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That way, if there's ever a break in, the burglars will think I'm part of the team. Paddy was asked if he preferred legs or breasts. He replied that he had a particular fondness for shaved fannies. He was informed that this wasn't an option when choosing a KFC bargain bucket. Young pikey girl's sat with her mum the night before her wedding. Her mum says to her "l want to talk to you about your wedding night. Your husband will want to put his most prized posession where you pee. She had cracking tits.

Thought of the Day: The homeless problem would be solved overnight if the Big Issue had tits in it. I like these: 1. A day without sunshine is like night. On the other hand, you have different fingers. Remember, half the people you know are below average. He who laughs last, thinks slowest. Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm. The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese in the trap. Support bacteria. They're the only culture most people have.

A clear conscience is usually the sign of a bad memory. Change is inevitable, except from vending machines. If you think nobody cares, try missing a couple of payments. How many of you believe in psycho-kinesis? Raise my hand. Cardiff managers new company car OK, so what's the speed of dark?

When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane.

Millers Meadow part 1 with a crash

Hard work pays off in the future. Laziness pays off now. How much deeper would the ocean be without sponges? Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines. What happens if you get scared half to death, twice? Why do psychics have to ask you your name? Inside every older person is a younger person wondering, "What the heck happened?

Just remember -- if the world didn't suck, we would all fall off. Daleys Waste Clearance qtr landscape. Light travels faster than sound. That's why some people appear bright until you hear them speak. Life isn't like a box of chocolates. It's more like a jar of jalapenos. What you do today, might burn your ass tomorrow. Felt like they were the top three but could have put them in any order really.

Dyer An important pub debate arose the other day where we argued over whether Dyer or Routledge has had the better season so far. Both have been outstanding but you can see what I think on that debate with Dyers inclusion here. Run at them boy! Just run! Get defenders to make a decision! Siggy He seemed to have almost had a quiet spell for a bit. He has only mustered the one league goal so far and I hope and expect that ratio to improve and the extra goals will be most welcome. He is becoming vital to our team.

He is the one man with the ability to unlock a defence. Teams will struggle to invite us onto them when we have him playing as he can both score and create from nothing. Fabianski Our Polish keeper has settled into life at SA1 with complete ease. Special Mention. Ki: There is no hiding from the fact that he looks a far better player than the player we sent out on loan.

He looks the complete midfielder, with the ability to create and score while also breaking up play. He seems to have added that bit of toughness which he lacked a couple of seasons ago. Great to see him so keen to sign a contract extension. Will he keep his place when Leon returns? Jonjo under threat? Shane Williams independant family business Get in Touch www. Next year, she'll turn How is this possible? Ten years later, James returned to see how much higher the nail was. If the tree grew by four inches each year, how much higher would the nail be?

The boy is the doctor's son but the doctor is not the boy's father. Answers 1 Because it is 1st January. Why would they not phone , or email info jackswan. Located not far from Asda in Llansamlet, unusual fixes are our specialty as well as your normal radiators and batteries. We are proud to support our community through our work as Business Partners with Macmillan Cancer support.

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for details for forthcoming events and special offers. Everything including Alloy Wheels, bike radiators, sumps, brackets, bicycles and boat rudders and fuel tanks have been aluminium welded by us. Some of our plastic welding fixes have included, Kayaks, bumpers, headlights, motorhome shower trays, motorbike fairings, fuel tanks, pushchair brackets and portable hairdressing basins to name a few.

If in doubt give us a shout. The Garage Music Venue has been steadily growing stronger with each passing year. Opened in , the venue is a capacity hub of musical vareity. From folk to dance, via hard rock and indie grooves, The Garage caters for all tastes and styles. Doors mainly open around 8pm and events can finish up to 3am. Here's what we have coming up in the next two months.

The band have sold over a million records internationally and will be performing as a band. Who goes to musicals? But a lot of people go by the look of it: I was genuinely surprised at how busy the place was and incredibly impressed with how varied the audience were. There were a large group of youngsters there as well as people who would have already been retired during the miners strike. Otherwise known as death dodgers or old people! I felt quite embarrassed really that all these people seemed to be doing more with their lives than I am.

I was forced here with work but these people actually elected to leave their television sets and get out the house! I missed Europa league football for this, which lets face it; I have absolutely no interest in! I felt that an experience awaited. It got my mind thinking throughout, if you ever needed reminding of how corrupt this country was is then this helped.

It also helped remind me of my views on Thatcher: An Elvis Costello song springs to mind! The three sisters had brilliant voices, all three very different and yet harmonious together and were clearly very talented actresses. It was seriously engrossing at times but it was exactly what it said on the tin: a comedy! There are some clever buggers on this planet of ours and all four of the cast one on piano were amazing.

The place seems really geared up for sound and lighting. I have been to a few venues locally which seem to struggle to get that right but they were bang on the ball here and it was quite clear that the cast appreciated it after the show as well. It was also really nice being able to sit down in a decent seat with a good beer and then to be given a half time to get another one! I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I would watch it again tonight, it was that good. It was a new experience for but I see no reason why I wont give a musical another go.

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But it could be worse, you could be scouse, eating rats in a council house! A tune you can hear any time Manchester United play Liverpool and obviously, eating dogs is better than eating rats, because everyone of course has a tried a bit of both once before in their life This funny one was sung by Leeds United fans after the former Leeds man admitted he sometimes goes commando. This was from the Newcastle United fans, taking aim at Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink back in his Chelsea days "He's red, he's sound, he's banned from every ground, Carra's dad, Carra's dad.

Eclectic Dabblers qtr portrait. Sung by the Kopites at Liverpool, honouring defender Jamie Carragher's father, who was once arrested at a match for being drunk. He just can't, he just can't, he just can't control his feet. He's six foot tall and his head's too small,CM Livin'in a Palmer wonderland! It made sense to do any out door reviews over our insanely good summer but I was on the phone to the climbing centre the minute the thunder storms started.

I booked myself onto a taster session, which is an hour and a half introduction to climbing. Is that an age thing or does it just show my lifestyle? Dynamic Rock is in Clydach and in an old building which I think was a market or something like that Not Clydach market as in the big one!

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If not it would be pretty useless and you could jump to the top! So we get taken downstairs by our instructor and onto. No messing about. No in-depth talk about how things work or what-not. And I did, I think it was very much like with the tiny zip wire in GoApe last issue in as much as it made you braver. The little walls were okay.

I shot up the wall in about thirty seconds and thought that this is pretty boring before being show that I was only supposed to use one colour. It made it more challenging but I really wanted to get onto the real walls and we were on them in no time. Real walls meant harnesses and rope and no soft floor. We get shown how to do a figure 8 knot but the instructor understood that I had no interest in knowing this and it was quicker and easier for him just to do it himself every time: and he agreed.

The first wall was pretty comfortable really as it was gently sloped. Gravity was on our side and there were loads of lovely things to. I got to the top pretty quickly and comfortably in reality without it being too much of a challenge. I must confess that I was an absolute coward at leaning back: An absolute wimp.

And I never really felt comfortable doing it at any time. It just feels really un-natural. The guy was before me had also managed to get up every wa without too much of a problem. He shot up this wall he had the others but then gave up three quarters o way up. Th were completely done lactic acid pouring into them. I waited and I wa and I waited some mor am within touching distance of the top. We do a few more walls that gradually get more difficult. The gradient becomes less kind, the rocks to grab onto become smoother, more slippery and sparser and we start choosing certain colours on each wall which adds to how tricky it was.

That was until the last one. I was taking the. Participation and supervision ratios apply. The guy who was before me had also managed to get up every wall without too much of a problem. He shot up this wall like he had the others but then gave up three quarters of the way up. It was more difficult than the others but I managed to get to where he was and I had basically reached the top.

I could see the top; I could see exactly how to get there, what arm went where and what foot went where: it was clear but my arms were finished. They were completely done in, lactic acid pouring into them. I waited and I waited and I waited some more, I am within touching distance of the top. They were absolutely ruined and I. Jack Swan Tries Offering an activity locally and want Jack Swan to come and try it, write about it and let thousands of readers know about it? The place was busy and not an ounce of fat in the room present company excluded , it is clearly incredibly good fitness and really enjoyable at the same time.

I would strongly recommend that you treat the autumn weather as an excuse to get yourself on an indoor climbing wall! I will let you into a little secret. I may have let one of the experienced climbers borrow the Jack Swan suit for the photos. Thanks to Dave Cale for that. I instantly understood why he gave up, the body just packed in. I play a bit of golf now and then and in golf it is the good shots that make you come back. You forget the bad ones. All that live in the memory is that one good shot out of awful ones and it is that memory which drags us back to that course.

Well it is different here. But it is that wall which will bring me back and I promise you that I will conquer that wall. I am pretty sure that I have caught an addiction here.

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I absolutely loved it. I signed up to membership before leaving that evening and I have set a night aside every week to go there and I can actually see myself finding more time. I suppose that you can compete against others but in reality, it is me against the. However, all is not lost for Europe's space workers supply launches from the US in Dragon and Cygnus capsules are not affected, which means most space food for ESA astronauts no longer needs to fly on the Russian Citing officials from the European Space Agency, The Soyuz capsules which now supply the space station's Moscow Times says that a Russian ban on imports of food cosmonauts.

This means that Soyuz spacecraft are currently the main means of "extras" - such as sweets and dried fruit - sent by families delivering supplies to the ISS. Its current crew consists of to supplement the otherwise routine fare served on the a German and two Americans, and as well as three ISS, won't get through to the ESA astronauts on the space Russians. Food for astronauts has fallen foul of sanctions and counter-sanctions over the Ukraine crisis, it appears.

Since food for some supply flights to the ISS comes through Russia on the way to the Moscow-controlled launch centre in Kazakhstan, they are subject to the same ban that is keeping popular French cheeses off the shelves in Russian supermarkets. The ban on foods from the EU was introduced in retaliation to sanctions targeted at Russia and its leaders over its role in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, and the annexing of Crimea.

Dismantle a barbecue and add to the mixture. Simmer over a low heat for 72 days. Stirring every 3 minutes. You will be left with the most remarkable sticky barbecue sauce. Next Issue: Cottage Pie. When it came to food, I went for my usual: A monstrous mixed grill. It comes with everything and not just meat. This along with 2 sausages, lamb chop, gammon, steak and black pudding: Not bad hey. Matty went for a lasagne as he always seems to do. Anyway, back to present day and the Kinds head.

The grill was exactly how I remembered it in fairness. It has been a good few years since I ate at the Kings Head on Llangyfelach road, I used to work fairly close and would often pop in for a pub lunch. It generally resulted in me doing no work that afternoon as I always ordered the same thing which I could guarantee to leave me feeling comfortably full and lazy. They must have been reading Jack Swan and wanted to put me in a good mood as I had two choices for my real ale.

A bass and a Gower brewery ale. Mike the landlord looked at me mentally when we ordered a desert and I was far from hungry but I just fancied a desert to tell you all about. I can generally just eat and eat. Luckily, the older I get the more room there is! I did struggle to finish it but succeeded bravely.

It looked so good that I forgot to take a photo until half way through. I have never seen the Kings Head quiet, which always says an awful lot about a place. It has its pricing bang on and has something for everyone. You can get two meals for less than that if you fancy doing anything with the rest of your day but I suggest that you spoil yourself, book the afternoon off and sit on the. Inquire within for more details. Traditional Sunday lunch served 12noon to 3. They know what they are doing, it is clearly a very well run pub and it has really good pub food.

I shall be there again, hope to see you there! Introducing a new feature here, we are going to speak with different chefs across the city and see what they have to say. A chef? When I left school in , so how many years is that? Too many! So where have you been? I joined the royal navy as a chef. I did nearly 5 years there, left to work in a bakery and then left to go to Swansea university and then here. How long have you been here? Well this place has been open now over twenty years and I came here a year and a half after that.

As head chef then? No, there were no chef vacancies open then so I worked taking orders for a while and then a vacancy came up and I stepped up. Is Gordon Ramsey a stereotypical chef? Is this going to get me in trouble now? All chefs can be a bit dramatic and a bit of a pre-madona at times. It is a. Is he stereotypical?

If you could cook for anyone, who would it be? What is your signature dish? He ate here once and we had a mention in one of his sea food books. Personally, rice or pasta. And meat, any meat really. Why do chefs put mushrooms in everything? Is this some kind of survey that you are doing? I just hate mushrooms! I love mushrooms, absolutely love them. We only have. I will enjoy it here then.

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What is in my sausage? It just so happens that What steak? Well it should be pork. When A 12 oz sirloin Ash! So much so, in fact, that found What is the most that you would pay for a starter? Soproblems a blue steak, I would just mark one side so with getting the right staff trained up and in placemaybe thankfully, Five pound. I woul just mark one side and food never suffered and customers have enjoyed the same superbthen let the plat cook the other Does presentation really matter?

All that seems to be you have to make the effort behind us now and can move forward with confidence. Apart from here, where is the best place to eat in Swansea? The list is compiled from individual records that were collected from the states and territories; the quality of the information varies accordingly. Some of the lists may be incomplete or outdated, but were the best available at the time the information was requested. We wish to thank the State and Territorial officials who contributed their time and energy to provide these lists.

Section Two of the report provides summaries of the types of information contained in each State's list. Section Two is organized alphabetically by the complete name of the State.

  • Im Spiel der Wirklichkeiten (German Edition)!
  • Les enfants de la Guerre (French Edition).
  • Eine lange Nacht auf Erden (German Edition).

The section is organized alphabetically by the two-letter abbreviation for each State. Within each State, the list has been sorted by county name and then by landfill name. The lists are not in a consistent format, thus, the above items may not be available for all facilities. The lists include all types of solid waste facilities, however, the facility type is not always specified Thus, the active municipal landfills were identified based upon such information as operator name, landfill name, as well as entries in the comments sections.

Many of the sites are small facilities utilized for camp waste. The facilities listed include only those active landfills accepting mixed municipal waste. Only landfills were included in this listing. An effort was made to exclude landfills which didn't appear to accept MSW e. Thus, it is possible that this listing includes some landfills which do not accept MSW.

They do have three active open dumps which are not considered sanitary landfills one site on each island: Saipan, Tinian, and Rota. Construction is expected to begin in October, for a new landfill which will meet RCRA subtitle D municipal landfill requirements.

Resource recovery and incinerators were excluded from this list, as were facilities where capacity was expected to have run out in or sooner. There are only three landfills in the state which accept municipal waste. Taylor, Jr. He confirmed that the only active municipal landfills in Guam are the same three that were listed in the EPA listing.

All of which were assumed to be MSW landfills, unless the facility name or comment field indicated otherwise. There is no way of distinguishing between demolition debris landfills and MSW landfills, thus this listing may overestimate the number of MSW landfills. The MSW landfills were identified based upon the facility name as well as the operator name. It is possible that some of these facilities do not accept MSW. Facilities with an expected closure year of or earlier were excluded. Note that some paper company landfills are listed as accepting household waste. The listing does not appear to include any non-MSW landfills such as construction and demolition debris landfills.

The list provides a general facility location in addition to a mailing address for the operator. The actual facility location is not given, however, the name and address of both the owner and operator are given. An effort was made to exclude industrial landfills based upon operator name. However, some demolition debris landfills and industrial landfills may be included. Landfills which are "Captive Industrial Waste Facilities" were excluded. Some non-MSW landfills may be included. It was not possible to distinguish facilities accepting MSW, thus this listing may include some non-MSW landfills such as construction debris all industrial landfills were identified and excluded.

Mastrangelo Montville , , [] Stephen H. Grossi Parsippany , , [] Sheriff James M. As of March 23, , there were a total of 9, registered voters in Morristown, of which 3, There were 8 voters registered to other parties. In the presidential election , Democrat Barack Obama received Bush with In the gubernatorial election , Republican Chris Christie received As of the school year, the district and its 10 schools had an enrollment of 5, students and In addition to a public school system, Morristown has several private schools.

Primary and elementary schools include The Red Oaks School, a Montessori school serving students from pre-school through grade eight. The Academy of Saint Elizabeth was founded at Morristown in by the Sisters of Charity , however when municipal boundaries were redrawn in , [24] the Academy found itself in the Convent Station section of the adjacent Morris Township. Interstate is the main highway providing access to Morristown. Two interchanges, Exit 35 and Exit 36, are located within the town.

Other significant roads serving Morristown include U. Morristown has attempted to implement transit-oriented development. Morristown was designated in as of one of New Jersey's first five " transit villages ". The designation was at least partly responsible for development plans for several mixed-use condominium developments. The town's Department of Public Works operates "Colonial Coach", which provides free transportation within Morristown.

The station features an oldies format. WJSV radio Hometown Tales , a public-access television show and podcast chronicling stories and urban legends from around the world, is loosely based in Morristown. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the town in Morris County. For other uses, see Morristown, New Jersey disambiguation. Town in New Jersey, United States. The Green , a historic park, serves as a gathering place and a center of culture within Downtown Morristown. Location in Morris County and the state of New Jersey.

Accessed May 21, Accessed September 4, Accessed May 17, Accessed May 30, Accessed July 25, Geographic Names Information System. United States Geological Survey. Retrieved March 8, Accessed July 19, Accessed January 6, Accessed October 23, Accessed December 19, Accessed September 6, Accessed July 10, Accessed April 3, Accessed September 8, United States Government Printing Office , As the most promising village in the county, West Hanover changes its name to Morristown, in honor of Lewis Morris, the first governor of the colony of New Jersey after it separated from New York.

Accessed February 20, Accessed July 17, Archived April 25, , at the Wayback Machine , accessed May 7, Theodosia's invitation to make her home his headquarters the winter of and lived there longer than in any other encampment of the Continental army The widow Ford kept two rooms for her family and Washington expressed the discomfort of the too-many tenants in a letter Washington The Indispensable Man : Accessed March 17, Accessed September 17, Accessed August 20, Accessed July 24, Macculloch, a Morristown businessman, must be given the credit for conceiving the idea for the Morris Canal and ultimately carrying it through to completion.

In he brought a group of interested citizens together at Morristown including Governor Isaac Williamson to discuss his idea with them. His proposal was received favorably. Retrieved April 25, Morse to perfect the telegraph. It was here on January 11, where the electromagnetic telegraph was first publicly demonstrated - making Historic Speedwell the 'Birthplace of the Telegraph.

Accessed September 18, Accessed December 17, Church" , Daily Record Morristown , June 17, Church, the oldest black church in Morris County, to host a benefit Saturday beginning at 6 p. Accessed January 8, Note that following voter approval of the Princeton merger, 21 pairs of "doughnut towns" remain. Accessed March 28, Accessed July 28, United States Census Bureau , Accessed May 9, Accessed December 27, Accessed June 28, Accessed February 21, The hospital, which employs 5, people, is the largest employer in Morristown.

Accessed January 4, Built in , Acorn Hall was the home of several generations of the Crane-Hone family. Accessed April 1, It was here in , at the start of the Industrial Revolution, that Samuel F. Morse and Alfred Vail demonstrated a perfected electromagnetic telegraph to the public. Accessed April 17, Accessed January 3, Accessed January 26, United States Senate. Accessed January 22, Accessed January 16, Accessed April 16, Cabana , Morris County, New Jersey.

April 16, Mastrangelo , Morris County, New Jersey. Shaw , Morris County, New Jersey. Accessed October 26, Grossi, Esq. Gannon , Morris County Sheriff's Office. New Jersey Department of Elections.



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