Root Vegetables in Wartime Meals

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Section 3: Vegetable Stews and Pies

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This Day In History. During both World Wars, America's agricultural production became a powerful military tool.

The Wartime Kitchen:

Food Rationing in Wartime America. When Dr. Seuss Went to War. The tops of broad beans, which gardeners always pick off, make a delightful dish if cooked as a green vegetable. When young, broad beans can be cooked, unshelled, in a little salted water, and eaten pod and all. Or the beans can be shelled and the pods sliced.

The cooked sliced pods are very good as a hot vegetable or served coldd in a salad. When the beans are older the pods are too tough to eat as a vegetable, but make good stock for soups.

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Broad beans which have been allowed to mature in their pods may be stored for winter use. Make sure they are quite dry before packing in airtight tins.

Soak and use as haricots. When buying califlowers, always ask for the leaves as well as the flower, as the leaves make a dish by themselves if cooked as cabbage. The stalks, cooked until tender in a very little salted water and then drained, rolled in browned breadcrumbs and quickly fried in a very little hot fat or browned in the oven, have a nutty flavour and are a new dish to most people. They are also delicious greated raw in a salad.

Shop Avon. Green vegetables must be cooked as quickly as possible as slow cooking destroys much of the vitamin, so follow these rules:- Shred them-that is, slice them with a knife. Tops Broccoli tops, turnip tops and beetroot tops, have good food value and are all excellent if cooked as described above.

Cabbage with Variations All sorts of additions can be made to cabbage as described above. Cabbage with Horseradish Sauce Shred 2 lbs of cabbage and cook as describe.

Root vegetables in wartime meals

Drain and use the liquid for the following sauce: Melt 1 oz fat in a pan, stir in 1 oz flour and cook together for 2 or 3 minutes. Put the cabbage in a heated dish, pour the sauce over it and serve. Spinach Wash the spinach very throughly. Peas When boiling fresh garden peas put a teaspoonful of sugar, if possible, and a little salt in the water as well as the mint, and be careful not to cook them too long or too fast, or they will come out of their skins.

Pea Pods Pea pods provide a delicious dish if the clear-skinned, fleshy pods are used like this. Pea pods also make an excellent stock for soup. French or Runner Beans When young, cook whole with only the tops and tails removed.

Egg and Bacon Pie

Be sure to save the water. Rolled oats and chopped spring onions were added to the thickened vegetable water which was poured over the vegetables themselves.

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The dish was topped with potato pastry and grated cheese and served with vegetable gravy. The content of the pie filling could easily be altered to include whatever vegetables were in season at the time. People realised that meat was in very scarce supply, but that still did not overcome traditions of meat pies. Woolton pie, entirely lacking meat, was not universally well received.

Wartime root vegetable soup – The 's Experiment

An editorial in The Times commented: [5]. When Woolton pie was being forced on somewhat reluctant tables, Lord Woolton performed a valuable service by submitting to the flashlight camera at public luncheons while eating, with every sign of enjoyment, the dish named after him. Professor John Fuller has noted that Woolton pie and similar wartime austerity dishes "were forgotten as quickly as possible when conditions returned to normal".

Root Vegetables in Wartime Meals Root Vegetables in Wartime Meals
Root Vegetables in Wartime Meals Root Vegetables in Wartime Meals
Root Vegetables in Wartime Meals Root Vegetables in Wartime Meals
Root Vegetables in Wartime Meals Root Vegetables in Wartime Meals
Root Vegetables in Wartime Meals Root Vegetables in Wartime Meals

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