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The Fund can be activated if a major natural disaster occurs in a Member State or country in the process of negotiating its accession to the Union following an application by the country concerned. Very exceptionally, under specific conditions, the Fund can be mobilised for disasters with damage below the threshold. Aid from the Solidarity Fund may be used for public emergency operations such as the restoration of essential infrastructure. Reforestation is not eligible. Amounts of aid are determined on the basis of the damage caused.

The Commission stands ready to provide guidance. In the framework of shared management, it is the Member States and regions that decide how to use the EAFRD and the priority they give to forest fire prevention and restoration actions. In the Greek-language version of its answer to my written question No. If the inclusion of the term was an error, is the Commission prepared to apologise and rectify its error? What will it do to prevent in future serious errors of this kind that could undermine relations between the Union and a Member State?

The Commission services strive to ensure the quality of their texts, and errors such as that identified by the Honourable Member are very rare indeed. Nevertheless, the Commission is constantly intensifying its efforts to produce documents of the highest quality. These flights are not only illegal, they also pose a threat to air traffic in the region, since they violate Nicosia FIR and other rights of the Republic of Cyprus.

Who will be responsible in the event that this unacceptable situation results in a plane crash in the region? That is because Japanese law stipulates that, in such cases, parental responsibility will be granted to only one of the parents, thereby denying the other parent visitation rights unless the custodial parent decides otherwise. It would seem that in May the Japanese Parliament joined some one hundred other countries in ratifying the Hague Convention against Parental Child Abduction, though it will only come into force in The children went to live in Japan and the father was granted no visitation rights, as no such right is provided for in Japanese law and as European court decisions cannot be enforced on family matters in Japan.

The EU-Japan negotiations on the new free trade agreement can and must address issues relating to human rights and international civil law. This long-awaited development will strengthen the international legal framework aimed at protecting child's rights in cross-border disputes. The EU participated in some of the diplomatic demarches to encourage Japan to accede to the Convention as a follow-up of previous initiatives.

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However, the aim of the Convention is to ensure the prompt return of wrongfully removed or retained children through a system of cooperation among central authorities; it does not deal with the granting of visiting rights. Therefore, notwithstanding the foreseeable positive effects of this accession, it will not remove all sources of difficulties for mixed marriages. Pursuant to Japanese family law, in divorce proceedings, only one parent will have parental authority and no visiting rights are granted to the other. Thus, it may indeed happen that the child is indefinitely separated by one of the parents as a result of a divorce.

We would like to inform the Honourable Member that, however, even at EU level, no legislation covers the granting of custody and the exercise of visiting rights, which are still governed by national law of the Member States. For the same reason and since this matter is not trade related, the Commission does not intend to address this issue in the Free Trade Agreement negotiations with Japan.

Juli Art. Aus welchem Grund wurden die Stakeholder nicht von Beginn an in die Entwicklung der Methodik der Berater miteinbezogen? Es handelt sich nicht um eine lange Liste von Stoffen, die einer Neubewertung unterzogen werden. The Commission's advisers are once again proposing, in this context, a long list of substances for re-evaluation, although this was decisively rejected by Parliament when the directive was adopted.

What action does the European Commission intend to take in order to respect the outcome of the long and thorough discussion of the recast of the RoHS Directive and in particular to comply with the European Parliament's wish that a long list of substances should not be presented? How does the Commission intend to prevent unnecessary economic damage arising in the context of the RoHS Directive — for example as a result of drawing up a long list of substances? Has the Commission conducted an assessment amongst stakeholders, in the context of the RoHS Directive or other sections of the legislation, to show the economic impact of the substances listed for review?

Has the Commission or its advisers considered or included in their review the impact which the proposed approach of a long list will have on transatlantic trade? Why were stakeholders not brought in from the beginning in developing the methodology used by the advisers? Does the Commission insist on the same degree of transparency with its advisers as is expected from the Parliament and Council?

The list referred to by the Honourable Member is an inventory of substances in electrical and electronic equipment EEE and only the starting point for the review process. It does not constitute a long list of substances for re-evaluation. The Commission's work on the review of the scope of the directive is based on a three-step approach; producing an inventory, prioritising the substances through a pre-assessment and assessing only those substances that score high in the prioritisation.

All Commission legislative proposals are subject to rigorous impact assessment before adoption and dispatch to the co-legislators. The inventory of chemical substances in EEE is the first step in its process. The approach has been discussed in great detail with stakeholders, which have been involved in the project from the very beginning. The project handling is transparent and all project information is publicly available. How many officials and temporary staff were employed as translators in the service in , and ? What was the cost of document translation by the Commission service in , , and ?

The number of translators employed in the Commission's translation service was in , in , and in It also includes the cost of external translation services and external staff. Sverige och Tyskland, sedan The Commission has announced a review of all pending infringement proceedings concerning gambling law. Infringement proceedings against a number of Member States, including Sweden and Germany, have been open since Is the Commission currently reviewing all pending infringement proceedings, including those against Sweden and Germany?

Entschuldige die Störung

If not, is the Commission planning to do so in , as announced by the Commissioner? The Commission is currently reviewing all pending infringement proceedings and complaints in the area of gambling services.

Comprehensive Protection from Email-borne Threats

The Commission is now finalising its assessment and will take necessary action in due time. V Armeniji na primer EU podpira t. The future economic competitiveness and prosperity of the Eastern Partnership countries depend crucially on their ability to utilise fully their labour resources, which would involve the increased participation of women in the labour market. Entrepreneurship among women represents a valuable source of growth and job creation. It is therefore important that the Eastern Partnership countries invest in entrepreneurship among women, as well as facilitate access to finance and ensure greater availability of mentorship schemes, training and education.

How is the Commission contributing to the creation of more favourable conditions for female entrepreneurs? Has the Commission launched any specific programmes in Eastern Partnership countries which focus on increasing the number of women in the labour market?

It also stressed the need for improved statistics to underpin corresponding decision making. The Commission also runs several projects aimed at improving gender equality and women's empowerment, including by improved access to business opportunities and skills. In Azerbaijan, training is offered to women entrepreneurs on small credit management.

In Georgia, poor women farmers in the mountain region of Lentekhi receive support to improve the quality and marketing of traditional organic food and start their own small business. In Ukraine, we work with the national Confederation of Employers and the Federation of Trade Unions to support mothers willing to go back to work after parental leave.

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Therefore, in view of its attributed competences, ESMA is the competent authority that can take supervisory action as appropriate. The Commission has to date not received specific information as regards potential violations of the CRA regulation. To date, the Commission is not aware of any such requests. Betrifft: Anzahl und Kosten von Expertengruppen der Kommission. Wie viele aktive Expertengruppen gab es jeweils in den Jahren , , und ? In , , and , on average, what was the cost of setting up an expert group and what were the running costs?

In , , and , what was the highest and lowest cost of setting up an expert group and what were the highest and lowest running costs? The Register of Commission Expert Groups and Other Similar Entities undergoes constant changes; every week groups are created, removed, modified, put on hold or reactivated. The numbers of groups' meetings, as well as their running costs depend on different factors and vary greatly from one group to another and from one year to another.

In light of the above, the Commission cannot undertake, for the purpose of answering a written question, the lengthy and costly research that would be required to provide the Honourable Member with the information requested on the number and average running costs of active groups in , , and Setting up an expert group is part of the Commission's administrative work and, as such, it does not entail additional costs. The Commission is seeking the views of members of the public, companies, NGOs and public authorities on ways of reducing the environmental impact of buildings and making more efficient use of resources.

They will have to take account of the ways in which buildings have an impact on the environment, for example through water consumption or the production of waste. The consultation seeks to gather views and additional information on the possible introduction of EU wide measures to achieve better environmental performance of buildings. This includes topics such as resource use and related environmental impacts all along the life-cycle of buildings. Further information may be found on the Commission's website:.

Can the Commission confirm that it wishes to triple airspace capacity and halve air traffic management costs? Has the Commission analysed the socioeconomic implications, particularly with regard to job losses? It comprises a cycle of three processes that define, develop and deploy innovative and harmonised ATM technologies and procedures. The implementation of the Master Plan will lead to the deployment of innovative and harmonised ATM technologies and procedures aiming at improving the performance of the European ATM system. The Commission has announced measures to combat illegal waste shipments from EU Member States to developing countries in Africa and Asia.

These measures reflect the outcome of a public consultation procedure during which stakeholders expressed broad support for stricter EU legislation, in particular on waste shipment inspections. What percentage of waste shipments from Member States to developing countries contravene international rules and what is the total volume in tonnes of waste involved?

Are these shipments being made in order to take advantage of the significantly lower costs of waste processing and disposal in developing countries as compared to the EU? How frequently will Member States carry out risk-based inspections, and will these inspections be backed by closer cooperation between competent authorities and better training of inspectors?

The Commission's impact assessment published with the proposal found that such cost differences are among the most important drivers for illegal waste shipments. The aim of the proposal is to increase risk-based inspection planning, backed up by specific provisions relating to cooperation between different authorities, training of inspectors and possibilities to require evidence from suspected illegal waste exporters. France, in particular, had voted against the authorisations.

In line with procedure, the three proposals had thus been submitted to the Appeal Committee. In addition, the Commission has consulted EFSA at different occasions on the relevance of new scientific arguments brought to its attention as regards these GMOs, and on new scientific publications. EFSA concluded that these do not bring any new scientific elements not having already been considered by the EFSA GMO panel, or that would invalidate the conclusions of its previous risk assessment.

On parle de peering. The connectivity market allows operators to exchange traffic in order to maintain the quality of their service to Internet users. This is known as peering. Internet players interconnect with each other through a combination of wholesale services to cover all possible Internet destinations. Internet connectivity allows market players e.

This service is crucial for the functioning of the Internet and for end users' ability to access Internet content irrespective of the location of the provider and with the necessary quality of service. Unannounced inspections are a preliminary step into suspected anticompetitive practices. The fact that the Commission carries out unannounced inspections does not mean that the companies are guilty of anti-competitive behaviour nor does it prejudge the outcome of the investigation itself.

The European Court of Auditors has taken a fine toothcomb to road building and renovation projects carried out between and in selected countries in Europe with the aid of subventions from the European Union. The conclusions reached about use of EU funds are fairly alarming. The main positive point is that all these road projects have resulted in shorter driving times and enhanced road safety. But the same cannot be said of them all in financial terms. Moreover, traffic projections for most of the projects were far from accurate, which led to inappropriate choices being made on several occasions, such as opting for a motorway, which is much more expensive, instead of an express way.

However it should be noted that the biggest discrepancies were found in Germany, not in southern Europe or Poland. Only 7 of the 24 projects examined were completed at or near to their original cost: what is the explanation for these incomprehensible differences? How can such ridiculous projections be explained?

How can pitfalls like this be avoided? Complex projects may face cost and time overruns because the roads built have different characteristics. The Honourable Member is invited to consult the Court of Auditors for more details about the cost overruns. The Honourable Member is invited to address this question to the Court of Auditors, since the Court audited the specific projects. The Commission does not consider that the Court's report concludes that projections are ridiculous.

Transport is a derived demand and has a strong link with the economic situation. External factors such as the fuel price may have an influence on transport choices and on the. Seasonal peaks should also be evaluated. Thus, traffic flows should ideally be evaluated over the whole lifetime, and not only on the first few years of usage. Traffic forecasts take this longer perspective into consideration. La Commission approuve cette recommandation. The European Court of Auditors has made several recommendations to the Commission on how to improve monitoring in the future of how funds are used.

What does the Commission think of the suggestion that it should know why construction costs differ so much from one Member State to another? Next, it recommends making financial aid dependent upon the existence of clear goals, and that optimal technical solutions should be implemented, which is far from being the case at present.

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Will the Commission examine the possibility of creating a database at EU level of information on unit prices, to be used by engineers estimating the cost of new projects, in order to help beneficiaries reduce the price of their tenders? The Commission agrees with this recommendation. It has already undertaken several unit cost studies in recent years and will continue to do so.

Financial assistance is already dependent on the existence of clear goals and optimal technical solutions. Road projects as all other projects should have clear objectives accompanied by appropriate indicators, which is already the case for major projects. In the current period, this information is required as part of the description of major projects, as well as of the cost benefit analysis. Furthermore, the selection of cost effective technical solutions is part of the feasibility study for each major project, which should result in selecting the best solutions.

The Commission proposals for the European Structural and Investment Funds for the next period contain a comprehensive performance framework and conditionality which will help in ensuring that future road projects will contain clear objectives accompanied by indicators. It notes however that the existence of such a database is not a sufficient element in itself to reduce tender prices. The cost of construction depends on various elements, such as road alignment, technical specifications and standards, procurement practices and project management modes.

Les chiffres de vente sont catastrophiques. La fontaine est tarie. Un peu plus si on y tient compte des Kangoo utilitaires. Attention, les hybrides simples n'y sont pas. Short battery lives, high prices and a lack of charging points are combining to prevent the electric car market from taking off. Sales figures are dire, demand has dried up and the cars are sitting idle in showrooms. In Belgium, barely more than a hundred cars were registered in the first six months of — according to the Belgian Automobile and Cycle Federation — a handful more if Kangoo vans are counted.

That is just over a quarter of the number sold in the same period the previous year. What is more, that list includes not only purely electric cars, but also models with an ancillary power source, such as the Opel Ampera known as the Chevrolet Volt in the US or the Fisker Karma. It does not include hybrids, however, which are more successful. That figure represents a mere 0. Only three countries are bucking this pitiful trend: France 0. The total volume of car sales remains broadly depressed by the sluggish economic activity.

In the absence of major scrapping schemes, consumer confidence does not seem to rebound. This is expected to change as soon as the replacement demand surges. Moreover demand stimulation measures in different Member States should be regarded as key for shaping future purchasing preferences of consumers, hopefully leading to the market uptake of energy-efficient vehicles.

The Commission, however, is attached to the principle of technological neutrality. That being said, these initiatives can bring about the necessary technological solutions that can improve both the development of electric cells and the life of batteries and thus increase the appeal of the electrical fleet. Pour le moment ces pays envisagent de rappeler leurs ambassadeurs en Europe. The South American leaders have called on the United States to end its online espionage activities and threatened to raise the question at a future meeting of the UN Security Council.

They are currently envisaging the recall of their ambassadors from Europe. At the Mercosur Summit held in Montevideo, South American Heads of State announced their willingness to shelter the fugitive CIA analyst, arguing that the inalienable right of every State to grant asylum could be neither restricted nor curbed. Mercosur is an economic and political entity composed of Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Venezuela, while Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Chile and Ecuador are associate members.

Its purpose is to promote free trade and the movement of goods, people and currency between its member countries. Mercosur leaders have condemned as repugnant and inadmissible efforts by the United States to obtain the extradition of Edward Snowden. Following the incident involving the aircraft carrying the Bolivian President, its members decided to recall for consultation their ambassadors from Spain, France, Italy and Portugal and not allow them to return until such time as official apologies are forthcoming from Europe.

What view do you take of the demand addressed to the United States by the South American authorities? What view do you take of the recall of a number of South American ambassadors from Europe to their countries of origin? Another meeting is to be scheduled in Washington in the coming weeks. The Commission will report to the Council and the Parliament in October. The Commission sees no need to express views on demands of third countries in this context. Following the July Summit in Montevideo, Mercosur leaders agreed to temporarily recall their bilateral ambassadors to a number of European countries for consultation.

The Commission wishes to stress that it has longstanding, broad based and solid relations with all Latin American and Caribbean partners of the Union. Oggetto: Influenza aviaria nel Nordest Italia e fiere degli uccelli come veicolo potenziale di diffusione del virus. Possibili violazioni della normativa dell'Unione. One of the precautions taken by the authorities to avoid contagion was to prohibit the movement of live birds. Can the Commission say whether the holding of these markets is in accordance with Community rules regarding the prevention of bird flu and will it call on the Italian authorities to halt the circulation of birds in this manner, given the risks involved?

The directive foresees the establishment of a protection zone of a 3km radius and a surveillance zone of a 10km radius around each confirmed outbreak. In these zones fairs, markets, shows or other gatherings of poultry or other captive birds are prohibited. The EU rules do not oblige the Italian authorities to prohibit fairs, markets or other gatherings of poultry or other captive birds in the rest of the territory beyond the established protection and surveillance zones. Oggetto: Interventi rapidi di Frontex in Italia. In Italia si assiste all'afflusso di numerosi sbarchi di clandestini provenienti dal Nord Africa.

Tuttavia, la normativa vigente non le consente di imporre agli Stati membri quote vincolanti per l'ammissione dei migranti da accogliere. La Commissione ha intenzione di introdurre tali vincoli? The Commission has always sought to encourage solidarity and shared responsibility between Member States in dealing with the growing influx of migrants.

However, it is not, under current legislation, authorised to impose binding limits on the number of migrants who may be admitted into the Member States. Does the Commission intend to introduce such limits? In the meantime, how does it intend to implement the principles of burden sharing and solidarity between EU Member States in the absence of any regulatory provisions? In order to address the volatile situation in the Mediterranean effectively, Frontex has reviewed all ongoing operations, which are covering essentially all major migration routes across the Mediterranean Sea.

This resulted in the extension of the implementation periods of Joint Operations Hermes and Aeneas hosted by Italy. Until now Italy has not requested the deployment of rapid border intervention teams, but the Agency is in permanent contact with the Italian authorities in order to assess the situation and provide for appropriate operational assistance.

Modalities and budget implication of such operation still have to be worked out. The Commission cannot impose on Member States obligatory quotas or limit the number of irregular immigrants who should be admitted to their territory following their detection at the external borders or at international waters. However, it has repeatedly called on Member States to act in the spirit of solidarity and responsibility sharing, including promoting voluntary relocation schemes for refugees from Member States whose reception capacity is overstretched.

To date, such a scheme has only been put in place for Malta. Oggetto: Rifiuto della Turchia di concedere borse di studio ai manifestanti. Alla Commissione non risulta che siano state apportate ulteriori modifiche a tale regolamento. La Turchia deve ancora rivedere e chiarire meglio l'applicazione della legge che regolamenta le manifestazioni e i comizi. Does the Commission not agree that such a measure would infringe the principles of freedom of association and of expression? The Commission is aware of the regulation of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution YURTKUR , amended in , which stipulates the conditions under which scholarships or loans are to be terminated if the beneficiaries are involved in criminal acts.

The Commission is not aware of any amendments made to this regulation. Turkey still needs to revise and introduce clarity to the application of the law on demonstrations and meetings. The Commission will continue to follow the issue closely. On a general basis, the Commission underlines that Turkey, as a country negotiating future EU Membership, will need to fully respect the right to freedom of expression, assembly and association in line with European standards.

Fonti di stampa rivelano che l'Albania potrebbe ottenere lo status di candidato ufficiale all'UE entro il prossimo dicembre. A tal fine si chiede:. In quanto paese pre-candidato, l'Albania beneficia dal dei finanziamenti dello strumento di preadesione IPA. A quanto ammontano tali finanziamenti e come sono stati utilizzati? La Commissione non ritiene vi siano incongruenze con quelle che sono le radici cristiane dell'Europa?

Oggi la crisi attraversa anche l'economia albanese: come intende la Commissione affrontare questo grave problema aggravato dal sistema di corruzione che vige in Albania? Come intende la Commissione monitorare questa situazione? Inoltre i suddetti accordi prevedono la creazione di una zona di libero scambio tra l'UE, i suoi Stati membri e i paesi interessati.

Nel complesso, l'Albania sta attuando correttamente gli impegni assunti nell'ambito dell'ASA e, tra l'altro, ha ridotto o abolito i dazi all'importazione e all'esportazione e gli ostacoli al commercio come specificato nell'accordo. Inoltre, nel dicembre il Consiglio ha individuato nell'Albania un paese prioritario per potenziare e razionalizzare la cooperazione nella lotta contro la tratta degli esseri umani.

According to press reports, Albania could be awarded official EU candidate status by December. With this in mind, can the Commission answer the following questions:. If so, what are these commitments and have they been honoured? If so, how much funding has been awarded and how has it been used? The aim of that organisation is to protect the interests and the development of Muslim communities worldwide. The Albanian public administration is known to be the operational arm of politics and the Albanian economy has recently come to revolve around political favours and ad hoc politics, which means that politics is closely tied to corruption, as has been confirmed by the new premier, Edi Rama.

GDP — besides not including a large slice of national product that is of illegal origin — is stalling, and has dropped from 6. How does the Commission intend to address this serious problem, which is being exacerbated by the corruption that reigns in Albania? As regards organised crime and the trafficking of human beings, arms and drugs, it is well known that Albanian criminal networks have links with those in neighbouring countries including Italy. How does the Commission plan to monitor that situation? The Stabilisation and Association Agreements SAA identify common objectives aiming at fostering political, economic and institutional stability and regional cooperation, setting the basis for the European integration of the western Balkans.

Overall, Albania is implementing well the commitments under the SAA, and, among other things, has reduced or abolished import and export duties and trade barriers as specified in the agreement. In foreign policy matters, Albania has generally aligned with the positions of Member States. Albania is a secular state and maintains a policy of good interfaith relations based on mutual respect and tolerance.

Under the instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance IPA the Commission provides technical assistance to the Albanian authorities, notably to improve law-enforcement capacities, witness protection and border controls, and the fight against money laundering and economic crime. La Commissione europea esercita un monitoraggio rigoroso sugli sviluppi relativi allo Stato di diritto registrati nei paesi candidati all'adesione, compresa la Serbia.

Alla Commissione risulta che la polizia e la magistratura serba stiano indagando su questi fatti. Given that Serbia is now officially an applicant for EU accession, how does the Commission intend to ensure that such Islamic fundamentalist cells are effectively eradicated? The European Commission closely monitors the developments in the area of the rule of law in EU-candidate countries including in Serbia.

Overall, the Commission supports through dedicated financial assistance under the Instrument of Pre-accession IPA EU-aspiring countries to align their legislation with EU legislation on justice, freedom and security issues, as well as to develop their capacities and expertise, in close cooperation with EU Member States and expert bodies such as Europol.

Regarding the case mentioned, the Commission was informed about a Serbian police action in central Serbia in early August that led to the arrest of alleged members of the Wahhabi movement. The Commission understands that the Serbian police and judiciary are currently investigating the case. Da uno studio dell'Agenzia Europea per l'Ambiente si deduce che se non si troveranno soluzioni per mantenere l'habitat delle farfalle, molte specie di esse potrebbero scomparire.

Come intende la Commissione intervenire in difesa dell'ecosistema, per la sopravvivenza delle farfalle nel territorio europeo? A study by the European Environment Agency suggests that unless ways are found to maintain butterfly habitats, many species could be lost. There are two explanations for the sharp decline in butterfly populations: firstly, butterflies are victims of intensive farming, which uses large quantities of pesticides; secondly, because farms have been abandoned in some rural areas, grasslands favourable sites for pollinators are gradually becoming overgrown with scrub and trees.

What will the Commission do to protect the ecosystem in order to ensure the survival of butterflies in Europe? Relevant actions include addressing unsustainable agricultural practices, intensive land-use, habitat fragmentation, species decline and invasive species. The Common Agricultural Policy provides opportunities to Member States to support biodiversity-related measures. The definition of grasslands eligible for direct payments has been widened, allowing the inclusion of more pasture land, an important habitat for butterflies, in the next financing period. Greening of the direct payments will provide opportunities to improve habitats on arable land in Ecological Focus Areas.

Top-up payments under the agri-environment measure of Rural Development Programmes may also encourage farmers to opt for more biodiversity-orientated options that benefit butterflies. The strategy also foresees actions to improve our understanding of ecosystems and their services e. Oggetto: Istituzione e competenza della Procura europea.

Si stima che ogni anno l'Unione perde almeno milioni di euro in entrate e spese per presunti casi di frode. La nuova Procura europea avrebbe il compito di colmare le lacune esistenti tra i sistemi penali dei paesi europei, le cui competenze si arrestano ai confini nazionali, e gli organi dell'UE, che non hanno il potere di svolgere indagini penali.

The new European Public Prosecutor would have the task of bridging existing gaps between the criminal justice systems of EU countries — whose powers stop at national borders — and EU bodies, which do not have the power to conduct criminal investigations. A single European Public Prosecutor will ensure that the individual delegated prosecutors take a uniform approach in all countries. Why does the Commission, rather than set up yet another European body with the risk of overlapping responsibilities and powers, not reinforce the existing OLAF and make it responsible for the tasks that have been allocated to the European Public Prosecutor?

The Treaty requires that the Office will be established from Eurojust which suggests close links between the two bodies. The decentralised model of the European Public Prosecutor's Office EPPO proposed by the Commission respects national justice systems: it builds on national prosecution and investigation services, it requires compliance with national law and ensures that the offences will be dealt with by national courts in the trial phase.

The proposal therefore fully reflects the principles proportionality and subsidiarity. Inoltre, l'ufficio del pubblico ministero europeo deve avere una struttura decentrata costituita dalla procura europea, quattro procuratori europei e procuratori europei delegati, in ciascuno Stato membro. Dove dovrebbe essere la sede centrale della Procura europea e quale struttura dovrebbe utilizzare? Chi si assume i costi della struttura centrale e a carico di chi sono quelli delle strutture decentrate?

Nel capo VII della proposta della Commissione figurano ulteriori dettagli sulla procedura di bilancio della Procura europea. I procuratori europei delegati, i quattro sostituti e il personale di sostegno saranno soggetti allo statuto dei funzionari e al regime applicabile agli altri agenti. Le loro retribuzioni saranno coperte dal bilancio della Procura europea.

I procuratori europei delegati manterranno il proprio status di pubblici ministeri nazionali, ma riceveranno un compenso per il lavoro svolto per la Procura europea. As regards the establishment of the European Public Prosecutor's Office, it has been stated that the entire structure will be based on existing resources, so should not result in substantial additional costs.

Where is the European Public Prosecutor's Office likely to be based and what facilitieswill it use? Who will bear the costs of the headquarters and who will bear those of the decentralisedfacilities? Like any other European Union body, the EPPO will have its own budget which will cover the costs of its functioning, including the costs of the offices.

The European Delegated Prosecutors, the four deputies and support staff of the office will be under the provisions of the Staff Regulations and the Conditions for Employment of Other Servants. Warenkorbfunktion erforderlich sind, werden auf Grundlage von Art.

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Ein berechtigtes Interesse kann sich z. Im Bewerbungsprozess wird dadurch die jeweilige Fachabteilung eingebunden. Die Fachabteilungen sind angewiesen, Bewerbungsunterlagen streng vertraulich zu behandeln. Eine Weitergabe der Unterlagen in ein Drittland findet nicht statt. Zwecke erforderlich sind oder gesetzliche oder vertragliche Aufbewahrungsvorschriften bestehen. Wenn die SSL- bzw. Als verantwortungsbewusstes Unternehmen verzichten wir auf eine automatische Entscheidungsfindung oder ein Profiling.

We are pleased about your visit on the website of our company. Protection of information and in particular data protection is of great importance for the management. In principle, you can use this website without providing any personal data. Should you disclose data to us in connection with the processing described below, we will treat your personal data confidentially and in accordance with the statutory data protection regulations of the European Union and the Federal Republic of Germany, as well as this data protection declaration.

As the data controller, EIKONA Cinema Solutions GmbH has implemented numerous technical and organisational measures to ensure that the personal data processed via this website is protected as completely as possible. Nevertheless, internet-based data transmissions may have security gaps, so that absolute protection cannot be guaranteed. For this reason, you are free to transmit personal data to us by alternative means, such as telephone or post. Detailed definitions can be found in Art.

Essentially, these are the following terms, described here in simplified form:. It is irrelevant whether the process is automated using IT systems or carried out manually e. In particular, to analyse or predict aspects relating to your work performance, economic situation, health, personal preferences, interests, behaviour, location or change of location. In addition, only this identifier will be used and without the source key or a "reference database" this pseudonym can not be resolved.

It is crucial that this company name can decide independently about the processing procedures and means. In most cases these are IT service providers, but also waste disposal companies, which are commissioned, for example, with the destruction of files. You will be fully informed about what you agree to. The person responsible for this website and the related services in accordance with the basic data protection regulation and other provisions of a data protection nature is the:.

In order to fulfil our obligations in connection with your rights in accordance with the law, please address the relevant enquiries to our data protection officer. This information must be provided to you free of charge. You may request information about the following information, copies of which must also be sent to you:. We may be required by law to retain your data for a certain period of time e. Please address your request for deletion to the data protection officer, who will exercise your rights in our company on your behalf.

We will then set your data unlocked. We will inform you about the recipients of your data if you request this. This applies to all master data that we keep about you. If this is technically possible, we will make the data record available in a common machine-readable format e. In this section, we will describe the data processing operations that are associated with our website or that apply to a general business relationship between you and EIKONA Cinema Solutions GmbH.

The following legal bases serve us for the processing of your data. If the processing of your data is necessary for the fulfilment of a contract to which you are a party, as is the case, for example, with processing operations which are necessary for the delivery of goods or the provision of other services or consideration, the processing is based on Art. The same applies to such processing operations which are necessary for the implementation of pre-contractual measures, for example in cases of inquiries regarding our products or services.

If our company is subject to a legal obligation which makes the processing of personal data necessary, such as for the fulfilment of fiscal obligations to provide evidence, the processing is based on Art. In rare cases, the processing of personal data may become necessary in order to protect vital interests of you or another natural person. This would be the case, for example, if a visitor to our business were injured and his name, age, health insurance data or other vital information would have to be passed on to a doctor, hospital or other third party. Then the processing would be based on Art.

Ultimately, processing operations could be based on Art. Processing operations that are not covered by any of the aforementioned legal bases are based on this legal basis if the processing is necessary to safeguard a legitimate interest of our company or a third party, provided that the interests, fundamental rights and fundamental freedoms of you do not prevail. Such processing operations are permitted to us in particular because they have been specifically mentioned by the European legislator.

Some of the Internet pages use so-called cookies. Cookies do not damage your computer and do not contain viruses. Cookies serve to make our offer more user-friendly, more effective and safer. Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer by your browser. Most of the cookies we use are so-called "session cookies". They are automatically deleted at the end of your visit. Other cookies may remain stored on your terminal until you delete them. These cookies enable us to recognize your browser during your next visit. You can set your browser so that you are informed about the setting of cookies and only allow cookies in individual cases, accept cookies for certain cases or generally exclude them and activate the automatic deletion of cookies when closing the browser.

If cookies are deactivated, the functionality of this website may be restricted. Cookies which are necessary for the electronic communication process or for the provision of certain functions requested by you e. We, as website operators, have a justified interest in the storage of cookies for the technically error-free and optimised provision of our services. In case of individuals who no longer act as managing directors this can lead to liability issues with respect to irregularities that occurred during their time in office. Necessary amendment to internal processes due to current ECJ-rulings regarding forfeiture of vacation claims.

Draft law includes measures to protect taxpayers from disadvantageous consequences resulting from Brexit. CJEU rules that German trade tax rules that impose stricter conditions for the deduction of profits from shareholdings in a non-EU company than from German shareholdings violate the EU free movement of capital principle.

Even a temporarily paid transition grant may constitute an insured benefit of company pension which is insolvency protected by the pension protection fund. Amended guidance aims to alleviate the notification requirement for changes in ownership of foreign publicly traded companies. Services provided by a foreign head office to a German branch belonging to a VAT group would be taxable in Germany under the reverse charge procedure.

Hong Kong's transfer pricing TP laws were passed on In the following, Deloitte summaries the important points that businesses should pay attention to as they consider the implications of the changes, and plan for future regulatory compliance. The Federal Constitutional Court recently clarified that the interpretation of the Federal Labor Court regarding a prior employment as to time-limited employment contracts not being based on justifying reasons is unconstitutional.

For the Commission, this decision is a serious setback, with potentially far-reaching consequences. The main reasons of the Court can be inferred from the Opinion of Advocate General Vahl, who denies the selectivity of the restructuring clause in the present case because it only restores the general ability to offset loss as the reference system in cases of companies in need of restructuring. ICOs are increasingly attracting interest as an alternative form of corporate financing.

Young technology companies raise record amounts in funding. Investors seek high profits. Regulatory authorities point out risks of loss. This article discusses selected regulatory and private law issues arising in the context of ICOs. The non-payment of the compensation for non-competition may cause a legally effective renunciation from post-contractual non-competition with future effect — even in unintentional form of an enraged email.

The Local Court of Charlottenburg denied the registration of the GmbH with the Commercial Register, claiming that notarization procedures in Bern are not equivalent to notarization procedures in Germany. It views the notarization procedures as equivalent and, therefore, the GmbH as validly incorporated. EU law does not preclude a national provision allowing the parties to an employment contract - without any further conditions - to postpone, possibly several times, the agreed termination of the employment relationship upon reaching the statutory retirement age by an agreement during the employment relationship.

Court considers interest rate for and thereafter to be an unsubstantiated surcharge on additional tax payments. The regulation entered into force on March 22, and will apply — in time for the Christmas business — from December 3, onwards. It follows other measures taken by the EU before, such as the ban on roaming charges, the modernization of data protection laws and the allowance of cross-border portability of online content.

The present article outlines the key aspects of the new regulation. Since October 1, , German companies are required to disclose their beneficial owners by way of notification to the Transparency Register. This article discusses relevant practical constellations in which such notification is not required due to exceptions or legal fiction of notification.

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Following the market economy reforms of the late s, the importance of trade ties between companies located in the People's Republic of China has constantly been on the rise. In recent years, the role of Chinese outbound investments has undergone considerable change and has been subject to ever stricter regulation. Some of the rules applicable to Chinese outbound investments have recently, with effect as of March 1, , been modified.

The present article takes a closer look at the current legal framework for Chinese outbound investments. On the one hand, the Court specifies the requirements for representation regulations in articles of association of a GmbH. The guidance confirms that Germany will not impose VAT on cryptocurrency used as a form of payment. Tax authorities respond to recent CJEU decisions and provide guidance how to apply German anti-treaty shopping rules in line with EU law.

Foreign parent companies are subject to German insurance premium tax on premiums paid in connection with risks situated in Germany, if neither the insurer nor the policyholder is resident in Germany. The insured parent company is obliged to report and pay the insurance premium tax. Its German subsidiaries are liable for the tax. The ruling concerns the application of TOMS to business transactions and the application of simplified methods to calculate the margin.

This decision is set to have significant implications for the entire travel industry. As every year, has also important changes in the area of wage tax and the social security right. This article lists the most important changes you need to know for your current wage tax billing. The German tax authorities have issued their annual guidance on the filing deadlines for the tax returns.

The filing deadline for these returns is May 31, In cases where the tax returns are prepared by an external tax advisor, the filing deadline is typically extended to December 31, Rules are incompatible with EU parent-subsidiary directive and freedom of establishment principle. The Federal Labor Court decided to ask the ECJ for a preliminary ruling on the impact of temporary workers on employee thresholds for collective dismissal notifications. The addback applies regardless of whether dividend distributions are tax-exempt as previously taxed CFC income. The maintenance of trademark protection for historic luxury brands requires a lasting and serious use.

Zukunft von On-Demand-Portalen am Beispiel von Youtube (German Edition) Zukunft von On-Demand-Portalen am Beispiel von Youtube (German Edition)
Zukunft von On-Demand-Portalen am Beispiel von Youtube (German Edition) Zukunft von On-Demand-Portalen am Beispiel von Youtube (German Edition)
Zukunft von On-Demand-Portalen am Beispiel von Youtube (German Edition) Zukunft von On-Demand-Portalen am Beispiel von Youtube (German Edition)
Zukunft von On-Demand-Portalen am Beispiel von Youtube (German Edition) Zukunft von On-Demand-Portalen am Beispiel von Youtube (German Edition)
Zukunft von On-Demand-Portalen am Beispiel von Youtube (German Edition) Zukunft von On-Demand-Portalen am Beispiel von Youtube (German Edition)
Zukunft von On-Demand-Portalen am Beispiel von Youtube (German Edition) Zukunft von On-Demand-Portalen am Beispiel von Youtube (German Edition)

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