Ive Been Promoted: Now What Do I Do?

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Ready to lead?

Get used to it. Managing people poorly, on the other hand, takes almost no time or effort at all! What they say is true: high emotional intelligence makes for a strong manager. There are plenty of internet tests out there that can help you understand what motivates and drives other people, and what challenges and blockades they may face.

You need to know these things about yourself, too; the core of strong emotional intelligence and being a good manager of other people is self-awareness and self-knowledge.

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DISC assesses your mode of operating in the world, and the kind of conflict style you have — either dominance, influence, steadiness, or conscientious. Take these tests, then schedule a meeting with your report to go over them. Did they resonate? What did you learn about yourselves? Knowing some differences and potential similarities between the two of you, what can you do to keep your working relationship productive and open? A minute touchbase each week is a chance to check in on everything from the status of projects, to challenges or frustrations your report is facing and how you can help them overcome them, to an opportunity for critical feedback.

Of course, things come up, but if you must cancel, always reschedule. But what about you? How is your week going? To do : Schedule, and never cancel. Spoiler alert: there is almost always something to talk about. Setting expectations can be one of the most fruitful things you can do as a boss. Guess what?

5 Behaviors That Pretty Much Guarantee You Will Never Be Promoted

People want to do well at work. Honestly, most people are literally totally clueless. But I never said anything. One time, when I gathered my courage and told my employee they needed to be there at 9am, their eyes widened — people on other teams often showed up past 9 and this employee thought that was just what folks at the office did. From there on out, they showed up promptly, having understood my baseline expectation.

5 Behaviors That Pretty Much Guarantee You Will Never Be Promoted

To do : Setting expectations applies from everything to when you want your employee to show up, to what an appropriate dress code is, to what kind of specific deliverable you expect on a project, is critical. Repeat after me: Nobody is a mindreader. But guess what? Own it. We hear a lot about delegation as an important skill for any manager to master, and it is.

Good luck!

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To do : Read this Harvard Business Review article on how to delegate with coaching. Sorry, bub. Managers have to deal with a lot of stuff: project deliverables. Development of their team members. Leadership meetings. HR meetings. One on ones. To do : Embrace that meeting lyfe. Try not to resent it.

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This is part of the gig. To do : Most companies have well, or should have an employee HR handbook. Dig it up, and read it cover to cover.

Schedule a meeting with your HR department to go over what the raise and promotion cycle looks like, as well as everything from vacation policies to potential dress codes to sexual harassment policies. They are there to protect the interest and the liability of the company that you work for. That said, you should still take advantage of all the resources and information they can give you. One thing that nobody tells you: managing is fucking exhausting.

People are coming to you for advice. Setting a boundary in a non-work-related issue looks like this:. But good luck with that issue. It sends the message to your team that permeating boundaries of work time is acceptable for everybody, which will lead to more emotional exhaustion and boundary crossing. Is this a vote of no confidence? But I had bills to pay, two young daughters and a mortgage. I took the weekend to cool off and went back to work the next week seeking feedback directly from my boss. The emotions you feel — surprise, frustration and disappointment — can cause you to behave out of character or make unwise career decisions.

In the moment, those emotions may prompt you to vent to the wrong people, snap at your boss or, worse — quit. How you confront difficult situations is a reflection of your maturity and readiness to take a leadership position. Channel your drive and passion for the company into getting constructive feedback and recommendations on how to move forward. Get curious You can turn the negative experience into a positive one with a solid dose of reflection, which should be both internal and external. Start by seeking out feedback as mentioned above and asking about the decision-making process. Could you have done more?

I took a fly fishing class with a handful of friends a few years ago and when we were asked to rate our fishing skills on a scale of one to five, most of us chose four. Not getting that promotion will give you a chance to honestly evaluate your skills and career, and possibly reset your expectations. The bad news is the good news, if you know what to do with it. See also: How to get over a promotion you thought you deserved. Perhaps there was a broader, long-term decision at play. Or maybe the person you were up against had more experience. In many cases, there are lots of other forces at work when it comes to these decisions.

Q&A: I fix my peer’s mistakes, now she’s getting promoted. What do I do?

Luckily, I used what I saw as unfortunate circumstances and turned them into a learning opportunity and, lo and behold, I was promoted the next year. Not all stories have happy endings, but if your company respects you and you believe in your company, there will be more opportunities for you down the line. Use your passion and hard work to earn that promotion, even if it takes a little more time than you had planned. You just got passed over for a promotion. All Rights Reserved. Fortune may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website.

Ive Been Promoted: Now What Do I Do? Ive Been Promoted: Now What Do I Do?
Ive Been Promoted: Now What Do I Do? Ive Been Promoted: Now What Do I Do?
Ive Been Promoted: Now What Do I Do? Ive Been Promoted: Now What Do I Do?
Ive Been Promoted: Now What Do I Do? Ive Been Promoted: Now What Do I Do?
Ive Been Promoted: Now What Do I Do? Ive Been Promoted: Now What Do I Do?
Ive Been Promoted: Now What Do I Do? Ive Been Promoted: Now What Do I Do?

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