The CIAs Greatest Hits (Real Story)

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Apollo 11 Moon Landing in Real Time. The Adventures of Alexander von Humboldt. The Day After Roswell. Black Elk Speaks. Bridge of Spies. The Hundred-Year Marathon. Dispatches Picador Classic. Compared to the bloodshed to follow, however, that was just a drop in the bucket.

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  • The Second World War;

Inevitably, in , the Iranian people overthrew the bloodstained Shah, with great bitterness and hatred toward the US for installing him and backing him all those years. The radical fundamentalist regime that rules Iran today could never have found popular support without the CIA's coup and the repression that followed. If you ever need a reminder that the CIA was founded and run by lawyers, you won't need to look any further than the overthrow of Guatemalan democracy. In , Jacobo Arbenz was elected president of Guatemala by a landslide in a free and fair election.

He hoped to transform Guatemala "from a backward country with a predominantly feudal economy to a modern capitalist state. When Arbenz appropriated some unused land controlled by the Rockefeller-owned United Fruit Company for which United Fruit was fairly compensated , the company undertook an extensive PR campaign in the US, designed to paint Arbenz as a tool of the "international Communist conspiracy.

The agency sponsored a propaganda offensive and hired about mercenaries who sporadically sabotaged trains and oil supplies. Finally, in June of , unmarked CIA planes staged a series of air raids on the Guatemalan capital and dropped leaflets demanding Arbenz's resignation. At the same time, CIA-run radio stations warned of the impending invasion of an occupying rebel army actually the agency's hired thugs.

The CIA has always been particularly proud of the Guatemalan operation, which inaugurated a series of bloodthirsty regimes that murdered more than , Guatemalans. In retrospect, however, some CIA veterans concluded that it may have come off too easily, leading to a certain overconfidence.

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As one CIA officer put it, "We thought we could knock off these little brown people on the cheap. CIA mind control activities also called behavior control did accelerate in , under a program that was exempt from the usual oversight procedures. MK-ULTRA spooks and shrinks tested radiation, electric shocks, electrode implants, microwaves, ultrasound and a wide range of drugs on unwitting subjects, including hundreds of prisoners at California's infamous Vacaville State Prison. The CIA saw mind control as a way to create torture-proof couriers by implanting memories that can only be retrieved with a prearranged signal and programmed assassins, as in The Manchurian Candidate.

The agency also wondered if it could disorient its adversaries with mind-altering substances like LSD. It was so fascinated with LSD that, in , it tried to buy up the entire world supply.

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For many years, the agency was the principal source of LSD in the US, both legal and otherwise one CIA-connected dealer produced tens of millions of doses. Before ultimately dismissing LSD as unpredictable, the CIA tested it on countless people — including its own — without their consent, provoking several suicides. One CIA germ-warfare expert hurled himself out of a tenth-story window — or was pushed — after a "surprise" dose. It was 22 years before his family found out the real reason for his death.

The agency also rented a series of apartments, staffed them with prostitutes and watched through one-way mirrors to see the effects of various substances the prostitutes slipped to the unlucky johns.

The CIA's Greatest Hits : Mark Zepezauer :

The CIA says all its behavior control operations ended when Helms left in If you believe that, maybe they did learn some useful techniques from all those brainwashing experiments. Also see Hit When Congo called Zaire from to won its independence from Belgium in , Patrice Lumumba became its first prime minister. He was a charismatic leader who enjoyed strong support in the parliament, but he was able to hold office for only two months.

As Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana observed, it was perfectly all right for Britain and France to maintain diplomatic relations with the Soviet Union, but any African leader who dared do this became an enemy of the US. Such was the fate of Lumumba. Though the CIA "regularly bought and sold Congolese politicians," it feared that Lumumba's oratorical talents would make him a thorn in their side, even if he were maneuvered out of power.

So they decided it would be safer to kill him. A Congressional inquiry decided that "a reasonable inference" could be drawn that this was done with Eisenhower's assent. Lumumba was held prisoner for over a month, interrogated, tortured, then finally shot in the head. His body was dissolved in hydrochloric acid. Mobutu ran Congo for nearly forty years, and the lure of the country's vast mineral resources led the CIA into a marriage of convenience with him.

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He handed out life sentences to student protesters for "insulting the president," tossed opposition politicians into mental hospitals, suppressed religion and the press. He was so hated by his countrymen that he only felt safe living on a barge in the middle of the Congo River. Eventually, Mobutu's cruelty alarmed even the CIA, who supported a uprising against him.

Mark Zepezauer

But when it failed, the CIA and Mobutu kissed and made up. He was finally deposed in and died in exile, but the evil he did lives on: Congo has been wracked with warfare ever since his corrupt, brutal rule. Toward the end of his career, President Eisenhower began to have second thoughts about the people he'd served faithfully all his life. In his farewell address to the nation, he warned of "the potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power" inherent in the "military-industrial complex. At least some of Ike's misgivings could be traced to the U-2 incident that happened eight months earlier.

It was to be the culmination of his "crusade for peace" and a limited nuclear test ban treaty was supposed to emerge from it. Then, on the eve of the conference, an American U-2 spy plane landed smack in the middle of Russia. Worse, the Eisenhower administration was caught in a lie. First it claimed that an "unarmed weather research flight" had strayed into Soviet territory.

Then it learned that the pilot, Francis Gary Powers, had been captured alive, thousands of miles from any border — and on May Day, no less. The Soviets were predictably incensed, and the summit was called off. In fact, contrary to Soviet claims and press reports, the U-2 wasn't shot down — it descended and crash-landed due to a fuel shortage. This was revealed by CIA Director Allen Dulles at a secret congressional hearing the record of which was declassified in At the same hearing, Dulles casually remarked that he "assumed" the U-2 flight had been authorized by the president.

This was highly unlikely to say the least since Ike had not only ordered that all such flights be curtailed in preparation for his historic summit with Khrushchev, but he'd also temporarily scaled back covert operations in Cuba and Tibet as a way of showing good faith. See All Customer Reviews.

The CIAs Greatest Hits (Real Story) The CIAs Greatest Hits (Real Story)
The CIAs Greatest Hits (Real Story) The CIAs Greatest Hits (Real Story)
The CIAs Greatest Hits (Real Story) The CIAs Greatest Hits (Real Story)
The CIAs Greatest Hits (Real Story) The CIAs Greatest Hits (Real Story)
The CIAs Greatest Hits (Real Story) The CIAs Greatest Hits (Real Story)
The CIAs Greatest Hits (Real Story) The CIAs Greatest Hits (Real Story)

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