A Dream of Lucid Worlds

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How Do I Trigger A Lucid Dream?

Sex and flying are probably the two most common activities. I think there should be no shame or embarrassment about it, but I also think it's important to be mindful that these dream characters are representations of parts of yourself. What implications does that have for you?

The Strange Subconscious Fantasy Worlds of Lucid Dreamers

Well, I just like to take a moment to talk to the dream character before or after the sexual encounter. How does that conversation generally go? I've found that, a lot of times, dream characters are very open to sex. But sometimes they seem more disconnected from you. You'll ask them for sex, and they'll shrug and be like, "Whatever.

Juice WRLD - Lucid Dreams (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

This kind of calls into question whether or not you should be raping your dream characters. I think there's an argument that says it's all in your mind, and you're not harming anyone. But I also think, if you're using lucid dreaming for self-exploration, you might want to take a moment and ask yourself if you really want to commit an act of harm on your inner psyche. So who are these people—acquaintances, celebrities, people you've never seen before?

They can be all those things. Celebrities are common. There's a fantasy to being with them. And I think they can also represent something else in our subconscious, whether it's aspiration or self-worth. The only way I'd ever get with a celebrity in the waking world is to achieve massive success. So to get with them in a dream can be very validating. Is there a memorable connection you've had with a particular celebrity?

The most memorable relationships I've had with dream characters tends to be with recurring dream guides. Those haven't been sexual relationships, though. Going back to the whole Dark Jared thing, I've had dreams where he was trying to convince me to have sex with my dream guide. It just felt disrespectful, though. What guide was that? She's this middle-aged woman who feels like a friend from years ago, or a maybe from a past life.

She's dressed like she's from the s. And she always appears to help me out, or give cryptic advice. What other guides do you have? Most recently, I've been seeing this giant bear a lot. He's old, very grizzled looking, and his fur is gray with a tint of purple. He usually appears when there's chaos. I see the bear, and I follow him, and he leads me away to a calmer place. So it's clear that you can form these meaningful friendships with dream characters.

Have you ever fallen in love with one before? Probably several times a year, I fall in love with someone or something in the dream. When you wake up you still feel all these emotions toward this thing that only exists in the dream world. I've had that happen a few times too. And, what's fascinating to me, is that you basically fell in love with a part of yourself, right? It suggests that we're really complete beings, who are capable of generating all the love we need.

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Yet through some design flaw, we just can't access it without an intermediary. I love the idea of dreams being a mirror reflection of ourselves. When you're looking on the surface, everything seems separate from you, but in reality, everything you see is you. The act of separating it can be beneficial, though, to making positive changes in yourself.

What is the world of lucid dreaming?

That's what I've found with Dark Jared. He takes on my dark characteristics, and I become, essentially, Light Jared. And, I can really feel the difference between us. That brings up another interesting question. In a lot of the dreams that I've collected, people seem to have a reduced sense of conventional morality.

Is lucid dreaming scientifically proven?

Do you feel like the same person in dreams that you are when you're awake? Yeah, when I think of any number of negative acts or horrific things that I've done in dreams, they definitely don't feel as bad as they would in this world. I remember having a dream where this guy was attacking my girlfriend and me. He was a massive man, probably eight feet tall. Anyway, I became lucid and, because it was a dream, I was able to make my punch so much stronger, and I beat him up. At one point, he was on the ground crying. When I woke up I felt really bad about it, which is interesting to me because he was attacking us, and I certainly didn't feel bad about it in the dream.

He brought it on himself. Well, if all the characters in your dream are you, maybe you were just feeling that guy's sadness. Right, and when I came into this world, instead of being separate entities, we both came back together. Is there anything you haven't tried in a lucid dream that you've always wanted to? Thomas Peisel , one of the other writers of the book, always turns into a various animals. He'll turn into a jaguar or a wolf.

He can feel himself running on two legs, and then slowly transforming until he's running on four. He's just able to go so much faster using four legs instead of two. He loves it.

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He also turns into birds. I think that's something that I'd want to explore. Ever since I got involved reporting on psychedelics research, I've been fascinated by mystical states of consciousness. People have said that when they smoke cigarettes in dreams, it feels just like real life. I'm wondering if it's the same with drugs. Do you have any experience with that? I smoked some pot in a lucid dream once. I was with Thomas and we were just floating on clouds, touching the treetops, and passing a joint back and forth.

It was very relaxing. I've also heard of people who go into a lucid dream and meditate there.

Lucid dreams: What they are, and how to experience them

There are masters who meditate in a dream, and then end up in another world, and then meditate again. They keep going into deeper and deeper worlds. But I wonder if you just get a drug in the dream world, can you bypass the meditation step? I've also been thinking if it would be possible to replicate a near-death experience in dreams—you know that tunnel of light, or visions of angels, or like in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, those horrific monsters that represent enlightenment.

I do believe there is more here than we can even begin to understand. This reality is a Lucid dream my friend. Quantum Physics has already demonstrated said that Materialism is an illusion. So is Space and Time.. Meaning that Past and future are illusions. Only NOW exists. We ourselves are creating reality through thoughts. Extraordinary things can exist. How do they exist? When you strongly believe in something and make others believe. For this reason itself, the whole universe exists.

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Thoughts, subconscious beliefs etc are more powerful. Atoms are infinite, soul is infinite, which means our physical being is infinite aswell. Logic takes you nowhere, imagination takes you everywhere. Chi energy is real. So is levitation. So is Clairvoyance. Thoughts are powerful. Consciousness is infinite. S I have experienced flying lucid dreams and Astral Projection aswell.

I mean thats how money came into being, right? And hey, i did manage to see the whole Man Of Steel movie in my dreams last night. Much love to you and your amazing website. Very interesting. Actually there is an icelandic scientist and researcher, dr. Truly amazing theory! With this theory he tried to speculate and even proof that life existed in the universe on many other planets, not only on ours little one, he was one of the first to try to explain in a scientific way what science fiction was about, even religion.

Rob Schwarz is telling about his dreams about places where he has never been to, sounds like what the Dreamgiver is sending him, and Linda speaks about many worlds in her dreams and dying in her dreams, thus not herself but the dreamgivers of hers. As a writer you should understand what it means and use it correctly. Thanks for the coolio website. Hello, I came upon a very interesting twist to lucid dreaming, it involves going to sleep with your eyes slightly open.

The immediate effect is that you know that you are dreaming and from that point can have any lucid dream you desire without it really taking any special effort, unlike normal lucid dream states. I highly recommend those into lucid dreaming to check their vitamin B complex — if deficient, hard to lucid dream. Secondly, get neurofeedback training. This has dramatically improved my lucid dreaming skills, dream recall skill, and ability to stay inside a dream longer and viividly — Zagar. Best wishes! I had a brief moment of lucidity in my dream.

Suddenly the street around me looked real, the stones road, the sidewalk. I remember I was surprised, it felt like I was in the real world. I even touched the outside wall of a building to feel its texture. Then the lucidity slipped away. It comes on so suddenly, and I get excited about exploring that world, but then it fades. The lucidity came when I walked into that particular street, and slipped away when I left to another street. But it felt so extremelly real, like being in another dimension. I would just love my dreams to stop.

But the feeling from the first dream is still present and its intensified by the 2nd and 3rd dream. Last night I had a dream that me and everyone else in the world were standing outside looking at the sky, We all saw an asteroid coming for earth. It seemed far but before we knew it there was a sphere so large right in front of us.

The asteroid Out of no where Gravity was lost… And everyone fell backwards.. I felt like I was vibrating and colliding with the universe. If that makes sense?? I can relate to the part on being conscious while dreaming. Can it be me entering my body in a parallel world influencing my actions? All needlefeast frenzy on the floating brothel drifting through temporal folds, agents of the seen and unseen spectrum playing the old familiar games of pleasure and power; there were no walls between are and seem, and things from otherspheres did as they would do without consequence of the shockwaves sent through time for those who warp the Now Continuum….

In my dream ,I was at a convenience store on a familiar street. I looked outside and stores were in different locations and the newspapers were completely different. The cashier asked, If everything was okay. I said everything is different but the same. She looked at me and said , Not again. She said , Leave now! They know! I walked outside and two lights were hovering above me. There is this rock quarry and I drive in and park. I start to run as these men begin to chase me. There is no wall there but I can feel it. There is this lake and a couple of people fishing.

They are stunned by the fact that I appeared out of thin air. Ill post more dreams ,If anyone finds them interesting.

The Three Worlds of Lucid Dreaming

I write every dream down have some really interesting dreams. One of the major differences I have experienced between wake induced lucid dreams and normal lucid dreams is that in normal lucid dreams you seem to be looking at yourself not necessarily restricts to human boundaries. In wake induced lucid dreams the opposite is true. It is like you are experiencing everything and severally restricted by human boundaries.

A Dream of Lucid Worlds A Dream of Lucid Worlds
A Dream of Lucid Worlds A Dream of Lucid Worlds
A Dream of Lucid Worlds A Dream of Lucid Worlds
A Dream of Lucid Worlds A Dream of Lucid Worlds
A Dream of Lucid Worlds A Dream of Lucid Worlds
A Dream of Lucid Worlds A Dream of Lucid Worlds
A Dream of Lucid Worlds A Dream of Lucid Worlds
A Dream of Lucid Worlds A Dream of Lucid Worlds
A Dream of Lucid Worlds

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