuliert werde in der amerikanischen Anthropologie, so Brown, bereits seit dem ersten Drittel des Der discours, d. Maar Rolle spielen. In einem Schelmenroman wie Grimmelshausens Simplicius Simplicissimus z.

In den Bildungs- und Entwicklungsromanen des ausgehenden Jahrhun- dert. Bamberg und Georgakopoulou haben z. Diese simulierte Exploration zeichnet dabei nicht nur jene Genres aus, in denen sie inhaltlich zum Programm erhoben worden ist Utopie, phantastische Literatur etc. In Computerspie- len z. Mit der Etablierung des Romans als tonangebender literarischer Gattung im Verde und Nurra M] did this by giving us an event-based way of not only thinking about, but also living within, time. Diese Debatte hatte zum Ausgangspunkt u.

Therefore, what unifies a self is the capacity for self-interpretation by way of soci- ally mediated norms. There are, then, many truths we can tell, in long and short forms, about selves, and many ways of telling them, but there is no way to get at the whole truth in any way of telling. The whole truth is, unfortunately, a chaotic mess of stuff belonging to a massive number of incompatible categories that simply cannot be brought under the control of a single discur- sive taskmaster.

Battersby , Literaturverzeichnis Abbott, H. Porter In: Narrative 8. Antweiler, Christoph Atkinson, Paul, und Sara Delamont In: NI DOI: Bal, Mieke Bamberg, Michael, und Alexandra Georgakopoulou Battersby, James L. Brewer, William F. Brown, Donald E. Human Universals. Bruner, Jerome In: Social Research In: Critical Inquiry Christman, John In: Metaphilosophy Tehrani Royal Society Open Science 3: Denning, Steve San Francisco.

Doxiades, Apostolos, und Barry Mazur Fahrenwald, Claudia Fisher, Walter R. In: Communication Monographs 51, 1— Forster, Edward Morgan []. Richardson Hg.

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Columbus, OH, 71— Geertz, Clifford New Haven, CT. Gieschler, Sabine Gius, Evelyn Gooding, David Giere Hg. Minneapolis, 45— Holenstein, Elmar Husserl, Edmund Text nach Husserliana, Bd. In: Partial Answers 6. In: Life Writing 7. Ingarden, Roman Das literarische Kunstwerk.

Rayuela, First Edition

Used books will not include dust jackets. Seller Inventory U. More information about this seller Contact this seller 2. Condition: New. Language: German. Brand new Book. Jahrhunderts betrachtet werden kann. In der vorliegenden Arbeit soll nun ein Aspekt des Romans Rayuela behandelt werden, genauer gesagt seine postmodernen Merkmale. Ausgangspunkt ist eine Definition des Begriffes postmodern sowie dessen Herkunft. Ein letzter Punkt der Arbeit widmet sich dann einer Schlussbetrachtung. Seller Inventory APC More information about this seller Contact this seller 3.

Lotmans Modell der Sinnstiftung bzw. More information about this seller Contact this seller 4. Ich vergleiche hier zwei absolut unterschiedliche Romane. Zum einen sind sie in unterschiedlichen Jahrzehnten geschrieben worden "Rayuela"; "El invierno en Lisboa" , zum anderen sind die Autoren unterschiedlicher Herkunft. More information about this seller Contact this seller 5. Published by Suhrkamp, Germany About this Item: Suhrkamp, Germany, Condition: Muy Bien. Dust Jacket Condition: Bien. More information about this seller Contact this seller 6. Published by Bruguera.

About this Item: Bruguera. Libro amigo Spanish Edition. More information about this seller Contact this seller 7. Condition: Muy buen Estado. Sin sobrecubierta. Coleccion biblioteca de autor. Size: 12x18cm. Seller Inventory IA More information about this seller Contact this seller 8. Published by Seix Barral. About this Item: Seix Barral. Estado: BIEN. More information about this seller Contact this seller 9.

Encuadernacion original. More information about this seller Contact this seller Published by Suhrkamp, Frankfurt am Main,

Postmoderne Merkmale in Julio Cortázars Rayuela (German Edition) Postmoderne Merkmale in Julio Cortázars Rayuela (German Edition)
Postmoderne Merkmale in Julio Cortázars Rayuela (German Edition) Postmoderne Merkmale in Julio Cortázars Rayuela (German Edition)
Postmoderne Merkmale in Julio Cortázars Rayuela (German Edition) Postmoderne Merkmale in Julio Cortázars Rayuela (German Edition)
Postmoderne Merkmale in Julio Cortázars Rayuela (German Edition) Postmoderne Merkmale in Julio Cortázars Rayuela (German Edition)
Postmoderne Merkmale in Julio Cortázars Rayuela (German Edition) Postmoderne Merkmale in Julio Cortázars Rayuela (German Edition)

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