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And the best part? It's filled with high quality resources from Smashing Magazine. Login Cart. Reset affiliate password. Smashing Media AG. Getting a solid grip on CSS isn't quite as hard as you might think, especially when you have all the facts within reach.

And that's what Mastering CSS is all about. It includes fifteen hand-picked articles that are overflowing with professional advice that reflects the deep experience of the expert Smashing Magazine authors you trust. Professional Workflow Package for Web Designers eBook, 26 Icons, 20 vector graphics Included in this set are four exclusive articles that cover the following: legal documents you'll need to conduct your business, lessons to be learned from working in a corporate environment, understanding legal relationships, and what you need to know about managing your finances.

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These will help you improve your business workflow and make it easier to carry out sound decisions when working with clients. Additionally, you'll get carefully-prepared samples of legal documents, complete with explanations of their purpose and best use. On top of all that, you also get a collection of 26 workflow icons and 20 vector graphics, that will give your textual content a better appearance and which you can use for any project, both private and commercial, including software, online services, templates, and themes.

It includes 29 exclusive eBook icons all transparent PNGs, x pixels , high quality InDesign book templates for professional eBooks and magazines, and a technical manual on how to create your own eBooks using Apple Pages.

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    Create your own website with Wix. We are proud to announce our new undertaking, a little extra that will help us make your reading experience on Smashing Magazine better, cleaner and more valuable in every way. Innovative Web design techniques and approaches, rules of thumb and guidelines for good Web typography. Professional Web Design, Vol.

    Mastering CSS3 (Smashing eBook Series 19) Mastering CSS3 (Smashing eBook Series 19)
    Mastering CSS3 (Smashing eBook Series 19) Mastering CSS3 (Smashing eBook Series 19)
    Mastering CSS3 (Smashing eBook Series 19) Mastering CSS3 (Smashing eBook Series 19)
    Mastering CSS3 (Smashing eBook Series 19) Mastering CSS3 (Smashing eBook Series 19)
    Mastering CSS3 (Smashing eBook Series 19) Mastering CSS3 (Smashing eBook Series 19)

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