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Klasse oder Unterricht? Question self. I was in class today and learned the word for class school was "Klasse", but a few weeks ago I was talking to a friend who is fairly fluent in German and she said that "Klasse" is used more for describing social class and that "Unterricht" is more of the word I'm looking for.

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What's the difference between the two and which would I use if I wanted to talk about my school classes and such? He's not a hot Unterrichtskamerad. But you can't take Tanzklassen in German. You take Tanzunterricht. You could take Tanzstunden though, which I'd translate to dance lessons. Only in the uncountable sense, though. Not when saying things like "I already had three lessons". You would say something like "Ich hatte schon drei Stunden" or "Ich hatte schon drei Unterrichtseinheiten". Klasse in school refers to the fixed group of students with whom you are taught together.

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The class has one fixed room, their classroom, where the different teachers for the different subjects go to teach them. For some subjects, the whole class goes to a different room together. The concept doesn't always translate well, because in some countries, school is structured differently. It depends on the context.

The first sentence means the action of class, the second the social group. I hope it helps. And would that change if I was referring to a specific class, like a science or language class? Really simplified, and probably not covering everything: "Klasse" has to do with people, "Unterricht" with lessons.

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Actually "Klasse" has a lot of meanings. I think you already got some very good answers here so I just add that "klasse" no capital but you don't hear that in spoken language can be used to describe something very good. In english there is class warfare, and things like "a class of their own", as well as what a class is in terms of programming or grouping things. So technically describing the teaching increments as "classes" is the odd one out even in english.

This may be social, or abstract, or in this case students who are grouped together to be educated together. It also describes what in english would be "years" in this context. I offer language service, which is flexible and responsive to your language needs and dedicated to your success.

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I find the profession of a German-English translator, interpreter and teacher personally rewarding, as you can act as a communicative bridge between people. I am always fascinated by the fact, that I can connect people from different nationalities and cultures by translating or interpreting. I look forward to hearing from you.

Language training Click here for German Lessons and Classes. By individually contacting me for your free translation quote, you will have the advantage of:.

Acht Briefe an eine Freundin über Clavier-Unterricht by Johanna Kinkel

Powered by Register. German English Translation Central G. Doch was tun? Hier, in dieser Umgebung, ist es weder Gebet noch Befehl, sondern ein trauriges Graffito, einmal hingekritzelt und schon aufgegeben. Das wird niemals ausreichen" chapter 35, S. Kein Gebet" chapter 46, S.

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Tasks The students are asked to do the following tasks: Try to find the corresponding passages in your English editions. Try to contextualize them all, in particular the quotations from chapter 29! Compare the text of the English novel and the German translation of the Latin slogan cf. Worksheet 3!

Certainly it will strike you that the translator has replaced one Latin slogan by another rather than merely quoting it. What do you think of this procedure? Is the slogan a solution which is successful in easing the comprehension of the text for the German readers?

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Additional information The translator wants to express the sexual ambiguity in the language of the schoolboys cf. Therefore her version of the Latin slogan Hirundo maleficis evoltat is meant to evoke a second meaning which you may discover by reading it in a different way. Is the translator authorized to replace the Latin slogan in the text by another one of her own making? Or do you think that this translation is a failure since it is not faithful to the writer's intention?

Texte im Englischunterricht (German Edition) Texte im Englischunterricht (German Edition)
Texte im Englischunterricht (German Edition) Texte im Englischunterricht (German Edition)
Texte im Englischunterricht (German Edition) Texte im Englischunterricht (German Edition)
Texte im Englischunterricht (German Edition) Texte im Englischunterricht (German Edition)
Texte im Englischunterricht (German Edition) Texte im Englischunterricht (German Edition)
Texte im Englischunterricht (German Edition) Texte im Englischunterricht (German Edition)
Texte im Englischunterricht (German Edition) Texte im Englischunterricht (German Edition)

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