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That issue is complex due to the legal questions involved and the extent to which API data is used globally EU Member States and 32 other countries already collect API data on air passengers, and API systems are anticipated in another 25 countries. The Commission will keep the Parliament informed of its work and propose a way forward. El acuerdo aprobado por el Parlamento Europeo, firmado en diciembre de por EE. Los EE. El acuerdo entre los EE. Respuesta provisional de la Sra. Respuesta complementaria de la Sra.

La TSA utiliza esos datos para evitar que quienes figuran en la lista de personas que tienen prohibido volar en los EE. Cabe recordar asimismo la incompatibilidad del actual acuerdo UE-EE. Speaking to the SER radio network, the spokesperson for justice and home affairs, Michele Cercone, said that this was a matter covered by bilateral agreements between some European countries, including Spain, and the United States.

This meant that any information on this issue, negotiations or the content of the agreement on overflying should be sent to the national authorities, since this matter fell within national competence. What view does the Commission take of this agreement between Spain and the US? What mechanisms will the Commission use to intervene in relation to these bilateral agreements and guarantee the primary right to free movement and the fundamental rights of European citizenship?

La Commission partage le point de vue de l'Honorable Parlementaire selon lequel la justice n'est pas toujours convenablement rendue par les voies juridiques. Divorce cases can be resolved not only via — often long and costly — judicial processes, but also via mediation. Mediation agencies in the respective countries find it difficult to bring the parties together. Mediation can, however, often enable them to avoid years of long, costly, and sometimes futile judicial proceedings that resolve nothing.

Does the Commission intend to conceive a more effective system of divorce mediation, not least by making it obligatory for former spouses from different countries to appear before a competent body? How would it view a system under which an EU citizen who is married, or has been married or in a partnership, could apply to the courts for their former spouse or partner to be summoned to appear before the competent bodies of the two Member States concerned, in order to conduct divorce negotiations?

The Mediation Directive applies to all cross-border civil disputes including family disputes. It contributes in a decisive way to the development of mediation also in the family law area. The Commission fully shares the views of the Honourable Member that the need for justice is not always met through the Courts. Mediation has been therefore identified as a key element for the efficient functioning of justice systems. The Commission considers that the existing EU legal framework is flexible enough to allow for a compulsory family mediation if a Member State would like to introduce such a system.

It also provides for a solid basis to develop further initiatives to promote family mediation in cross-border divorce conflicts. Sol Art - Theatre / Performing Arts: Books

Setting up a WG on family mediation under auspices of the European Judicial Network is an example of such pragmatic approach. The Commission also contributes to the family mediation by the translation of the Practice Guide on Mediation relating to the Hague Child Abduction Convention. The Commission has requested a study to analyse the transposition of the Mediation Directive by the Member States, bearing in mind that the directive concerns only cross-border disputes.

Beyond that the study also evaluates the effectiveness of the national mediation systems, since the application of the directive's principles to domestic cases is also encouraged ref. Furthermore, the study deals with different methods of mediation for a more citizen's friendly justice. On the basis of the information gathered, the Commission may consider if further measures are useful to promote the use of mediation, also in the family law cases. Objet: Respect par l'Allemagne de la libre circulation des personnes en cas de divorce.

A parent with parental authority who is not German is more liable to want to leave Germany with their child to visit their family of origin during their authorised visiting time than is a German parent who does not have such family ties outside the country, and who would therefore remain in Germany. Moreover, if there are strong suspicions of an intention to abduct, some parents find themselves accused, without any evidence, of wanting to abduct their child simply because they wish to take their child out of Germany during their shared custody periods with them.

In other words, they find that they cannot take their child outside Germany at all. Parents are thus left with just one choice, which is that if they want to see their children, they have to stay in Germany. Does the Commission not consider this situation, which has been cited in several petitions received by Parliament, to be an impediment to the free movement of persons?

Does it consider it normal for a parent who is divorced have no choice but to remain in Germany and see their child, or to move and thereby almost definitively alienate themselves from that child? Might not the Brussels IIa regulation be taken further, to cover this issue of the authorised movement of children and their custody, so as to facilitate the movement of children of parents who are nationals of different EU Member States? As regards the possible impact of such decisions attributing custody to the German parents on the exercise of the right to free movement of the non-German parents who are EU citizens, the Commission understands that such decisions can be a factor influencing the decision of the persons concerned to remain in Germany or to return to their Member State of origin.

Substantive rules on authorised movement of children and their custody fall outside the scope of the regulation. Fruitful exchange of views took place on practices in this area and highlighted the importance of providing relevant information to children and parents and appropriate training to practitioners. Dans quelle mesure?

UNICEF en situaciones de emergencia

To what extent? In the Commission considered it adequate to apply precautionary principle in the case of infants only. In response to violence on trains, stampeding crowds, football hooliganism and other similar problems, Member States are implementing the INDECT project to tackle criminal behaviour.

The project is designed to enhance the way existing mass surveillance tools, such as photographs and video footage, are used by improving the relevant procedures and making them automatic in an effort to ensure that crisis situations are dealt with more effectively. However, the use of automatic surveillance techniques of this kind combined with the systematic collection of personal data could undermine individual freedoms. Does the project include plans for a new regulatory framework to monitor exchanges of data and the detection of criminal activity on the Internet? If the project is successful, how does the Commission intend to follow it up in legislative terms?

Is the introduction of an automatic system for detecting crime on the Internet and on the street part of a plan to create a huge database? The project conducts research into new surveillance technologies for use in maintaining public safety and security. There is no Commission plan to create an extensive database on crime detection comprising personal data.

It is hard to determine with any accuracy the extent of offshore radioactive contamination caused by the Fukushima disaster in Japan. However, some indicators, such as levels of radioactivity in bluefin tuna from Japan caught in California, can provide an insight into the risks connected to trade in these migratory species. What controls has the Commission implemented on imports of fisheries products from countries near Japan, whose produce may, like bluefin tuna caught in California, have suffered radioactive contamination?


The World Food Programme has recently authorised products such as mackerel or sardines caught off the coast of Japan to be sent as food aid to five developing countries, including Cambodia. Without casting aspersions on Japanese fisheries products, does the Commission consider this to be safe for the Cambodian people? Migratory pelagic fish species of relevance are tuna albacore, bluefin, bigeye and skipjack and bill fishes swordfish, marlin.

All results reported by Member States indicate no contamination or at very low level i. The Japanese authorities monitor intensively the presence of radio-activity in fish and fishery products in coastal areas and international waters. Fish in the coastal areas of the Fukushima prefecture, and neighbouring prefectures, have been found contaminated. Fishing has stopped in Fukushima and in neighbouring prefectures. Fishing for species where contamination has been measured is also stopped.

Fish and fishery products from the coastal areas of other prefectures and the international waters have been found not to be contaminated or only at very low levels. We have no information on the World Food Programme food aid but measurements indicate that levels of contamination in sardines and mackerel are now below levels that cause concern.

Objet: Niveaux admissibles de contamination radioactive. In the wake of the Fukushima disaster a number of MEPs have pointed out that EU regulations are quite confusing as regards the maximum permitted levels of radioactive contamination of foodstuffs and of feedingstuffs. Who sets the maximum permitted radioactive contamination levels for foodstuffs and feedingstuffs imported into Europe?

Does the European Food Safety Authority have any say on the setting of the maximum permitted radioactive contamination levels? Under this regulation, the Commission can adopt implementing regulations which render applicable those maximum permissible levels, in the event it receives official information on accidents or on any other case of radiological emergency substantiating that these levels are likely to be reached or have been reached. Following the Fukushima accident, the Commission has adopted implementing regulations for the import of food and feed from Japan,on the basis of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

The European Food Safety Authority does not set maximum permitted levels of radioactive contamination, however this Authority can be requested to provide a risk assessment on the presence of radionulides in food and feed. Foreign investments are a boon to some of the sectors in crisis in Europe. However, they also raise questions about the independence of our investments in Europe and the management of our industrial heritage.

And Qatar is investing billions of euros in France to acquire or take a stake in successful companies. The luxury goods industry is particularly affected by this. France facilitates these investments thanks to a tax agreement signed with Qatar in , which grants significant advantages to Qatari investments, including the waiver of all capital-gains taxes on property. What measures can it take to avoid European investments in research and innovation ending up too quickly in foreign hands?

The Commission agrees that it is important to preserve and promote a strong industrial base in Europe. The best way to do this is to create the appropriate conditions for the best possible business environment to produce and compete from Europe. The investment climate is a major basis for that Communication, and it focuses on themes relevant for promoting productive investments access to finance, investments for innovation, the functioning of the internal market, and international market conditions.

This is and remains the basic position of the Commission. There is an ongoing debate about some aspects of foreign investments. This has been the case for a long time. It is natural for the Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship to participate in this discussion, and any statement should be seen in that context. There is no conctrete proposal for a policy change on this topic. Can the European External Action Service warn a Member State about a foreign investment in an area considered sensitive for European diplomatic or military interests?

English Spanish Translation

Does the EEAS recognise the usefulness of having a body specifically responsible for reviewing foreign strategic investments before they go ahead, along the lines of the CFIUS, in order to have a clear view of firms that are operating and investing in Europe? The Treaty on the European Union sets out clearly the EU's commitment to openness towards foreign direct investment FDI including from third countries.

At present, national security reviews of foreign direct investment are carried out at national level. Objet: Dispositifs d'accueil pour les enfants demandeurs d'asile.

These children live in very precarious conditions and are at particular risk of suffering human rights violations. These children are often live in distress in the very Member State in which they seek asylum as they are insufficiently aware of the legal means at their disposal. This unacceptable state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue and constitutes a human rights challenge for the European Union, given the disparity of arrangements from Member State to Member State.

With a view to laying down arrangements for decent housing and support, does the Commission intend to propose a separate, clearly defined system to protect children seeking asylum in the European Union? The Commission has acknowledged their particular vulnerability, both through legislation and practical cooperation measures. The EU asylum acquis includes specific safeguards on the level of treatment for unaccompanied minors seeking asylum. These include access to appropriate representation, housing, education and healthcare throughout the examination of their asylum application.

The Commission proposals amending the asylum instruments introduce more protective and harmonised rules in this respect. In particular, the amended Reception Conditions Directive obliges Member States to ensure that unaccompanied minors are provided with legal representation, age specific housing including access to recreational activities , and that detention takes place only in exceptional circumstances when it is needed in view of protecting the child's best interests.

The directive is expected to be adopted by co-legislators by the end of The Commission proposal amending the Asylum Procedures Directive includes further safeguards for unaccompanied minors. Most importantly, it envisages their exemption from certain procedures concepts, such as the border procedure and the non-automatic right to remain on the territory.

The amended proposal is currently being negotiated in the European Parliament and the Council. The Commission hopes that its proposed high standards will be retained in the final text. On the practical cooperation side, significant efforts are being made by EASO, for instance in view of ameliorating Member States practices in the area of age assessments. Does the Commission intend to include measures promoting cloud computing in a uniform approach for monitoring authorities? What guarantees are given by cloud computing concerning the protection of personal data?

And the protection of copyright? The reform is based on a regulation which clarifies and harmonises the rules applicable notably to cloud providers in a technology neutral way, while strengthening and modernizing data subject rights. It includes a mechanism designed to ensure the consistency of decisions and enforcement actions of national data protection authorities. Moreover, the proposal for a directive on Collective Rights Management will address many of the cross-border licensing needs for cloud content as regards music.

Allegations that there is a striking resemblance between the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement ACTA , which was rejected by the European Parliament, and the draft trade agreement between the European Union and Canada CETA currently under negotiation, have recently appeared in the press and are causing reverberations in civil society, particularly among the anti-ACTA community. These called on the Commission to improve its promotion of health in the environment policy through a new plan to be drawn up as soon as possible. Two major recommendations were put forward concerning the adoption of the new plan: the creation of a harmonised database and the establishment of specific measures for the evaluation and risk assessment of nanomaterials.

The Council of Ministers had also referred to the need to formulate specific measures for endocrine disruptors and evaluate the cumulative danger arising from the combined effects of chemical substances. It in particular sets out as a priority objective to safeguard EU citizens from environment-related pressures and risks to health and wellbeing. Improving public health has been, and will therefore continue to be, a key determinant underpinning environment policy especially as regards assessing the benefits of action, as well as linking research to policy.

As regards specifically the issues of nanomaterials, endocrine disruptors and chemical mixtures raised by the Honourable Member, these are already the subject of ongoing policy initiatives. The regulatory review on nanomaterials was recently adopted COM final of 3. The Commission is planning to come forward with cross legislative criteria to identify endocrine disruptors and a new strategy during the course of In this general context, the Commission does not intend to put forward a separate new environment and health action plan.

The Turkish military, which is illegally present in Cyprus, last week wrongfully arrested three police officers from the Cyprus Republic, who had pursued a Turkish drugs dealer into the buffer zone, which is situated in the territory of the Cyprus Republic and is patrolled by the Cyprus peacekeeping force. Security, given that the peacekeeping force was unable to prevent the arrest of the three officers within a zone being patrolled by UN forces. Illegal arrest, given that the officers were arrested in the line of duty whilst in pursuit of a Turkish Cypriot fugitive, their duty being to protect Cyprus citizens from criminal activities such as, in this case, drugs trafficking.

According to reports, the officers were in pursuit of a suspected drugs dealer. What pressure does the Commission intend to bring to bear on Turkey with a view to securing the immediate release of the three officers, whose basic human rights are being blatantly infringed?

Sobre la mesa: denuncias de acoso sexual - Sale el Sol

The Commission is aware of the regrettable incident the Honourable Members refer to, and it welcomes that the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus reacted with prudence so as to avoid further tensions. These questions once again show the need for a rapid comprehensive settlement in Cyprus, which would constitute an effective remedy to address the concerns of the Honourable Member. In its recently presented Communication on the Enlargement Strategy and Main Challenges , the Commission underlined the necessity to re-launch the negotiations with the aim of reaching a swift conclusion of the talks, building on the progress achieved to date.

In the meantime, the Commission is in contact with all stakeholders to tackle some dimensions of the issues raised by the Honourable Members. In the context of the Aid Programme to the Turkish Cypriot community, the Commission arranges and finances through TAIEX the delivery of expert assistance focusing inter alia on the fight against money laundering.

Il deputato aveva fra l'altro affermato che non ci fosse nulla di non islamico nella musica. He had already been attacked twice for his views, which included saying there is nothing un-Islamic about music. The man who is believed to have been behind the attack has been taken into custody. There are fears that the islands in the Indian Ocean are at risk of rising Islamism, especially after the fall of President Mohamed Nasheed in an Islamist-backed coup in February. The islands are popular among tourists, yet according to The Times , there have been attempts to ban spas in luxury hotels and public dancing in the country.

Hilath Rasheed, a journalist and critic of hard-line Islamists, was also attacked in June. He almost died after having his throat cut. The murder of MP Afrasheem is a tragic development in a country which has seen constant political tensions leading to serious outbreaks of violence. During meetings with civil society representatives, the political situation as well as their current limited financial resources and the need for technical assistance were discussed.

The EU will continue to follow developments in the Maldives with close attention and intends to play a role in preparing the country for elections. Oggetto: Procedimento per l'eliminazione di sostanze dall'elenco delle sostanze prioritarie. Tuttavia, se tali dati dimostrassero in maniera incontrovertibile che le tre sostanze non presentano un rischio significativo, saranno tenuti in considerazione nel riesame successivo.

The Commission's view is that there are sufficient data to set the Environmental Quality Standards EQS now for the three pharmaceutical substances in question, and this position is supported by scientific review. Additional monitoring data would not be relevant to determining the EQS which are set on the basis of the intrinsic property of the substances. However, if such monitoring data were to show conclusively that the three substances did not pose a significant risk, this would be taken into account in the next review.

Such review may include proposals for the removal of substances. Oggetto: Wind farm per soddisfare il crescente fabbisogno energetico. Wind power, in particular, is the primary source for very low environmental impact electric power. It is important to highlight that the wind farm industry has grown by an average of A recent study by the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has shown that high altitude wind turbines, which exploit winds that are steadier and faster than surface ones, could amply supply the energy needs of the planet in the near future.

According to this study, by spreading wind farms out and not clustering them in just some areas of the planet, the energy needs of several countries could be met without their needing to purchase energy from other countries. According to this research, the future of wind power will be determined by economic, political and technical restrictions, rather than by geophysical limitations.

Can the Commission say how it plans to incentivise further the use of low emissions energy? Italian air has been described as unhealthy by the report of the European Environment Agency EEA , covering the period from to ; Italy, along with some Eastern European countries, has breached the limits for the substances most harmful to human health, including fine dust, particulate matter especially in rural areas , carbon monoxide, benzene, nickel, and ozone.

The regions affected lie in the North, which tends to escape strong winds and heavy rain but is, however, very prone to fog; in Novara, Bergamo, and Milan, for example, ozone concentrations have risen to more than double the limit. These facts show where the collective duty and responsibility lies, namely in encouraging a policy for sustainable mobility, controlling industrial emissions, and taking measures to promote town planning and sustainable local, freight, and rail transport. That said, it is also necessary to raise awareness among the public and the authorities through widely disseminated information seeking to reduce private traffic by encouraging the use of sustainable means of transport bicycles and electric cars making it possible to move at speed and integrate journeys with local public services, which should also be developed in order to provide a comprehensive, efficient service to all citizens.

The Commission is aware that in some European regions, there are particular weather and geographical conditions that make it significantly more difficult to bring down air pollution levels. For these reasons, the Commission does not consider it appropriate to define specific parameters for individual regions.

Oggetto: Riconoscimento transfrontaliero dei documenti di stato civile: problematiche irrisolte. In practice, citizens become entangled in red tape and are consequently obliged to complete protracted and costly formalities translation or additional proof of the authenticity of documents ; in extreme cases, they may be denied the freedom to exercise their rights. Will it lay down measures and means serving at the practical level to improve understanding and to make information about court procedures more readily obtainable?

Oggetto: Una rete di centri di sostegno e assistenza psicologica per le vittime della tratta. Inoltre, intende la Commissione predisporre misure di finanziamento e programmi europei ad hoc al fine di tutelare sotto il profilo psico-fisico le vittime di tratta? Per rafforzare la protezione dei minori vittime della tratta, la Commissione intende elaborare orientamenti in materia. Trafficking in human beings is the modern form of slavery.

In Europe it is an ever growing phenomenon increasingly affecting those who, having been rendered even more vulnerable by the economic crisis, are in no position to resist. Having been brought to or more often than not smuggled into richer countries, they are forced to become prostitutes and endure violence, as well as to remain in the near-unbreakable grip of their gangster masters, to whom they pay their money and who reinvest it in drugs or property. Given that trafficking in human beings is a crime and as such carried on in secret, it has to be punished by the Member States affected, which must take the steps required to tackle it.

In times of crisis there is a constant exodus from poorer countries as people go in search of more decent living and working conditions. Finally, human rights and the rights of the child must be protected. In view of all these facts, will the Commission endorse the core priorities proposed in communication COM and offer the encouragement necessary for the purpose of developing and setting up a network of support and psychological assistance centres for victims and especially children?

Will it in addition lay down funding measures and European programmes aimed specifically at safeguarding the physical and mental health of the victims of trafficking? The directive obliges Member States to attend to victims with special needs, including health related issues such as pregnancies, mental or psychological disorders, or a serious form of psychological or sexual violence they have suffered and to provide appropriate services for special needs of child victims.

To better share experiences and best practices on assistance and protection of victims, the Commisison will establish an EU Platform for civil society organisations and service providers. The Commission will also take action to improve the identification and referral of victims to relevant authorities, including social and health providers. This ongoing project pays special attention to health assistance and rehabilitation. To strenghten the protection of child victims of human trafficking, the Commission will develop guidelines on child protection systems.

In some Eastern European countries, like Romania, most paid traineeships are viewed as constituting professional experience. However, unpaid traineeships are not recognised by employers as being professional experience, and neither do they qualify as voluntary work, as they do not fit with the conditions for this. In the light of the above, can the Commission indicate into which uniform European category it is that unpaid and paid traineeships will be placed to ensure that young people participating in programmes like those mentioned above can draw benefit from them when entering the keenly competitive job market?

A recent study by the Commission identifies five categories of traineeships: traineeships as part of educational programmes, traineeships that are part of compulsory professional training, traineeships as part of active labour market policies, open market traineeships and transnational traineeships. The study also concludes that there are important differences in the degree of regulation of traineeships both across EU Member States and across categories of traineeships.

The Commission is currently working towards a Quality Framework on Traineeships. Social partners agree with the need for increasing the quality of traineeships, but they have diverging views on how this should be achieved. The next step would be a second round of social partner consultations on the content of the envisaged quality framework. The issue of gender equality had been governed by a directive allowing the same insurance product to be offered at different prices depending on the gender of the client, since empirical data showed that gender was a significant factor in the risk to be insured against.

However, the Commission regards variable premiums of this kind as so unacceptable that it would rather take a decision that causes the cost of insurance for low-risk clients to rise, for in practice the result will be an overall increase in insurance premium levels with a partial drop in price for high-risk clients. For certain risks e. Therefore, a ban on the use of these factors in insurance would in practice amount to discrimination. This new rule violates the fundamental principle of insurance, whereby the key factor is to assess the individual risk of each client.

The end result will in fact be to impose discrimination by means of anti-discrimination legislation. In the ruling, the Court found an exception in EU equal treatment legislation allowing for price differentiation between men and women incompatible with the principle of unisex pricing contained in the same legislation. The guidelines notably clarify that the ruling only concerns the use of gender as a risk-rating factor in setting individuals' premiums and benefits, and does not affect the use of other factors such as age or state of health.

It is likely that the ruling will have some effects on individual premiums. Depending on the product concerned, premiums might increase or decrease for men or women. If women are likely to experience premium increases for term-life insurance, they should benefit from unisex pricing as far as annuity benefits are concerned. Ritenendo che una revisione del sistema bancario europeo sia urgente e necessaria, in che modo la Commissione intende considerare il rapporto Liikanen in relazione alla proposta di un'unione bancaria?

The report suggests that this could be done without compromising the investment capacity of deposit banks, which could continue to operate in some financial sectors, viz. The report shows that separating activities by, for example, setting up specific branches could improve capacity to support institutions in difficulties, preserving their financial soundness. On the basis that a revision of the European banking system is both urgent and necessary, how will the Commission consider the Liikanen report in relation to the proposal for a banking union?

Will the Commission submit legislative proposals to bring about this separation of different types of activity? As highlighted by the Group, the recommendations in the report could complement the banking union proposals. Notably, the reduction in complexity could make it easier to supervise and resolve banks.

The College will decide on next steps in due course, on the basis of the report, the consultation replies and further work to calibrate some of the recommendations. Respuesta dada por el Sr. This is extremely serious, as it affects the education of European citizens and efforts to give them a sounder intellectual grounding. In addition, the programme in question is a vital pillar of European integration.

The tabler of this question considers it essential that the necessary funds should be reallocated as soon as possible from other budget lines which may not have been used in their entirety in order to resolve the situation described by the Budget Office. What steps will the Commission take to resolve immediately, for this year, the serious situation described above? How is it possible to announce so irresponsibly a problem for which a solution could probably be found within the administration? What measures will the Commission take in future, by means of the Budgets or — going beyond them — the Multiannual Financial Framework , to provide the Erasmus programme with ample, decent and stable funding?

However, payment appropriations authorised in the budget are insufficient to cover outstanding needs. The Commission has repeatedly warned that the level of payment appropriations was too low to cover all needs. The Commission counts on the Parliament and Council to support this proposal.

In its annual budgetary procedure the Commission makes a careful needs assessment which is reflected in the DB proposal. The final decision is taken by the Budget Authority. The difference between men and women in terms of the likelihood of their dying is increasing all the time: for men there is twice the likelihood, whilst for women the figure is three times. In addition, there is a significant difference between the sexes in terms of certain kinds of illness. In the past, higher fees were justified by higher risk; however, the new system with its use of mean pricing would be unfair.

The data suggest that it is the new system rather than the old which will discriminate against women. Does the Commission agree with these conclusions? If so, does it not consider the above to be discriminatory? If it does, how does it intend to resolve this contradiction in the short term?

Is the Commission not concerned that women will receive far fewer services than men in proportion to the fees paid? The Commission is aware that the ruling will have repercussions for the Member States and for the insurance industry. It is likely that the Court's judgment will have some effects on individual premiums. For some insurance products the ruling should lead to a convergence of premiums for women and men.

In a transitory period, the market will also need to adapt to a new regulatory framework. Questo causa oggi un'inaccettabile situazione di totale incertezza. Gli aspetti sociali dovrebbero essere parte di questa politica integrata. Despite numerous requests, since this press release was issued no further information or clarification has been given to employees or the public authorities regarding the exact intentions of the management for the future of FNAC Italy or of its employees.

This is giving rise to an unacceptable situation marked by complete uncertainty. The lack of a plan for the preservation of the jobs and sales outlets, possibly by surrendering them to other operators, is adding to concerns that the company may be closed down, which would have a very serious impact on employment and social welfare, as well as bringing about a cultural impoverishment of the entities affected, where the sales outlets are well established. Social aspects should be part of such an integrated policy.

The Commission underlines that respect by companies of applicable legislation on social matters and of collective agreements in place is a prerequisite for meeting that responsibility. Significant funding has been allocated under the Cohesion Fund over many years with the aim of achieving this goal. Poland is investing substantial financial resources into upgrading its railways so as to have good rail links with western Europe.

Unfortunately, the lines on the German side of the border are not being upgraded. This is having the effect of cutting Poland off from the rail transport system in Europe. It should be noted that these railway lines also form part of various pan-European corridors, including the E Will the Commission take action to encourage Germany to speed up the modernisation of its railway lines, which are essential to the creation of a coherent rail transport system in the European Union? The TEN-T Guidelines proposal aims to establish and develop a complete and integrated network, covering all Member States and regions, by implementing a dual layer structure consisting of a core network to be completed by and of a comprehensive network to be completed by According to the Commission's proposal, the core network shall be completed and fully comply with the relevant provisions by Compliance with the relevant provisions includes full electrification of the railway lines.

Consequently, by , the main cross-border rail connections between Poland and Germany shall be completed. Furthermore, the Commission proposed the setting up of Core Network Corridors that shall guarantee the coordinated planning of investments across borders. One of the Corridors proposed will connect Warsaw to Berlin and beyond.

Asunto: Falta de recursos para el Programa Erasmus. This week, the European Commission announced that there was a lack of resources to cover all the lifelong learning programmes — the most visible of these being the Erasmus programme —, despite these programmes being of key importance for encouraging labour mobility, entrepreneurship and youth employment.

Consequently, the Commission has announced that at the end of this month it will ask Member States for an increase in the budget in order to pay a third of the grants by the end of the year. How will the Council ensure that Member States cooperate to avoid interrupting these extremely successful programmes? Is the Council committed to not reducing the budget items allocated to this programme in the budget? Will the Council keep its commitment to this programme in the next Multiannual Financial Framework , or will the budget cuts also affect this budget item?

With regard to the privatisation of regional airports, can the Commission confirm that the transfer of these airports will not lead to higher fees for passengers and goods and that it will not require even higher State subsidies? Could it specify the current status of the privatisation procedures for the 39 regional airports and, in particular, Eleftheros Venizelos?

Negotiations are underway for the renewal of the concession, which will most likely be concluded in the first half of The objective of the privatisation of the regional airports in Greece is to adapt the regulatory regime to the prevailing practice in Europe: a split between operation and regulation of the airports.

Another objective is to lower the expenditure of the Greek state for the airports. The Commission cannot instruct the Greek authorities on the charges to be levied at airports, but it seems very unlikely that higher State subsidies will be required after privatisation, as the goal is exactly the opposite. It is the objective of the Greek authorities to launch a tender for the privatisation of 37 regional airports towards the end of How is it handling the potential closure of some nuclear reactors and what plans does it have for the immediate replacement of this energy, if necessary?

Implementation of the recommendations of the stress tests is a national responsibility. National action plans with timetables for implementation will be prepared by national regulators by the end of , and these will be peer-reviewed in order to verify that the stress-test recommendations are consistently implemented in a transparent way throughout Europe. The Commission also intends to propose legislative improvements by early These issues, and in particular how to provide adequate investment signals for new investments, will be extensively addressed in the upcoming Communication on the Internal Energy Market.

Oggetto: La Grecia prevede una spesa di milioni di euro per un circuito di Formula Uno. Si prevede che il primo ministro greco, Antonis Samaras, si focalizzi sui tagli alle pensioni, ai sussidi e agli stipendi dei dipendenti pubblici per sbloccare il pagamento dei prossimi 31 miliardi di euro promessi dall'UE.

What powers of oversight does the Commission have in terms of EU funds being used to finance the above project? Oggetto: Conseguenze sul sistema turistico italiano nell'applicazione della direttiva Bolkestein. The application of the Bolkestein Directive, particularly as regards the liberalisation of services in the field of concessions on State-owned maritime property, is liable to have a serious impact on many businesses in Italy operating in this sector, as well as on tourism and recreation as a whole in the country.

The directive requires areas of State-owned maritime property to be put out to auction and the concession awarded to the highest bidder without considering such aspects as the specific character of beachside businesses, which can be maintained only by means of continuous management of the areas concerned. In Italy there are some 30 businesses in the industry, nearly all of which have been managed by the same person for years, and they run the risk of having to close down, causing many job losses.

In essence, Member States are required to apply a selection procedure that guarantees the transparency and the equal treatment of potential candidates. There is no possibility to derogate from that provision of the Services Directive. However, the Services Directive allows authorities, in the selection procedures, to take into account the specificities of the Italian beaches, for example criteria justified by reasons such as the protection of the environment and the preservation of cultural heritage, provided that these criteria are applied in conformity with the general principles of non-discrimination, necessity and proportionality.

Paragraaf 3. The capacity of Member States' consulates to handle visa applications should be adapted so that this deadline is complied with even during peak seasons. De diensten van de Commissie zullen deze kwestie horizontaal met alle betrokken lidstaten aanpakken. Hiertoe heeft zij gegevens uit alle beschikbare bronnen onderzocht, waaronder websites van consulaten, hun elektronische afsprakensystemen, beschikbare verslagen en individuele klachten.

Will the Commission contact the Netherlands about the exceedance of the maximum waiting time for appointments to submit visa applications? If not, why not? The Commission has received in the last months several complaints from third-country nationals and authorities of third countries about systematic excessive delays in the appointment systems to lodge a Schengen visa application in certain consulates of EU Member States.

The Commission has therefore examined this widespread issue in-depth as it would be a real, regrettable obstacle to visa applicants. The Commission services undertake to tackle this issue in a horizontal way with all Member States concerned. For this purpose, the Commission has examined information from all available sources, including websites of consulates, their electronic appointment systems, available reports and individual complaints.

The trade in organic fertilisers between France and the Netherlands is mutually beneficial, as it enables French farmers to purchase cheaper fertilisers which are better for their land and the Netherlands is able to clear its surplus stock. Nevertheless, this trade is no longer properly regulated. Farmers are reporting sudden, unjustified price hikes, principally due to intermediaries trying to increase their profit margin.

What solutions can the Commission apply in order to put an end to these abusive practices in relation to the trade in agricultural inputs within the EU? The Commission, and specifically its Directorate-General for Competition, investigates any concrete complaint concerning anti-competitive practices which could restrict competition in the relevant markets and which affect trade between Member States.

Since the beginning of the Directorate-General for Competition has a Task Force dedicated to the sectors integrating the food supply chain, including the supply of fertilisers to farmers. This Food Task Force is in charge of investigating alleged anti-competitive practices by actors in the food supply chain. However, the mere increase of prices for a given product is not necessarily a sign of anti-competitive practices; the Commission would require more information about the trade of such products to assess whether there are indeed anti-competitive practices in this market.

In the case at hand, the National Competition Authority of France or the Netherlands might be better placed to examine the available information. ES techniniais bei diplomatiniais kanalais ir toliau palaiko darbinius santykius su Baltarusija. The recent parliamentary elections in Belarus demonstrated that serious obstacles to a just democracy and human rights still exist. The estimated voter turnout of The OSCE stated that the elections had failed to meet international democratic standards.

The EU remains prepared to adapt restrictive measures to future developments, whether positive or negative. The EU equally maintains its offer to start negotiations on visa facilitation and readmission agreements to the benefit of the pubic at large. The EU will continue its engagement with Belarus civil society, be it through its assistance projects or through the European Dialogue on Modernisation, in which the Belarusian authorities are also invited to participate at expert level.

The EU continues to maintain a working relationship with Belarus through technical and diplomatic communication channels. In particular the communications of the Commission, the Council and the European Parliament that are destined for the general public merit more systematic simulcasting in sign language. The Directorate-General for Interpretation responds to specific requests coming from the services of the Commission, or occasionally from the other EU institutions, to provide sign-language interpretation.

On average, the Directorate-General for Interpretation provides 15 interpreter days per year of such interpretation. In general, the request is for international sign language interpretation. Occasionally requests are received for national sign languages. Preparations will start as soon as the budget is approved. It is especially serious when such actions are taken to stop a peaceful and humanitarian action that has wide public and political support, as demonstrated by the petition to end the illegal and inhumane blockade of Gaza, which has been signed by thousands of people around the world in recent days.

Has the European diplomatic corps interceded to prevent threats connected to this being made to some EU countries? The EU has clearly expressed its position as regards the sailing of flotillas to Gaza, including in the framework of the Quartet. It also stated there is no need for unnecessary confrontations, and all parties should act responsibly in meeting the needs of the people of Gaza.

At the same time, Israel must abide by international law when dealing with any incoming flotilla The EU continues to call on Israel to lift its blockade of Gaza, including the naval blockade. Can the Commission state what has been done to turn this intent to cooperate on renewable energy into concrete action?

The EU established bilateral relations with the GCC countries through a cooperation agreement signed in Its objective is to contribute to a strengthening of relations between the two regions and to broaden and consolidate economic and technical cooperation, including in the field of energy. Work has been progressing and the EU-funded Clean Energy Network has been set-up, which focuses amongst other topics on cooperation on the use of renewable energy sources.

What is the situation in Greece? Are there any measurable results to confirm the success of these initiatives? Does the Commission have any data on the link between low skills and job opportunities? Is it in a position to provide this information? In the 18 EU countries participating, the share of low achieving pupils in reading declined from The EU supports literacy projects within the Comenius schools and Grundtvig adults actions of the Lifelong Learning programme. The results show that educational qualifications are still the best insurance against unemployment.

Lakhdar Brahimi. Does it have or does it intend to draw up an action plan to help protect children in the country? What would the precise characteristics of this mechanism be, what actions are planned and how much funding will be provided for it? The EU has strongly condemned the brutal attacks and widespread human rights violations inflicted by the Syrian regime on its population, including children.

It has called for a full investigation of the findings of the Independent International Commission of Inquiry, which has pointed to crimes against humanity, and affirmed that the perpetrators of such alleged crimes must be brought to justice. The EU has repeatedly urged the regime to immediately end the violence and grant unimpeded access to humanitarian organisations to enable them to assist those in need. The EU is the first humanitarian donor to the Syrian crisis. The protection and promotion of the rights of the child is an overarching objective in the EU's external and internal policies.

Respuesta conjunta de la Sra. Oggetto: Rischio concreto di prosciugamento delle risorse finanziarie per il programma Erasmus. Secondo stime recenti riferite all'anno accademico , Risposta congiunta di Androulla Vassiliou a nome della Commissione. In particolare, la Commissione ha chiesto ulteriori milioni di euro per il Programma di apprendimento permanente che dovrebbero consentire di soddisfare le esigenze di pagamento fino alla fine dell'anno.

Under the Erasmus programme, three million young people have been able to take part in educational exchanges and live in different Member States, which has helped to improve the professional and linguistic skills of young people in Europe and has strengthened the values represented by the European Union and its acquis communautaire by breaking down barriers and building inter-European bridges.

The Commission has publicly stated that the funding for this programme is at risk, which means that the payment of the grant to some students for the remainder of this year is also at risk. According to various reports published, quoting Commission sources, this is due to the initially approved budget not being sufficient to meet the demand and, also, to Member States failing to fulfil their financial commitments to this particular programme for the current year.

Bearing in mind the importance of the Erasmus programme, especially during a period of serious economic crisis, which makes firm commitment to education and training more important than ever:. Does the Commission think that the continuation of the Erasmus programme isguaranteed this year and in years to come? What annual budget does the Commission consider to be sufficient to meet the demandfor the programme? The Erasmus programme helps to increase mobility in higher education, its aim being to encourage a pan-European approach in the higher-education field. By offering students access to other countries and cultures the programme enriches their learning experience.

What measures does the Commission intend to take to pursue the policy of youth mobility, specifically in the field of higher education and research? What funding is earmarked for the Erasmus programme in the budget period? Does the Commission intend to open a new section of the Erasmus programme for teaching staff? Can the Commission issue an official statement in response to public concerns aroused by recent reports regarding the financial situation of the European Social Fund and the Erasmus student Programme?

It is the best-known and most accessible EU-funded programme. Erasmus was established in as a student exchange programme. In the period Erasmus was part of the Community programme known as Socrates. According to some people, the Erasmus programme is about to run out of money as a result of the new budgetary perspective. Tiene la cabeza apoyada en el hombro de su madre, que lo lleva en brazos.


Es imposible sacarle una sonrisa. Sus padres murieron en el cruel conflicto que asola la ciudad. Ha estado esperando esto durante un tiempo que se le ha hecho muy largo. Muchos de ellos han sido desplazados a la fuerza y se han visto atrapados en zonas de conflicto e incluso en medio de tiroteos. Su hija permanece a su lado y la ayuda a terminar las frases cuando a ella le faltan fuerzas para hablar. La amenaza de los restos explosivos de guerra se cierne sobre sus habitantes en cada esquina. A Aichatou le gusta la escuela y siempre llega a tiempo. Sus conciertos alrededor de la ciudad atraen multitudes con entradas agotadas, y ha sido invitado a actuar en el Reino Unido y Asia.

Ring es una estrella en ciernes. Dos postes de madera rotos son todo lo que queda. Apenas puede hablar. Les ha sobrevenido la peor de las situaciones debido al brutal invierno, las tormentas de nieve, las inundaciones generalizadas y una grave escasez de alimentos. En el interior, el Dr. En torno a Era un viernes por la tarde, a mediados de enero de Los residentes llenan las gradas del gimnasio hasta los topes para animar a sus equipos favoritos o aplaudir las actuaciones de baile.

No es un maremoto ni un sismo, es una emergencia previsible. Se trata de una cifra asombrosamente alta y poco tiempo queda para prepararse. De un momento a otro, Erick y su familia se vieron obligados a abandonarlo todo. Las comunidades se separan, a medida que las familias dejan sus aldeas para huir del conflicto en marcha. Habib Isack ha abandonado por primera vez su hogar en Wajid, al sur de Somalia, pero no lo hizo por su propia voluntad. Tras un examen exhaustivo de la respuesta humanitaria a los desastres naturales y conflictos armados, el Gobierno de Reino Unido ha anunciado una serie de medidas para reforzar las iniciativas de ayuda de emergencia en el mundo.

Se trata de una buena noticia. Para llegar a la apartada aldea a la que nos dirigimos, tenemos que desplazarnos en bote. El campamento alberga a los haitianos desplazados por culpa del terremoto ocurrido en enero. Along with her mother and two brothers, she managed to escape deadly clashes in the town of Osh, in southern Kyrgyzstan, and find refuge across the border in neighbouring Uzbekistan.

Cuando Rachel estaba por alcanzar la relativa seguridad de la calle, se detuvo al escuchar los gritos desesperados de una vecina. Se abre un tercer campamento para acomodar a las comunidades desplazadas en el norte del Yemen HARADH, Yemen, 20 de enero de - Cientos de personas desplazadas han comenzado a instalarse en el nuevo campamento para personas desplazadas de al-Mazrak. Las operaciones de socorro siguen en marcha.

Del otro lado del sol. Acoso y destrucción en la universidad. (Spanish Edition) Del otro lado del sol. Acoso y destrucción en la universidad. (Spanish Edition)
Del otro lado del sol. Acoso y destrucción en la universidad. (Spanish Edition) Del otro lado del sol. Acoso y destrucción en la universidad. (Spanish Edition)
Del otro lado del sol. Acoso y destrucción en la universidad. (Spanish Edition) Del otro lado del sol. Acoso y destrucción en la universidad. (Spanish Edition)
Del otro lado del sol. Acoso y destrucción en la universidad. (Spanish Edition) Del otro lado del sol. Acoso y destrucción en la universidad. (Spanish Edition)
Del otro lado del sol. Acoso y destrucción en la universidad. (Spanish Edition) Del otro lado del sol. Acoso y destrucción en la universidad. (Spanish Edition)
Del otro lado del sol. Acoso y destrucción en la universidad. (Spanish Edition) Del otro lado del sol. Acoso y destrucción en la universidad. (Spanish Edition)

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