Financial Tips for Getting a Divorce: How Not to Go Broke

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Am I old enough to choose full custody with my mom if they do get divorced? Thank you so much! I have tried all that I can. My mom keeps putting telling my dad off because I think she is afraid of what he will do. A dear friend of mine lives in the state of Texas. She has been married to her husband for 24 years. He never wanted her to work. They each have a daughter and after both were out of the home my friend really wanted to work and did so for five years.

The store she managed closed down and she was laid off. Her husband has been with the same company for 28 years and they have almost k in their k plus he has retirement benefits. They always had a joint checking and savings account but after she was laid off from work he took her off of every bank account he has. How can she demand he give her money? It is so extremely humiliating, cruel and embarrassing for her…… Please let me know what I can tell her to help!!!

She should consult with an attorney for an hour or two to find out what her best options are, and how she can gain access to funds. She will probably need to file for divorce and then get a judge to order him to pay a retainer fee to an attorney and give her support. I have been battling cancer for the last several months. I live in NC. We have loved together since He bought a house in n and we both moved in at the same time.

He did not want me to pay any bills. However he threaten to have the attorney disbarred if she filed the deed with my name on it. I found out several years later. He is bi-polar mentally, and emotionally abusive. He has a business that while he was away he signed power of attorney to his son to handle all of his affairs not our child. Prior to going to jail he filed a fraudulent separation agreement that was not signed by me nor was I aware that it existed until he went to jail and I was checking on property taxes. His son paid the mortgage on the house while he was incarcerated.

Avoiding Financial Disaster in Divorce

I have limited resources from retirement and SS disability. He had 4 vehicles and my one is broke and he will not let me use either one. I spent extra resources I had visiting him 1 to 2 times a week in VA. As a result one problem sent me over the edge. I am now filing bankruptcy to hold on to investment property and medical bills.

We were unable to get married in NC because I was in law enforcement. He would have lost his business. I was hurt on the job and could not go back to law enforcement. So we go married in He did not file the papers so we married again in by the same pastor. Do I have a right to request that he gives me money? Am I entitled to any proceeds from his business?

I am 66 and in a wheelchair from having polio years ago. I have been in an abuse relationship for 33 years. The last time he hit me, i called and pressed charges. He was arrested and a TRO was placed on him to May 20, He is now out. Can I place a statement in the papers, stating that I am not responsisble for any charges he incurred because we are separtrated and we are in a community state.

Husband and I are deaf, GRE up in school together. Married for 7 and half years, no kids, he never support me, I am on ssdi and PT job, Dr said I need to retire due to health but husband said no. He is with family business with 48, I felt bad. Verbal abuse, he yells at me. U wanted marriage counseling.

He wants me to suffer. I cried, does not care. He has pride having home and money. He his his assets at work. U have no access to mail. It has locks, he picked it up and go work and bring my nails home, questioning who is it from. Before moving to his home he stayed with me after living with a couple that was on drugs for 12 years. I pulled him out. Then move to his house all of sudden he made me pay my own. Can I get spousal support? I am still at his house, nowhere to go until court date on May I am scared living alone, on 12 meds, also panic about it. Talk to an attorney right away about what your rights are to spousal support, what you might expect to receive, and how to go about getting it.

Have three children; one is a minor 14 , one a high school senior 18 and one independent. Quit my job to take care of my youngest who had serious medical problems as an infant but has since recovered. Husband has always been manipulative and emotionally abusive, but has really gone around the bend in the past few years. Was about to file for divorce, when he got laid off. We are now living off his severance and he has shut down all our joint accounts and is depositing his checks in his own account to which I have no access.

Am having a hard time finding a job. Should I file for divorce now or wait till one of us has employment? Situation in household is awful, with kids being severely emotionally affected. Talk to an attorney right away to discuss your situation and find out the answer to your questions. Seems like if there is money to think about, then the divorce is possible, eventually.

I'm Preparing For A Divorce

No lawyer can help with that. All one can do, is keep a record, written and electronically recorded if possible, of various events. Somewhere down the line, the evidence may be useful. Hey, quick question: I got married recently and I decided to withdraw money from my K to buy an apartment. Was wondering if the marriage will not go well, will my wife have any rights for that apartment? You can consult with a divorce attorney familiar with the laws in your state to find out that answer.

I just want to say this…what about just doing the right thing!!! Times were you fell in love,got married,had children,wife stayed home,she was a house wife,worked like a dog taking take of children,the cooking and cleaning,canning and putting up food in the summer months,grocery shopping,paying bills,ect…usually planning gatherings,school functions,working in her flower garden,shopping for clothing for family,and on and on……. The Husband would work a job,mow the yard,work around the house,plant the garden,help gather the food to can,help with the kids,fix the cars….

God forbid if something happens and one of them decides they no longer want to be married….. That is a make believe statement,because of greed,selfesh,blame,self centered,but I think it should be done this way,and lawyers would not beat each other down,and then they walk away with a big paycheck at our expense.

I rather like this. I am fairly against getting lawyers involved. They tend to make things messy especially living in a mom state. Granted I do not have kids and am thankful but regardless of decisions that were made on her part or mine it is best for 2 people to work together. Lawyers most of the time just want to take as much as they can from the other person. Unless someone is trying to screw you over and the matter cannot be talked out then yes Lawyer up but if anything get a mediator. Be respectful of the other person no matter what, and give that person what they diserve.

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As you stated, both parties have put in work. I can afford the house on my on but would i have to buy my spouse out? I cannot afford to do so and if we sold the house we would both owe several thousands of dollars in debt. Is it plausible for me to keep the house? She also is getting most everything in the house and an dollar check. The laws are different in each state, so consult with an attorney about this issue. If the down payment came from money you had before marriage, then you may not have to pay her much to buy her out. Still makes no sense why men and women are pitted against each other in these issues.

As if all men act a certain way and fall into certain categories and all women are the same. Going through this process now its like certain roles are facilitated by everyone involved. Two words: Money, and Trust. When marriages fall apart, everyone thinks they got the fuzzy end of the lollipop in those two categories. I disagree. I think this is an industry.

And there is only one word: Greed. The other word of the day I would prescribe to anyone and everyone involved in these things: Equanimity. Your mind is at stake here more than anything else. You control your happiness. There is only one fuzzy end of a lollipop. Sometimes the other end is simply the healthier way to go. Sugar is bad anyway. Have a good time sucking ;. My question is I have been married for 23 years to my husband. I was working when we met and he had me quit my job once we got married. I have not worked since. So he has been the bread winner for the past 21 years he is messing around with another woman.

Since he did not put my name on the home if we divorce am I entitled to the home to or no? In many states the non-titled spouse has an interest in the marital home. My question is if I was married for 10 years and we got a divorce his lawyer sent me papers I had and Notarized marked off what was not right like the military retirement I was entitled to. You are asking for specific legal advice which we cannot provide. But if your divorce papers were accepted by the court and your marriage license was submitted after the cermony, then it sounds as though you were divorced from your ex and are married to your current spouse, no matter whether there were some papers along with way that were notarized incorrecty.

I have not worked out side the home since we got married he has always brought in the money working. Since I never worked outside of home being just a homemaker I am not entitled to anything am I as far as the home is concerned? Im not sure how the laws are here in Maryland. I should have also said that I am diabetic and have server nerve damage and have had 2 strokes already I have back problems and real bad arthritis.

I have problems walking very far and all as well. He says everything we have is his and im not entitled to anything when he divorces me for her he is going to move her in and me out but I have nowhere to go when he does that. I have stayed home and raised our 4 children who are all adults now youngest is Then when I met my new husband he had me quit work and he took care of those 2 like they were his own and asked nothing from first husband to help raise them. I just want to know after all these years and 2 marriages am I left with nothing?

Please do not rely on your husband to provide you with legal advice. He is definitely not on your side and not trained in the law. Consult with an attorney familiar with the laws of your state. Is that possible?? My wife is going to file for divorce after 9 years married. Maybe years away. The agreement says her portion is transferable. Side note. She has mentioned us making our own side agreement for payouts from her future payout statements to avoid working it with the company.

We are not attorneys and are not familiar with the laws of your state, so we cannot advise you regarding what you are entitled to under the laws of your state. Please consult wiht your attorney to see what you are entitled to. Been married for 2 years, for 6 months now my husband has not been intimate with me he says hes health causes him to not be intimate, however its gone down hill, we doesnt wear his band, i love u is gone out the door and he barely comes to bed.

You may be entitled to some alimony, at least for a period of time, and if you and he have acquired assets during the marriage you may be entitled to part of those. So many questions. I am a 54 year old woman who has been married to the same man for 26 years. He drinks and gets very angry. I have had enough. I have two children who no longer live with us. I have not had a job for at least the last 8 months. I have suffered a stroke in , then i could not keep a job for any length of time.

My husband threatens me he will take the car and take all the money and run. I do not have anyone to help me in this matter, he is constantly yelling at me to get a job or move out. What should I do to protect myself. I had to walk away from home in Arizona in Home was is my name only. Credit got ruined at this time. Husband of 7 years was able to obtain home in his name. In order to do this, I had to sell jewelry and land so that he could obtain house.

He did this but not happy about it. I inherited money and put into current home. I now want out of marriage but do not want him to get house. I am not an attorney and I am not familiar with the laws of your state. Please consult an attorney in your locale to see what your best course of action is under your state law.

Became a nanny in married him in farm and rancher he had money and I signed prenup. His money was his but we accumulated property after that with it. Now 24 years later I said he can have everything I would like some property and a chunk of land we bought again with his money. I have 4 kids with him what are my rights. Consult with an attorney in your locale to find out what you are allowed under the prenuptial agreement, and whether there is anything in local law that affects that. In his divorce, my brother was supposed to put the motor home loan in his name.

He never has. Now his current wife has convinced him to bankrupt against the loan. His ex-wife is still the primary. She says she is going to go after him. All his money is in his IRA. Can the court make him take the money from his IRA and pay the loan off? I am in nursing school with a year and a half left. I have 5 kids, 2 of which with my current husband. He says he wants a divorce. Does this mean I have to drop out of school? How can I afford to take care of my children? Consult with an attorney to see what the rules are in your state regarding support that would enable you to stay in school and finish your degree.

I been separated for a year and a half now…I have 2 kids and one is about to graduated. I believe he is holding on to something.. I lives in the house with the kids and i know he will have to buy out of the house. Please tell me if I needs to file for this divorce before my son gets out of high school. Talk to an attorney about this. If you are getting more in informal support from him than you would get in formal support if you filed for divorce, you may be better off waiting to file.

In some states they have a simplified divorce process for couples who agree on the terms for the divorce, so inquire at your courthouse about options that might be available for you. In most states you can reopen the divorce for the purpose of dealing with an overlooked asset. Consult with an attorney to find out what your state laws say regarding property division, and the best way to proceed. My wife and I have been married for 16 years in Missouri.

Most of that time I have been the main source of income. In the 2 years I have not worked , My wife has stepped up and took a good job and became the main income maker of our home. Her income now pays most of the bills. Because I have good credit, all the bills and our home are in my name. Now she wants a divorce and is leaving me and the bills. No kids are involved. Not sure what to do. Is bankruptcy my only option? Any helpfull suggestions would be appreciated. You may be entitled to alimony, and that would help you cover your bills. Any debts incurred during the marriage generally would be the debts of both of you, not just the one whose name is on the bill.

My husband and I have been together for 18 years, have been married for In I became disabled and have been getting a lousy He is textbook passive aggressive In my folly, I stayed because i thought love was enough. Over the last couple of years, I have been making trips out of state We live in Oklahoma to help care for my elderly parents. Nothing physically taxing, but driving them to appointments, keeping track of medications and assisting with post surgical care.

Before You Divorce

Anything I can do with my limited physical conditions. I was with my parents for a few weeks, came home for 3 days to take care of business I had to take care of in person, and was slated to go back to parents 3 days later. He dropped this divorce business on me during the 3 days I was home. Telling me he had been unhappy for years. Anyway, now he wants to keep the house and just have me gone. He thinks the house has no equity and that I should just take my stuff and go to parents house. I think I am entitled to half the house, half his retirement and a long period of alimony.

Possibly even lifetime as I am disabled. As a disabled woman who has relied on his income for so long, what do you think my chances of alimony are?? Keep in mind, he has been emotionally abusive and grossly negligent of his marital duties for at least 10 years. You need to talk to an attorney right away to find out what your rights are in your state and how to proceed to get what you deserve. I was a homemaker for the 20 years I was married. Be forewarned, when receiving alimony you need to declare it as income on tax day.

I literally survive off of alominy, paying a house payment buying groceries, paying bills, including also having a partime job. In the end every year at tax time I have to declare my alimony and end up owing about to federal and state. Is there anyway other than taxing myself dry at my partime job to stop this yearly debacle? Alimony is taxable to you unless it is designated as non-taxable in your agreement, which is rare.

Since there is no withholding taken out of alimony, you can either have additional money taken out of your paycheck to cover the taxes, or you can make quarterly estimated tax payments. If you do neither, then you will owe a penalty for failure to pay estimated taxes when you file your tax return each year. If divorcing does this car need to be split? My ex wife walk out after 25 years for another man left to pay mortgage and all the bills she would not contribute any funds. I was with my husband for 5months then he moved put and we separated, but we are still married and have been for 3 years.

We are now going through the divorce and I was wondering if I can make him pay me money I spent on him. For instance, I payed a therapy session for. And also I payed 4, to a lawyer and still owe 2, on my behalf but the case is for both of us. Or rent from the month he left. Is there a way I can make him pay me back that money I spent? If you and he agree on the terms of the divorce, it would be easy to divorce no matter how long you were married or separated. But if you and he disagree, then it will be more difficult to come to terms. I know there are nightmare divorces out there and mine is a whooper.

I was married to a man of 30 years, and literally had to sneak out the back door to get away. Even if it means that the children get hurt and suffer in the process. I just received a letter from his attorney stating that he is going to disolve the business, and it will be done before court in July. If there are any similar experinces or ideas that might help me, I would love to hear them.

Wish me luck! Disabled and getting a divorce after almost 27years. They are going to give me permanent alimony but have my mortgage included with what is going to be the alimony. Is there a particular wording when the mortgage is included so that I am not taxed. If his payment of the mortgage creates alimony income for you, then the mortgage payment is treated as though you made it, and you can deduct the interest. My sister is filing for divorce and says she was advised to give a lump sum payment alimony?

What if he tries to come back and get more? What if he she loses her job or he prematurely dies? Your sister should get it written into her divorce agreement that the lump sum settles all rights he has to alimony, and he can never come back for more. Hi, my dad fight with my mom everyday for money and she is 64 year old. My mom want keep her house but my want sell it. My mom is old can not care for her self. What can I do to help her? My husband has been with his company thirty years, I twenty twenty three years.

I make double my husbands salary. He is controlling on how I spend it, but his money is none of my business. He pays the health ins, utilities, toiletries, and when we eat out. Almost four years ago his truck was totaled. He has three vehicles two drivable, one a collector. All three vehicles are not taken care of. He drives my second vehicle and does not take care or appreciate it. He received a large employment bonus and stated he paid off his credit cards and is keeping the rest in the bank. Does this send a red flag or am I being restless?

If you believe that it is significant, then you should have a conversation with him to get a clear understanding of what is going on. The problem is this. My ex is and has been interfering in my life and has covertly caused a lot of mayhem to the degree that he is also using our grown kids as pawns, from what I can tell, to keep me from acquiring half of money we built together, even though we reached a settlement through our attorneys.

I am dealing with a psychopath and the emotional toll he is putting on me is to keep me from the money we had agreed on. Additionally, these tactics he used came before our agreement forcing me to settle under duress which gave him my fathers estate money. My ex had also used me as a scapegoat in a very serious matter which potentially will ruin my career or livlihood.

The exploitation, extortion and defamation and slander has not only damaged my life, but also my relationship with my kids. I had not known I was involved with a psychopath until the ink dried on the divorce papers, which even though I had filed, he was awarded the divorce.

One of the many reasons I fired him. In a divorce you will deal with all the property owned by either of you, no matter how it is titled. I became permanently disabled a year ago. He has turned into an alcoholic and now is verbally abusive. My husband has over a million dollars in stocks, bonds and IRA. He hides them by putting his sister and mothers name on them. Would i be entitled to some of this? Right now we are still living under same roof because I cant afford to move as my income is extremely small and i have 2 kids from a previous marriage.

The house is in his brothers names and his so I will be the one that has to move. What are some average rights? OK new question… A friend of mine has been separated nearly 5 yrs from her husband who was the primary source of income in the marriage. From what she told me he just throws money and gets it postponed time and time again how can she get this divorce and prevent him from draining her dry in the process?

She should talk to her attorney to find out how the costs of divorce are shared in her state. In many states, if one party is being obstreperous and refusing to settle, the greater share of the costs can be assessed against him. If i get my 20 years marriage annulled from my retired spouse, will he get half of my personal savings? He is irresponsible with money so i decided to open an account for myself to save for my kids education.

An annullment says that there was no marriage. Check with your attorney to see the implications of that in your state. My son and his wife have been married five years. They have two children, 3 and 17 months. They have a home and both have good jobs. She wants to separate. She is thinking, okay we separate and I can go out with other guys.

Which is fine and good. She was without a job for a few months, so they wiped out his savings, while she job looked and the kids went to daycare. Any ideas? I need to know what if any rights I have regarding my home. I have been married for 5 years and my husband has been cheating on numerous occasions and online dating and hook up sites. His mother lent us a portion of the money to buy the house and we have to pay her back monthly. Unfortunately before she would lend the money she made me sign a notarized letter saying if we divorced I had to relinquish all rights to the house.

I signed it as she would never have lent us the money otherwise. This was because wife 2 I am 3 has his last house and his mother did not want that to happen again. My problem is that for 4 years I have contributed working fulltime and earning more than my husband on social security and disabled vet pay. I realize signing the letter is a problem but my name along with my husbands is on the deeds. I feel it is not fair that I end up with nothing and he is the one who has been cheating the whole time and ends up with the house.

Do I have any rights what so ever?. Your name is on the house, so you probably have rights. Talk to an attorney to find out for sure. You are so wonderful at responding. I appreciated your advice here. I have been married for 14 years although we have been separated for the last 6 months. My husband is a bully and honestly I just want to be free from him. He says we have no assets his parents own the property we lived on and though both our names are on the deed we each only have a quarter share.

I love his parents. They are good people. In cases where there is abuse and bullying—do you think it might be better to just walk away with nothing and start over I am not quite 33, in excellent health and every hope to start over to keep a decent relationship with the man I have to co-parent with for the next 16 years? I am in graduate school and know I will be able to provide for my kids as well or better than he has once I finish. Is this right? And if you were me in this situation does the loss of the quarter share asset seem stupid in exchange for a peaceful release from this man?

In many states, the court can impute income to a non-earning or under-earning spouse, based on all the facts and circumstances. Please consult with an attorney familiar with the laws of your state to find out. I live in Md my husband help his girl friend buy cars. Help get a house. But he has not help to get me any thing. He has a car he will remember everybody appointment but mine.

Divorce Process & Finances: How to Protect Yourself Financially When Getting a Divorce

He cause me too miss a appointment too see if i had cancer he said he forgot but he was somewhere with his brother. We have never did anything for the day we got married. He cost me too lost two jobs. Now my love is turning to hate. I just get a small amount of money. Market Snapshot: Stocks gain as Fed's Powell offers dovish testimony.

Economic Calendar Tax Withholding Calculator. Retirement Planner. Sign Up Log In. The changes include a new, responsive design featuring extended-hours data and more news. Learn More. Home Personal Finance. Opinion: 6 ways to keep from going broke when you get divorced. By Gary Mathews. Comment icon. Text Resize Print icon. Email only when absolutely necessary Speaking of it, unless you catch your ex holding your child hostage in a war zone, limit email communications, even with your own attorney.

Understand all the costs of mediation before agreeing to it Depending on the laws in your state or country, mediation can get pretty pricey. Accept that custody is going to be a costly battle If you are just dealing with a divorce with no kids, congratulations, you have saved yourself a few thousand dollars immediately.

More from Credit. Generally speaking, financial awards made in other jurisdictions in Europe and elsewhere in the world are much more limited. This is because judges in England have extremely wide discretion when deciding how assets should be divided upon divorce. Ms Chitroda says the courts have to be satisfied in the first instance that the English courts are the correct jurisdiction for the divorce.

Although increasingly rare, it is still possible in England and Wales for the court to order that one spouse pay maintenance to the other for the rest of their lives. Even if you did not marry in the UK and neither of you is a UK national, you could still get a divorce there. If you have obtained a divorce in another country and it has left you with inadequate financial provision, you could be entitled to make an application for financial remedies in England and Wales. To get another bite of the cherry you will need to meet all of the relevant legal criteria.

This includes that the foreign divorce is recognised as valid, that you have not remarried and that you can demonstrate a sufficient connection with this country. If these are all correct then the court in England may be persuaded to use its wide discretionary powers to make an award in your favour, as if the divorce had been granted here, to alleviate the hardship you might have suffered by reason of your foreign divorce.

However, Mr Ferguson makes the point that such an award may not be of the level you would expect to have received had the divorce been obtained in this country. It is a common belief that where there has a been a lengthy marriage where the wife stayed at home to raise the children, the courts will agree to maintenance payments for life. However this is changing: English courts are increasingly placing time limits on post-divorce maintenance , assuming that the financially weaker spouse will eventually go out to work. The judges said she could get a job if she needed more money. She also points out that quitting your job just before you get divorced will not mean you get out of paying maintenance.

Tactical manipulation of earning capacity is usually dealt with robustly by the court. If you end up in dispute with your soon-to-be ex over your finances and one of you applies to the court to determine the issue, each of you will be put under an obligation to give full disclosure of all of your financial and other relevant circumstances. Any changes to your financial position that occur in that time — even if the bulk of your disclosure has already been provided — must also be shared with your spouse.

The court takes the duty of disclosure extremely seriously. Where there is evidence to suggest that a party has deliberately or recklessly withheld information, at the very least the court may draw adverse inferences against them. In a more extreme case, that party could find themselves with a previous order being set aside or even criminal proceedings being brought against them. Mr Ferguson points out the fact that an asset, such as a foreign property, may not be in your name because, for example, it is held by a family member on your behalf, but that does not mean you can get away without disclosing it.

The fact that the trust may have foreign trustees and be governed by foreign law is not, on its own, enough to stop the English court from making such an order. However, most couples who divorce do not have assets in excess of their needs. However, divorce lawyers say couples often mistakenly think that there is a formula which is applied to the division of their assets. Current English law is far more discretionary and is based on what each party needs to live on and the principle of sharing assets.

This means every case is different. We are all individuals and the ways we choose to live our lives are infinitely variable. To achieve a fair result, all the competing factors and circumstances must be taken into account. Cyber security might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are ending a marriage, but lawyers say divorcing couples need to take it into account.

Financial Tips for Getting a Divorce: How Not to Go Broke Financial Tips for Getting a Divorce: How Not to Go Broke
Financial Tips for Getting a Divorce: How Not to Go Broke Financial Tips for Getting a Divorce: How Not to Go Broke
Financial Tips for Getting a Divorce: How Not to Go Broke Financial Tips for Getting a Divorce: How Not to Go Broke
Financial Tips for Getting a Divorce: How Not to Go Broke Financial Tips for Getting a Divorce: How Not to Go Broke
Financial Tips for Getting a Divorce: How Not to Go Broke Financial Tips for Getting a Divorce: How Not to Go Broke

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