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Everywhere Man

I wish to say to our friends in New Hampshire, one and all, we have never regretted coming to Kansas We have never wavered -- never flinched -- not even when three times in twenty four hours we were compelled to flee from our house I tell you all, though we have felt the horrors of war, if we were not in Kansas already, we would come as soon as steam could bring us. Yours respectfully, Julia Louisa Lovejoy.

The newly re-united nation now turned its attention to the West as never before.

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Hundreds of thousands of settlers rushed west to start new lives -- many of them war veterans, "strong, vigorous men," said General William Tecumseh Sherman , "who had imbibed the somewhat erratic habits of the soldier In the winter of , troops of the Eighteenth Infantry -- the regular army unit that had suffered more casualties than any other in the Civil War -- occupied a brand-new post in Dakota Territory called Fort Phil Kearny. But a Lakota leader named Red Cloud and other warriors were determined to drive the soldiers away. Whose voice was first sounded on this land?

The voice of the red people who had but bows and arrows When the white man comes in my country he leaves a trail of blood behind him I have two mountains in that country I want the Great Father to make no roads through them.

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Red Cloud. Four days before Christmas, the Lakota and their allies attacked a wagon train bringing firewood back to the post. Many inside the fort feared for their lives, but a year-old lieutenant named William J. Fetterman saw his chance. He asked to lead a rescue mission. You can see it there, from the fort. And his his commanding officer, Carrington, gave him orders not to go beyond that ridge.

What happened was that the Indians under Red Cloud had amassed 2, soldiers on the other side of the ridge. They were all hidden in gullies and ravines, the Sioux, the Arapahoe, and the Cheyenne. And from these three groups, two men were chosen from each to be decoys. This is a very dangerous, but a very honorable thing.

So the decoys rode up on the ridge in sight of the fort. Scott Momaday. The Indians began taunting Fetterman from horseback, even getting off their ponies and adjusting their bridles despite the army bullets buzzing all around them. When they raced over the ridge, Fetterman hurried in pursuit -- and disappeared.

A few shots were heard, followed up by increasing rapidity Then followed a few quick volleys, then scattering shots, and then, dead silence.

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Less than half an hour had passed, and the silence was dreadful. Frances Grummond. We packed them Could not tell Cavalry from the Infantry. Everything about Everywhere Bear is thoughtful yet unshowy, which really allows the children to relax and settle into the show.

As the Everywhere Bear goes on a mini adventure, he finds himself swimming through drains, scrambling through scrap heaps and flying with seagulls. A plank is flipped over to reveal a bright green underside and, suddenly, an ice rink becomes a lush park; the school shelves are rotated to reveal endless rows of books, and the school turns into a local library.

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When a downpour begins, with painterly streaks of rain projected above the set, Ceci cries out in excitement. When the bear finds himself caught between a game of cat and mouse, played out by dinky little puppets, Ceci looks set to explode with glee. And when the bear is accidentally left behind by a little boy from Class One, all the children scream out their warnings. Most noticeably, these leather accents adorn the carrying handles, with a small touch on the strap, contributing to a nice uniform look. Everything is made of nylon otherwise.

Everywhere Man

Both the zippers and carrying strap are fairly standard. The carrying strap itself measures about 1. It is a standard strap for most bags geared toward the fairer sex. For ten months, the bag was schlepped everywhere around the continental U. Normal transport, that is. It will fit underneath the seat regardless of plane type, but it may be something to consider. Except for water spots and discoloration around the umbrella flap, this bag was incredibly easy to clean. The stiff nylon shows its true colors here: The Everywhere Bag looks as remarkably new as it first did as when we first received it.

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Travel days are included in this estimate. In our estimate, a full week is seriously pushing it and will probably require Marie Kondo to pack those clothes. This is something that often became more apparent and frustrating over time, especially when the Everywhere Bag served as an addendum to another suitcase or bag.

By the third or fourth week, I was often ready to tear out my hair at not having a smaller handbag to tote around. Bags like these are great for flying basic economy without carrying on a bag. It also served us well on an extremely quick destination wedding several states away, lending us enough space to pack heels, sans hairdryer. And two to three pounds of Texas barbecue to go, more importantly. And also, because the silhouette is very similar.

There are also similar construction and design elements, but with some very subtle differences. Only time and distance can truly tell if the Away bag can stand up to the test, though there are fairly high hopes since the stiffer nylon seems it would hold up better over time. Under the year that we did travel with it, it held up splendidly from the beach to the road so easy to clean sand off, too! There is also significantly less padding in general on the interior of the Away bag, despite the company claiming high quality filler is used. After using the front pocket for a while, we often chose to forego it to prevent losing more items.

They both feature a luggage strap, though both manufacturers construct this slightly differently.

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In the Away version, the strap is a dedicated strap with a built-in zip pocket.

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