Rolle und Identität (German Edition)

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Free lancing at radio station Funkwerk in Erfurt: Presentation of the kids radio programme Fledermausfunk and the electronic music radio programme Frequenzmodulation. Internship at Podsports activities in voice coaching and compilation of auditory content on physical trainings. My main research topic is about acoustic and perceptual correlates of sexual orientation and gender-role self-concept. Connectedly, I focus on raters judgements on voices and faces of sexually divergent people.

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Moreover, my work is about conceptualizations and measurements of masculinity-femininity. Kachel, S. Cross-modal and cross-dimensional effects in sexual orientation perception. Journal of Language and Social Psychology. Using scenarios for measuring the affective and behavioral components of attitudes toward lesbians and gay men: Validation of the SABA-scale. Archives of Sexual Behavior.

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Investigating the common set of acoustic parameters in sexual orientation groups: A voice averaging approach. Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, 61, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America , 6 , Traditional masculinity and femininity: Validation of a new scale assessing gender roles.

Frontiers in Personality and Social Psychology , Steffens, M. Share Give access Share full text access. Share full text access.

Please review our Terms and Conditions of Use and check box below to share full-text version of article. Related Information. Close Figure Viewer. Browse All Figures Return to Figure. Previous Figure Next Figure. Email or Customer ID. Many left hand-written notes on the questionnaire informing me that they did not understand the statement at all. Since contemporary history is part of the eighth grade fourth grade in Austrian terminology history curriculum, most participants would not have had any formal Holocaust education as a part of their history classes in school though this cannot be an argument against Holocaust education in other historical contexts and subjects other than history.

This must be the subject of further study, but preliminary results already suggest that Holocaust education should be given greater priority in school. Questions like this can only be answered by producing a greater amount of more detailed data and by complementing quantitative research with in-depth qualitative approaches, thus addressing a research desideratum that is to be neglected at our own peril.

After all, historical identities of immigrant children will be of utmost importance for future European societies. Jahrhundert: Zur Neuverhandlung eines kulturwissenschaftlichen Leitbegriffs , eds.

Die globale Ernährungs- und Agrarkrise und die Rolle von [In German]

Walach, Thomas: Historical Identity and Migration. In der Oral History spielt Kindheit traditionell eine wichtige Rolle, jedoch fast immer als die Kindheitserinnerungen Erwachsener. Ich entschloss mich also, eine Probebohrung in diesem Feld vorzunehmen. Copyright c by De Gruyter Oldenbourg and the author, all rights reserved.

Historische Identität und Migration

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Person Perception | Sven Kachel

Nation wird als ethnisches Kollektiv verstanden. Zu- bzw. Die gestellten Fragen spiegeln bekannte Stereotype und Topoi wider, die vornehmlich in Verbindung mit Personen mit muslimischem Migrationshintergrund auftreten. Die formulierten Ergebnisse resultieren aus unspezifischen Fragen.

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  • Das Framing religiöser Konflikte – die Rolle von Eliten in religiös konnotierten Bürgerkriegen.
Rolle und Identität (German Edition) Rolle und Identität (German Edition)
Rolle und Identität (German Edition) Rolle und Identität (German Edition)
Rolle und Identität (German Edition) Rolle und Identität (German Edition)
Rolle und Identität (German Edition) Rolle und Identität (German Edition)
Rolle und Identität (German Edition) Rolle und Identität (German Edition)
Rolle und Identität (German Edition) Rolle und Identität (German Edition)
Rolle und Identität (German Edition) Rolle und Identität (German Edition)

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