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How was this different from shooting adults on the street? I never photographed children before in my life. I felt that children should be children. My youth was taken from me because I had a very emotionally hard childhood. These kids are so different from me in their upbringing and it was interesting for me to photograph them. I like them. For example, Nathen was crying, his cow was being disqualified from the state championship.

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I asked his mother if she minds if I photograph him and she said, no. I told him, listen, it may be very hard for you now to see this but in actuality this is a great lesson for you in life. I said to him that event should be a catalyst or a springboard that makes you stronger.

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I gave him a little life lesson. How did you go about choosing, who to photograph? Were there certain characteristics you were looking for? In Minnesota they had , people and I took 3 pictures. There was Jenna, a year-old or something like that, and I watched her with her cow. I need intensity in the eyes. These are posed portraits, so you must have had a conversation with them. What did you say to them? Of course, I told them where to stand and to look in the lens. I have more trouble with bankers because I have no interest in them. Each kid is just as different as each person out there and every person looks distinct in my portraits because I get the soul.

My pictures are about getting the soul out of somebody. I want the viewer to feel the person. When did you start shooting with the Leica S? Was this the switch from black and white to color? The quality was just unbelievable. The S is my camera for the portraits.

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I work with an assistant who holds the flash. The faces from the State Fairs are going to be exhibited at Photo London Are you going to be speaking?

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I just want to show my whole career, from how I went from A to wherever I am now. Be yourself.

Farmer Boys

You can be feet away and still do good street photography. For more information about the collaboration between Leica Camera and Bruce Gilden at Photo London , please follow this link. Comment 1. Bruce is a brusque no nonsense photographer. A maker of great images! Not my way, I am not Bruce Gilden.

In an age of over photo shopped retouched madness, utmost clarity a blessing! Bruce uses a yellow Caterpillar bulldozer. Bruce is honest and truly worthy. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We waited at least 4 minutes to get Service the poor girl behind the counter was overwhelmed between all the people in line and the drive-through if they need to hire more people they should because it should never be like this again. After driving 11 miles from San Pedro to get my chicken breakfast bowl with my partner who also wanted the same breakfast we were informed that the items we ordered were no longer available.

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There was another person that also wanted to order one. Growing up in orange we had some great food and I truly appreciate farmer boys and had a great bacon burger this morning. I also had chili fries they forgot to put the onions on them no big deal my friend ended up ordering a Cobb salad with crispy chicken and it came not crispy but grilled. Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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    Farm Boys Farm Boys
    Farm Boys Farm Boys
    Farm Boys Farm Boys
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    Farm Boys Farm Boys
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