The Legend of the River Nile

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He has only a short time to live. The ministers enter with the edicts that they have drawn up at his bidding, and Horus awaits the death of Ramses so that he may touch and thus confirm his edicts with the sacred ring of the pharaohs. As death approaches Horus, and it becomes increasingly unlikely that he will have time to touch every edict with the ring, he lets successive edicts slip to the floor: the edict on the people's rents and the slaves' labor; the edict on peace with the Ethiopians; the edict moving his mother Sephora's remains; the edict recalling Jethro from banishment; the edict on not tearing out the tongues of prisoners taken in war.

There remains only the edict freeing his love, Berenice. Just then, the high priest 's deputy runs into the hall and announces a miracle. Ramses has recovered and invites Horus to join him in a lion hunt at sunrise. Horus looked with failing eye across the Nile, where the light shone in Berenice's prison, and two [ Behold, human hopes are vain before the decrees that the Eternal writes in fiery signs upon the heavens. The inspiration for the short story was investigated in a paper by the foremost Prus scholar, Zygmunt Szweykowski. What prompted Prus, erstwhile foe of historical fiction , to take time in December , in the midst of writing ongoing newspaper instalments of his second novel, The Doll —89 , to pen his first historical story?

What could have moved him so powerfully? Szweykowski follows several earlier commentators in concluding that it was contemporary German dynastic events.

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In late October , Germany's first modern emperor, the warlike Kaiser Wilhelm I , had taken cold during a hunt and soon appeared to be at death's door; by November 2 a rumor spread that he had died. He rallied, however. Meanwhile, his son and successor, the reform - minded Crown Prince Friedrich in English, "Frederick" , an inveterate smoker, had for several months been undergoing treatment for a throat ailment; the foreign press had written of a dire situation, but only on November 12 did the official German press announce that he in fact had throat cancer.

Prince Frederick had been an object of lively interest among progressive Europeans, who hoped that his eventual reign would bring a broad-based parliamentary system , democratic freedoms , peace, and equal rights for non-German nationalities, including Poles, within the German Empire.

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Szweykowski points out that the "Legend's" contrast between the despotic centenarian Pharaoh Ramses and his humane grandson and successor Horus was, in its historic German prototypes , doubled, with Prince Frederick actually facing two antagonists: his father, Kaiser Wilhelm I, and the "Iron Chancellor", Otto von Bismarck. In a curious further parallel, a month after Kaiser Wilhelm's illness, Bismarck suffered a stroke. The latest news from Germany and from San Remo , Italy, where the Prince was undergoing treatment, had been encouraging.

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Prus wrote with relief that "the Successor to the German Throne reportedly does not have cancer. Prus must have found this maneuver necessary in order to bring to completion what had not yet been completed, avoid sensationalism, and gain perspectives that generalized a particular fact to all human life; the atmosphere of legend was particularly favorable to this.

But it was not to be. The connection between the German dynastic events and the genesis of Prus' "Legend of Old Egypt" was recognized in the Polish press already in , even before Frederick's accession to short-lived impotent power, by a pseudonymous writer who styled himself "Logarithmus. As Szweykowski observes, "the direct connection between the short story and political events in contemporaneous Germany doubtless opens new suggestions for the genesis of Pharaoh.

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In addition to the German elements, there were other influences on the composition of the short story. These included:. In those times, people worshipped it and the Pharaoh made offerings to it, all with a single objective, that its rising took place in the planned period, without heavy floods. It is said that the flooding of the Nile was a concern for millennia, until the Aswan dam was built in However, explains the Geoencyclopaedia, this produced an extra problem: "As a large amount of sediments are usually trapped, there was an excessive proliferation of bacteria that wiped out oxygen from many parts of the course.

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Scientists have determined that the Nile is born in the Great Lakes of Central Africa and flows through Sudan; where it is known as the White Nile, then it joins the Blue Nile, which is born in Ethiopia and it finally crosses Egypt to flow into the Mediterranean Sea. However, the German explorer Burkhart Waldecker claimed that the Nile was born from the Kagera River and much earlier, in the second century of the Christian era, Ptolemy said that its origin was in the glaciers of the Rowenzori, a mountain range located in what is now the border between Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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According to legend, in the reign 18th of Tcheser, Egypt suffered a great drought because the Nile took seven years to flood. My hands rest upon you in order to protect and heal you …. Thus, the legend was passed on from generation to generation to take its place in the history of humanity as the Nile itself. Channel RSS. Descargue Flash Player.

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The Legend of the River Nile The Legend of the River Nile
The Legend of the River Nile The Legend of the River Nile
The Legend of the River Nile The Legend of the River Nile
The Legend of the River Nile The Legend of the River Nile
The Legend of the River Nile The Legend of the River Nile
The Legend of the River Nile The Legend of the River Nile

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