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Call me Mara, for the Almighty has made my lot most bitter. No, how can you call me Naomi, when Yahweh has dealt with me harshly, when the Almighty has brought misfortune upon me? She was ignored by the women, who had eyes and ears only for Naomi; but she was glad that she was not presently the subject of their attention. After a few days things settled a bit. Despite her new outlook, Naomi had not neglected to praise her daughter-in-law in the presence of her family. She was not always successful at this, but she believed, and rightly so, that it was the will of the Almighty that she remain with her as a comfort.

Their attention had been on other regions.

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  8. What he had said so far, however, certainly captured their interest. You know that there was an incident at the fall of Jericho not long ago, in which the foreigner Rahab was brought into covenant with IaHWeH, and her family united with the people of Israel. They have an advantage in this, as the Hebrew have been told to keep their worship free from outside influences; and of course their warfare against the heathen round about has led them to a hostility that is easily perverted into an unhealthy kind of pride.

    The other angels indicated their agreement with what Vetachiel had said, and then he continued.

    Demon's & Angel's - Ep 2 - Gacha Verse

    It was the time of the barley harvest, and only the second decent crop after nearly ten years of agricultural misfortune. Boaz, of the family of Elimelech, was no exception. Every day Boaz walked one of his fields, and stopped to laugh, converse or speculate on the size of the harvest with his laborers.

    As he moved closer to his men and began to speak with them, a passer-by watched, unseen, and then went on unnoticed. Let me now go to the field, and glean grain behind one who may show me kindness. Naomi thought for a moment, but not for much longer, for she realized that here was an easy solution to the problem of food. Why had she not considered this before?

    The next day, Boaz again walked along one of the fields that he owned. She asked me for permission to gather among the sheaves after the reapers passed by, and she has been here since her arrival this morning, working constantly, but for a small break in the shade of the hut. Good things are said about her, and that she has adopted the worship of Yahweh. Keep your eyes on the fields they attend, and follow them.

    I have ordered my men not to bother you, and when you are thirsty, you are welcome to the jars of water that the young men have drawn. May Yahweh reward your actions, and may you have a full compensation from Yahweh, the Almighty of Israel, under whose wings you have come to trust. Boaz was not finished yet, however, and was in the mood to be generous. When it was mealtime, he ate with his men.

    The demons that were nearby were furious. Not only was Ruth finding contentment with Naomi, she was being praised in Israel by all who had encountered her! Moreover, she was finding favor with the wealthy and influential, but none of the spirits that watched from the shadows were able to turn her mind aside to any evil. Temptations were swallowed up in thoughts of praise. Angry impulses at the looks she got at times due to her Moabite nationality did not last long in the calm, quiet stream of her thoughts.

    Angels & Demons - Wikipedia

    The angels who stood at their guard needed not lift a finger in her direct defense, but remained ever by her should the increasingly frustrated spirits think to set some violent course of action in motion. In addition, Ruth gave to her mother-in-law a portion of the meal from earlier in the day that she had saved over. Tonight, the last of the harvest, he will be there all night starting the winnowing time. But, do not let anyone see you, and do not disclose yourself to Boaz until his servants have left, and the meal is finished, and he has let himself down to sleep.

    See a Problem?

    When he sees you, he will tell you what you are to do. The angel he had pointed out nodded to them in agreement. Ruth was thoughtful about what she had heard. A few hours later, Boaz woke up with a start. The chill that had swept over his legs and the sounds he thought he had heard combined to make him fearful that a robber had snuck into his presence with evil intentions in mind.

    He looked down and saw that a woman was lying at his feet. His fear vanished, but it was replaced by a burning curiosity, and a hint of suspicion of another kind. Boaz recovered from his shock surprisingly quickly. Now, lie down till morning. Ruth had been looking at Boaz with a mixture of emotions, but as he concluded she lowered her heard and stared upward.

    She lay there, trying to get to sleep, but the minutes passed, and then what felt like an hour, and still her eyes were open.


    Yet, because I am a Moabite, this was not an easy friendship for some to extend, I am sure. And now, my lord considers taking me to himself, as my former husband Mahlon did, although we are not in my homeland as he was. How do the thoughts of these things come to you so easily? What woman of Israel would show greater love than this? What woman of any nation could show greater kindness to a man than to give him such devotion as this? He stopped speaking and Ruth, thinking he was finished, lowered her head again to think about what he had said.

    She was protected by her own thoughts from the work of the demons, and they, like most of Heaven, were largely occupied with the situation in other parts of Israel to make a full attack on her faith. The Virtue broke off for a moment, and then resumed his report. The demon lord had not roused himself from Moab, but was keeping careful watch over the agents he had sent into Israel.

    Where is the pride? Where is the — the greed? He chose to ignore the latter comment, however, in the presence of the powerful Cherub. The Satrap of Moab made a sound that expressed both mirth and irritation. You have many laborers, I know… think of what a harvest it could bring forth if it is well seeded and tended! Peter's Square look in awe as the camerlengo stands triumphantly before them. Because of this "miracle," the cardinals debate whether to elect the camerlengo as the new Pope.

    GPS Failed

    Langdon manages to survive the explosion using a window cover from the helicopter as a parachute, a trick he learned while touring CERN with Maximillian Kohler and lands in the Tiber River. As Langdon regains consciousness, he finds himself in a hospital located on an island. He is given the video camera which he placed in the pocket of his tweed jacket.

    He is shocked when he hears the footage and becomes desperate to head back to the Vatican. The video shows the camerlengo branding himself with the Illuminati diamond and confessing that he himself is Janus, and who set in motion the night's chain of events in order to sabotage the Vatican. He also confesses that he killed the Pope with an overdose of heparin , a powerful anticoagulant because the Pope revealed he had fathered a child. After viewing Kohler's tape, Langdon, Vittoria, and the cardinals confront the camerlengo.

    Shortly before the novel began, the Pope met with Leonardo Vetra, who believed that antimatter was capable of establishing a link between science and God. Vetra's beliefs caused great discomfort to the camerlengo. While discussing Vetra, the pope revealed that his support was due to science having given him a son. Without waiting to hear the explanation that the child was the result of artificial insemination and horrified that the Pope appeared to have broken his vow of chastity , the camerlengo plotted to rectify the situation.

    He poisoned the pope and, under the guise of an Illuminati master Janus , he recruited the assassin to kill Vetra, steal the antimatter and kidnap and murder the preferiti. The camerlengo planted the antimatter in St. Peter's Basilica, feigned his last-minute vision from God, and retrieved the canister just in time to save the Vatican from the ensuing explosion. This was in hope of uniting the struggling Catholic Church.

    The Illuminati involvement was merely a plot engineered by the camerlengo to cover his own involvement. Upon the discovery and the camerlengo's attempts to justify his murder of the Pope, Cardinal Saverio Mortati, Dean of the College of Cardinals , reveals that the camerlengo is, in fact, the late pope's biological son, conceived with a nun through artificial insemination.

    Overcome with guilt, Ventresca soaks himself in oil and sets himself on fire before a crowd of onlookers in St. Peter's Square. His ashes are recovered by Mortati, who places them in an urn which is placed inside his father's sarcophagus. It is revealed that the cardinals' endorsing of him would have made him Pope by acclamation. The last brand, the Illuminati Diamond, is given to Langdon on indefinite loan, provided he return it to the Vatican in his will.

    The book's first edition contained numerous inaccuracies of location of places in Rome, as well as incorrect uses of Italian language. Some of the language issues were corrected in the following editions. Aside from the explicit introduction, the book depicts various fictional experts explaining matters in science, technology, and history in which critics have pointed out inaccuracies. An example of this is the antimatter discussions, wherein the book suggests that antimatter can be produced in useful and practical quantities and will be a limitless source of power.

    The documentary explores the various bases of the novel's story, as well as its inaccuracies. A CERN official, for example, points out that over the last 20 years, approximately 10 billionths of a gram of antimatter has been produced at the facility, whose explosive yield is equivalent to that of a firecracker , far less than is needed for it to be the threat depicted in the novel. According to The Boston Globe language columnist Ben Zimmer, the Devil's Advocate , which is indicated in the novel to have a role in the selection of the pope, has nothing to do with the papal conclave, and was instead employed to present arguments against the proposed canonization of a person as a saint.

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dewey Decimal. Novels portal. Retrieved August 26, Ambigram Magazine. April 20, Il Piacere Della Lettura. Retrieved August 3, May 10, The History Channel. Works by Dan Brown. Digital Fortress Deception Point Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikibooks Wikiquote.

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    Boaz (Angels & Demons Book 2) Boaz (Angels & Demons Book 2)
    Boaz (Angels & Demons Book 2) Boaz (Angels & Demons Book 2)
    Boaz (Angels & Demons Book 2) Boaz (Angels & Demons Book 2)
    Boaz (Angels & Demons Book 2) Boaz (Angels & Demons Book 2)
    Boaz (Angels & Demons Book 2) Boaz (Angels & Demons Book 2)
    Boaz (Angels & Demons Book 2) Boaz (Angels & Demons Book 2)

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