The Second World War

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World War II Facts

The United States U. Navy first developed plans in preparation for a naval war with Japan in War Plan Orange, as it was called, would be updated continually as technology advanced and greatly aided the U. The years between the first and second world wars were a time of instability.

The Great Depression that began on Black Tuesday, plunged the worldwide recession. Coming to power in , Hitler capitalized on this economic decline and the deep German resentment due to the emasculating Treaty of Versailles, signed following the armistice of By Hitler had established the Luftwaffe, a direct violation of the treaty. Remilitarizing the Rhineland in violated Versailles and the Locarno Treaties which defined the borders of Europe once again.

Likewise, Japan, angered by their exclusion in Paris in , sought to create a Pan-Asian sphere with Japan in order to create a self-sufficient state.

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Competing ideologies further fanned the flames of international tension. Western republics and capitalists feared the spread of Bolshevism.

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Germany, Italy and Japan signed agreements of mutual support but, unlike the Allied nations they would face, they never developed a comprehensive or coordinated plan of action. Irene Sgambelluri was eleven years old, and living in Guam, when Japanese forces assaulted the area hours after bombing Pearl Harbor on Dec.

World War Two

Sgambelluri spoke with HistoryNet about the attack and the aftermath. The Allies reduced it to rubble.

Leading up to World War II

On 7 May the German High Command authorised the signing of an unconditional surrender on all fronts: the war in Europe was over. The surrender was to take effect at midnight on 8—9 May On 14 August Japan accepted of the Allied demand for unconditional surrender. For Australia it meant that the Second World War was finally over. A few Australians flew in the Battle of Britain in August and September, but the Australian army was not engaged in combat until , when the 6th, 7th, and 9th Divisions joined Allied operations in the Mediterranean and North Africa.

AWM P Following early successes against Italian forces, the Australians suffered defeat with the Allies at the hands of the Germans in Greece, Crete, and North Africa. In June and July Australians participated in the successful Allied invasion of Syria, a mandate of France and the Vichy government. Up to 14, Australians held out against repeated German attacks in the Libyan port of Tobruk, where they were besieged between April and August After being relieved at Tobruk, the 6th and 7th Divisions departed from the Mediterranean theatre for the war against Japan.

The 9th Division remained to play an important role in the Allied victory at El Alamein in October before it also left for the Pacific. North Africa, 6 January Australian troops advance into Bardia.

World War II: Causes and Timeline | - HISTORY

AWM Japan entered the war in December and swiftly achieved a series of victories, resulting in the occupation of most of south-east Asia and large areas of the Pacific by the end of March Singapore fell in February, with the loss of an entire Australian division. After the bombing of Darwin that same month, all RAN ships in the Mediterranean theatre, as well as the 6th and 7th Divisions, returned to defend Australia. In response to the heightened threat, the Australian government also expanded the army and air force and called for an overhaul of economic, domestic, and industrial policies to give the government special authority to mount a total war effort at home.

In March , after the defeat of the Netherlands East Indies, Japan's southward advance began to lose strength, easing fears of an imminent invasion of Australia.

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Further relief came when the first AIF veterans of the Mediterranean campaigns began to come home, and when the United States assumed responsibility for the country's defence, providing reinforcements and equipment. In the background a Kittyhawk is about to land.

Hitler ❤️ Paris - WW2 - 044 - June 29 1940

Further Allied victories against the Japanese followed in Australian troops were mainly engaged in land battles in New Guinea, the defeat of the Japanese at Wau, and clearing Japanese soldiers from the Huon peninsula. This was Australia's largest and most complex offensive of the war and was not completed until April The Australian army also began a new series of campaigns in against isolated Japanese garrisons stretching from Borneo to Bougainville, involving more Australian troops than at any other time in the war. The final series of campaigns were fought in Borneo in

The Second World War The Second World War
The Second World War The Second World War
The Second World War The Second World War
The Second World War The Second World War
The Second World War The Second World War
The Second World War The Second World War
The Second World War The Second World War

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