Living in the House of Drugs

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And it was like a, like I said, genie. And it was your last. And drug played that part in my life, that I became—I just hate anything to do with drugs, because it destroyed a family. There are—of the same thing for drugs. I have a great-niece that had four children, and she is addicted to drugs. And it still comes back to haunt her.

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And that was the same thing with my son. And at the end, he just got so tired of drugs, and he had injected himself so much with drugs, it was in his—in his feet. And it is a sad thing. And even in our own—in New Haven, I remember back last year when a lot of white teenagers were being killed at 16 with their driving license. You have to lock up stuff. And my son were—he would wait for the mailman. I had—my aunt was living. And he would wait 'til she would come to get mail, so he could get in the house and to take whatever that he could sell. And you beg, cry.

You love. You hate. It's nothing that you could do about it. And still, I have a niece that have a family that love her, and her kids now have reject her. She wants to get off drug. I do not believe that people do not want to get off drug. And you hear testimony of womens that is on drugs. We can change everything else.

Drug War Today | The House I Live In

You have these facts and figures peppered throughout this film, Eugene. African Americans make up roughly 13 percent of the U. So you have a 13 percent population. So the remaining crack users, i. Well, crack—you know, the crack phenomenon, which exploded in the s, was built on a lie. Len Bias, the basketball player, had died of a heart issue related perhaps to cocaine. It was never even fully determined. And it was pretended at the time that it was crack. And I totally empathize that—with Nannie, about losses she has seen, that people have experienced, due to drugs.

Her son was a victim of a public health problem. What do you do about addictive drugs in the world? But then, of course, they got lucky. It is an uncontrolled fire. The American people want their government to get tough and to go on the offensive. And then these incredible stories were being associated with crack cocaine, and they were taken as fact. Not a very nice thing to look at, but this is marijuana. It won the Grand Jury Prize for U.

Documentary this weekend at the Sundance Film Festival. Documentary this past weekend at Sundance Film Festival. I asked him about the costs of the drug war. But it was Nixon who made it a war. And when you make something a war, what comes with that are all the problems that wars bring: profiteering, corruption, fear mongering, victims, aggressors, an industrial sector that emerges.

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Just like the weapons business, what we discovered is there is a giant and sort of secret network of people in this country. You need laundry service. You need phone service. We went to a trade show, for example, where we saw, as if we were looking at people who were selling like plumbing hardware, people selling all the stuff you need to make a bigger, better, stronger, tougher prison.

It has to be a war on the streets of the cities.

It has to be a war at the state level, and it has to be a war at the federal level. Things have changed now. I'm positively shocked. Said no veteran who went to Nam in , 71 and 72, about Richard "President of the Liar's club" Nixon. Nixon ALSO said he had "a plan to get us out of Vietnam" during the first election campaign and then let the chips of belief or disbelief fall wherever they may, fairly certain I'm sure that everyone was going to assume he actually MEANT that it would happen during his first term.

The life of a drug addict

When it comes to him I think the following: Somewhere a village is missing its idiot. And thank the stars he's no longer on this earth to hassle any other basically decent human beings. Know your rights. For almost years, the ACLU has worked to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed by the Constitution and laws of the United States. Speak Freely.

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Living in the House of Drugs Living in the House of Drugs
Living in the House of Drugs Living in the House of Drugs
Living in the House of Drugs Living in the House of Drugs
Living in the House of Drugs Living in the House of Drugs
Living in the House of Drugs Living in the House of Drugs
Living in the House of Drugs Living in the House of Drugs
Living in the House of Drugs Living in the House of Drugs
Living in the House of Drugs Living in the House of Drugs
Living in the House of Drugs Living in the House of Drugs

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