Fly On the Walmart: Confessions of a Young Walmart Greeter

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Walmart is the largest private employer in the U. And the job of greeter has been a. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue? Upload Sign In Join.

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Walmart Is Eliminating Greeters. You're reading a preview, sign up to read more.

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NPR 3 min read Politics. President Trump has signed an executive order pushing for sweeping changes in the way kidney disease is treated. This is probably completely unethical, but the internet has to get its People of Walmart photos somewhere. Walmart employees gain intimate knowledge about customers just by observing what those people buy at the store.

With customers being able to buy just about anything, this could make for some interesting stories. Walmart cashiers see everything and know when customers are about to have a good night or, in this case, a hot date night. What else are they to think when someone comes in and buys men's health magazines full of photos of muscular dudes, condoms, cucumbers and a leather belt?

There is obviously something going on for that customer that involves some kinky stuff, and really, that is way too much information to know about a complete stranger. But Walmart employees see it all the time when customers buy things like that. Walmart isn't exactly the job of anyone's dreams, but those who work there have bills to pay, just like everyone else. And Walmart employees put up with some crazy stuff, as well as some disgusting stuff, because the kind of customers the stores attract aren't always the best and brightest of humanity.

What's really frustrating for those employees are kids, but in this case, this kid didn't have a choice: he had to pee. And so that kid peed on this employee's shoe. That's not only gross and unsanitary, but also mortifying. So, obviously, the employee said something to the parent, but, apparently, the parent reacted in a negative way and reported the employee's statement about their child needing to pee. That resulted in the employee getting fired. When you're making minimum wage, every dollar counts, but sometimes it's still not enough. This Walmart employee is a perfect example of that, meaning that it's hard to consider this person a criminal, although stealing from the store is illegal.

But this person has kids and so they steal from the Walmart where they work to make ends meet. This confession isn't of the funny sort. Many people who come into Walmart just aren't nice. Customers are often really rude, but the hard part of being an employee at a store is that you get consistently told that you cannot get rude right back.

When you deal with one rude person after another, though, you will eventually snap. And that's what happened with this employee, who did everything by the book as a Walmart greeter. A woman came in with two children, which meant that the employee had to ask if they were twins. But the reply from the customer was a really rude one, so the employee responded with a rude remark. And that meant that the customer complained and the employee got fired.

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We honestly don't know how those greeters put up with it. Crazy things happen at Walmart. We've seen the photos and heard the stories, but some things are weirder than others. This employee offers a virtual list of all the weird stuff that goes on at one particular store. This employee saw people get stabbed in the store, as well as witnessed fist fights among customers. People even got arrested there at that store.

But it seems that the one thing that shocked this employee the most was a live chicken walking down one of the aisles.

Not only is this a WTF moment, but seriously, how did a live chicken end up in a Walmart? We've heard of birds flying into stores and getting trapped, but a chicken? Did a customer bring it in as a pet? Not everyone who goes to Walmart is crazy or unintelligent. But the problem in having a job at Walmart means that you work with the general public. And the general public has a lot more of the lowest common denominator than we might expect.

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That means that employees at Walmart often get asked a lot of stupid questions. But this particular customer was dimmer than most. As everyone knows, water has zero calories, meaning that it's probably the best thing you can drink for your body. But one customer isn't satisfied with that and wanted to know where the diet water was. Now it's likely they meant they wanted some fancy brand of water or another, but the question itself comes off as particularly stupid.

Not only are customers at Walmart generally unintelligent, but employees often must deal with customers who are just outright crazy. In this case, this confession actually mentions a problem where a customer wasn't just crazy, but also dangerous. Who sets off fireworks in the electronics department? That could have literally set the entire store on fire, although considering some customers mindsets, maybe that was the point? Needless to say, it doesn't seem like anyone got hurt or the store burned down because the employee didn't mention that, but it still makes us wonder about the things that goes on at one of America's favorite retail stores.

Of course, what if this wasn't a customer at all, but a disgruntled employee? Things like that happen all the time, too. We can only imagine the stories that employees have about having to clean up gross things, such as vomit, blood, snot or anything else that might excrete itself from the human body.

But this employee's confession is one of the most disgusting we've seen. And once again, it took place in the electronics department. There's no indication of whether this was an act caused by a customer or an employee, but whoever did it was a pretty disgusting human being.

So this poor Walmart employee had to clean up poop in the store because someone deliberately pooped there. That's not only frightening, it's unsanitary.

So the list of Walmart customers covers ignorant, crazy and disgusting. We've got one more behavioral pattern to add to that list: impatient. Why are Walmart customers always in such a hurry? Why do they feel that waiting is completely beneath them? They're shopping at Walmart, not living it up at Sak's Fifth Avenue, so what else do they expect?

Employees only make minimum wage, so you're not going to get the best customer service experience of your life—although Walmart does try to provide decent customer service.

Walmart to make `every effort` to keep greeters with disabilities

So stop grabbing your bags before they're in front of you: that's rude. And next time you do it, you better hope that this employee isn't on the clock at the time because they will spin that thing around so fast, it could take your hand off. Working the night shift at Walmart probably gets very boring. Although the stores are usually open 24 hours a day and seven days a week, quiet late nights and early mornings generally have fewer customers.

Some Walmart employees probably love it. We're guessing that this particular employee is one of them, because the night shift, apparently, gives them a chance to engage in some self-love. We only hope that this isn't taking place anywhere near the grocery section, because thinking of someone masturbating around food is just a little gross. This is pretty shocking, when you do think of it, because then you have to wonder what else night shift employees do when the store gets lonely and quiet. It's probably best if we, the customers, never know.

From screaming children to kids who misbehave and run around the aisles unattended to kids throwing temper tantrums in the check-out aisle, Walmart employees get exposed to an unhealthy amount of unhappy and spoiled children getting dragged around in the store by parents.

This confession is just one of many on Whisper of employees who had a change of heart about their future. These employees have had their fill of children by working in the stores that they never want to have children of their own. That is effective birth control right there. There are many other confessions just like this from Walmart employees, and that's just sad, and perhaps an indicator that the people of Walmart need to work with their kids on behavior.

But then you get the rare few who talk about how much they love working at Walmart, although their reasons are a little This guy loves his job because, apparently, he gets to come into contact with a lot of hot older women. And now he seems to have a taste for those women.

Considering that most women go into Walmart half asleep in search of coffee because they ran out at home, their faces without makeup and their cleanest pair of sweatpants on, we have to wonder just what this guy is into, but hey, he's happy with his job.

Fly on the Walmart: Confessions of a Young Walmart Greeter - Kristin Mango - Google книги

We've outlined many crazy things that happen at Walmart, as witnessed by employees. One thing you might not expect, though, is that romance sometimes happens there, too. Considering that it's probably one of the least romantic places on the planet, that seems pretty funny. But one employee, apparently, met their match there, although how they met definitely fits into Walmart vibe.

If someone randomly comes up to you and asks for sex, usually, you might think the answer would require a resounding no, but in this case, the answer was yes and then yes again when there was a proposal.

Fly On the Walmart: Confessions of a Young Walmart Greeter Fly On the Walmart: Confessions of a Young Walmart Greeter
Fly On the Walmart: Confessions of a Young Walmart Greeter Fly On the Walmart: Confessions of a Young Walmart Greeter
Fly On the Walmart: Confessions of a Young Walmart Greeter Fly On the Walmart: Confessions of a Young Walmart Greeter
Fly On the Walmart: Confessions of a Young Walmart Greeter Fly On the Walmart: Confessions of a Young Walmart Greeter
Fly On the Walmart: Confessions of a Young Walmart Greeter Fly On the Walmart: Confessions of a Young Walmart Greeter
Fly On the Walmart: Confessions of a Young Walmart Greeter Fly On the Walmart: Confessions of a Young Walmart Greeter

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