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Christian Forgiveness and a Ghanaian Traditional Belief

One says something quite innocuous and the other responds with thinly veiled sarcasm or even a blatant barb. The first person, feeling unduly attacked, responds with a flash of anger and before either party sees it coming, they are a heated argument or perhaps even a full-blown fight.

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But where does it come from? Why does it happen? This kind of conflict often stems from a disconnect between time and space. What does that mean? As an example, suppose a pleasant conversation is about getting ready for some guest who are about to arrive.

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  7. Dinner is discussed, and bringing out the board games and a selection of movies. Then, the conversation naturally, temporally, progresses to the kitchen counters which need to be cleaned. The first person is simply going through all the things that need to be done. There was no argument at that time. The second person grumbled and made some retort that it was no worse than the first person leaving their towels on the floor in the shower all the time. First person just shrugged it off an moved on but the second person stewed awhile about the dishes comment, feeling put upon and unfairly held to task.

    Now, a week later, the second person still has a spatial sensitivity — a topical sensitivity not only to the subject of dirty dishes, but by extension to any chores that pertain to the kitchen area, thereby including the cleaning of counters. While a mention of dirty dishes again would have elicited a harsh response, this tangential topical reference brought only a verbal barb in reply.

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    But, since that snappy response seemed unwarranted to the temporally thinking first person, they now felt unduly attacked by the second person and respond in kind. To the first person who was thinking temporally, they now switch to spatial thinking so that their comment seems to them to be a fair and balanced response to unjustified irritation and levels the score.

    But, to the second person who was thinking spatially about the topic, they now switch to temporal thinking and see a trend defining itself in which the first person will not let them balance the remaining emotional distress they had been carried. Projecting that sequence, the second person now responds with even greater anger.

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    And so, both parties, switching between time sense and space sense, find themselves becoming angrier as the other person while really just trying to even the score according to their own needs and assessments keeps undermining their own attempts to establish an equitable balance within their own hearts. Each roadblock to satisfaction layers more irritation upon the last, increasing the amount of compensation required to balance the books. And, since both sides are alternating their consideration of the conversation both temporally how it is progressing as each seeks the last word to achieve temporal equity and spatially what old wounds are being re-opened in the attempt to find spatial equity , like a brush fire the flames move more and more quickly and cover more and more ground, thereby increasing both the pace of the mutual attacks and the extent of the topics begin brought into play.

    Usually such interchanges continue either until they burn themselves out or spark a fire storm so great it creates its own weather and destroys the relationship landscape beyond any hope of regrowth. This is contextual retribution.

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    7. It is the attempt to seek equity that is justifiable in one of either space or time, but seems inappropriately out of context in the other. Such conflicts lead to broken relationships, alienated family members, feuds, wars, and even ethnic cleansing. It is human nature.

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      But it is also human nature to have a choice. Each individual may choose to accept that there is more than one valid perspective, more than one valid context in which the world and all that happens in it can be interpreted. If we can train ourselves to recognize the occurrence of contextual retribution when it happen, either in the other party or, even more important, in ourselves, we can interrupt the temporal and spatial escalation of hostilities, allow the dust to settle, and then find a common solution that will bring equity to all parties at once, thereby avoiding the downward spiral of one-up-man-ship.

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      Last released: Oct 30, View statistics for this project via Libraries. Should you use a global variable or singleton? But there are times when they both just seem so darn attractive. And there are many dependency injection frameworks for Python including Zope 3 and peak. Contextual singletons are even better than thread-local variables, because they support asynchronous programming with microthreads, coroutines, or frameworks like Twisted.

      A simple context-switching API lets you instantly swap out all the services and variables from one logical task, with those of another task. Code that wants to use this global counter just calls Counter. Want to use a fresh counter for a test? Just do this:.

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      Within the with block, any code that refers to count will be using the new Counter instance you provide. If you need to support Python 2. You can also use an old-fashioned try-finally block, or some other before-and-after mechanism like the setUp and tearDown methods of a test to replace and restore the active instance. Want to create an alternative implementation of the same service, that can be plugged in to replace it?

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      And of course, once a replacement is no longer in use, the original instance becomes active again:. All this, with no interfaces to declare or register, and no XML or configuration files to write. You can even take a snapshot of the entire current context and restore all the previous values:. Try doing that with global or thread-local variables! In addition to these simple pseudo-global objects, peak. These features are orders of magnitude simpler in their implementation and use than the corresponding features in the earlier peak. This package is in active development, but not all features are stable and documented.

      Contextual Retribution Contextual Retribution
      Contextual Retribution Contextual Retribution
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      Contextual Retribution Contextual Retribution

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